D-3. Macinnis Dermatology Legacy  15. Cody’s Summerglen 8

Umpires were Terry Widener and Pete Snyder.  It was a close game until Legacy put up 5 runs in the 7th inning and 4 more runs in the 8th. Their hitting stars were Ron Petty, Ralph Satoloe and John Harvey all with 3 hits each.  Mike Payne, Tom Berwanger and Ralph Jackson all contributed with doubles.  The winning pitcher was Ron Pearson.  For Cody’s, Mark Trebes and Rocky Piller had 4 hits apiece. 


Belleview Eagles (Del Webb3A)  16   Doc's Restoration (Spruce Creek)  13

Umpires: Plate: Tom Gimeli,  Bases:  Rick Gebhart

A great day for softball and a great game for both teams. The fans got what they deserved.

For Del Webb: Steve Angelo (4 hits), John Walter, Dan Warner and Gary Pelletier (3 hits)

For Spruce Creek:  Tommy Maxwell  (4 hits)  Tony Harris  (3 hits)


"Hawthorne( 3 ) forfeited to Stonecrest( 3 ) due to lack of players





Del Webb Remax 6 Sunlake 11

Umpires Tom Kuhn home plate Dan Post bases

A rainy day but the game went 8 innings. For Del Webb Armando Lluagno 2 hits and a triple, Dennis Burke 2 hits, and Dave Scafide a home run. For Sunlake Darrell Nielson, Dave De Kilder 4hits, Rob McNicholas  3 hits, and Dave Brown 2 hits and a walk. Not a lot of errors on either team.  




No Games plaed this date.



Del Webb ReMax played Hawthorne--Del Webb won 22 to 7

 Bruce Reevely was the Home Plate Umpire and Sheila Lofland at the  Bases

Hawthorne had Terry Rosier, Don Hartig, Jim Bright all 2/3 at Bat.

Remax had Jim Sears, Dave Scafide, & Bill Schumacher at 4/4 Cal Allison, Joe Diana with a double & Triple,and Fred Willman all 3/4 at the plate. Armando Llugano 3/3 and the winning Pitcher.

Del Webb had 32 hits to 12 hits for Hawthorne, resulting in a Mercy  in the 6th Inning.


Spruce Creek 14 - Sunlake 5                                                                                                                       

Umpires Lelean McGonical home plate - Dan Post bases                                                                       

Spruce Creek came to play ball Sunlake left their bats at home. For Spruce Creek Maxwell, Vail, Bray 3 hits and Morgan 4 hits. Sunlake 4 guys with 2 hits.Dumas, Mcnicholas, Neilson and Lyle...                                                                        


Stonecrest 3 (Remax Reality)  22 SummerGlen(Cody's Roadhouse) 11

SummerGlen played with several players 'banged up' hurt and still managed to give Stonecrest a great game.Special thanks to SummerGlenn on making sure this game was played.

Leading hitters for SG-3 were Rocky Piller, Jim Lahr with 4 hits.Mike See 3 hits, Mark Trebes 3 hits and a home run.Several with 2 hits.

Stonecrest was lead by Mike Nicoletti,Tony Anderson and Joel Muniz with 4 hits each.Butch Plummer,Rick McLucas, Don LaBranche and Rob Reinhardt 3 hits.Allan Shultz,Jack Peffer and

Joel Aronowitz 2 hits apiece.

Umpires Ed Mathias (home plate) Mike Reilly (bases) Great job by both umpires


Legacy 18 - Del Webb( Belleview Eagles) 9

Umpires: Keith Kittle home plate, Kevin Kittle, bases.

Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 18 - Del Webb (Belleview Eagles) 9

Del Webb came out hitting and led 5- 2 after 3 innings and then the Legacy bats got hot and Legacy won 18 - 9. 

Legacy: Mike Payne was 4/4, John Harvey had 3 hits and 6 RBI's,Terry Oehrlein had 3 hits and 5 RBI's, Ron Petty and Don Anderson had 3 hits each and the winning pitcher Ed Klug chipped in with a double.

Del Webb: Steve Angelo was 4/4, Dean Peterson 3/3 and Don Lamb 2/2.



Summerglen (Div. 3) 0 Sunlake  8     Forfeit   

  Legacy  22  Hawthorne 9

 Great game on a great day.  Hawthorne was ahead 5-0 after one then Legacy got their bats out after their long drive.

For Legacy MIke Payne had 3 hits (HR) with 4 RBI'S, Ralph Satoloe had 3 hits with 3 RBI'S, Tom Berwarger had 2 doubles and

a triple, Terry Oehrlein and Dan Boughner had 3 hits each, and Ed Herandez with a HR.

For Hawthorne Tony Mellring, Jim Bright, Don Hartig and Len Garza had 3 hits each. 






Stonecrest 15 - Sunlake 13, Jim Milligan home plate -- Danny Martinez bases  

Great game back and forth with Stonecrest taking the lead in the top of the 8th and Sunlake not scoring.                    

 For Stonecrest T. Anderson 4 hits (HR), T. Peffer, J. Arononitz, B.Plummer, A.Shultz 3 hits and D Labranche (HR). 

 For Sunlake W. Steinburg, T. Hoyland, D. Nielson 4 hits, S. McDonald, B. Lyle 3 hits. Good game by both teams.                                                                    


Spruce Creek  13  Hawthorne  11

Home Umpire   Chuck D'Hondt   Base Umpire   Keith Kittle

A great morning and another great game. Spruce Creek hit a little better and came out the winner.

For Spruce Creek Tom Maxwell, Leroy Burke, Mike Niedbalski, Mike Duggan and Gomer Morgan all went

3/4.  Bruce Beatty had a  HR.

For Hawthorne Tony Mellring had 3 hits.  Jim Bright, Bill DeVore, Tom Green, Bruce DeBourve and 

Don Hartig each had 2 hits. 


Belleview Eagles  (Del Webb 3A)  23  REMAX  (Del Webb 3B)  22

Umpires:  Home: John Morelli   Bases: Bill Casteel

A  great day for softball and two good, friendly competitive teams. REMAX led most of the way in this game with a 10 run lead at one point but the Eagles kept coming back and staying within sight. Eight runs in the last two innings made the difference. Both teams hit well with a total of 59 hits.

For Belleview Eagles: Dan Warner (5 hits), Rich McCartney and Jim DeLucia (4 hits). Gary Schirmer, Ryan Payne and Don Lamb (3 hits)

For REMAX: Cal Allison and Joe Diana (4 hits) Ralph Riemann, Armando Llaguno, Bill Sidwell and Fred Willman (3 hits).




Sprucecreek (Doc`s Restorations) 10  Legacy 6

Another close game between these 2 teams. Legacy started with 5 in the 1st but could only add 1 the rest of the way. Sprucecreeks defense took over and played errorless ball with just enough offense to climb back into a first place tie with Legacy.

Hitters for Sprucecreek Maxwell and Burke 3/4, 6 other players 2 hits each.

Legacy had 5 players with 2 hits each and Tim Pickel 2b and 3 rbis.

plate ump paul martz field ump paul poole



STONECREST and DEL WEB(3B) played an outstanding game against each other today with Stonecrest coming out on top 16 to 14. Both teams hit well and played great defense.

Leading hitters for DW(3B) were Ralph Reimen,Bill Schumacher,Bill Sidwell and Cal Allison with 3 hits each.

Stonecrest's hitters were Jack Peffer,Rich Gyger and Lynney Collelo with 3 hits and 7 others with 2 hits.

Umpires  (bases) Mike Kemp   (home plate) Nick


Summerglen COdy's 18 Del Webb Belleview Eagles 15

Umpires for the game were Terry Widener and Pete Snyder. 

Cody's had to call up 3 players from the Summerglen D-4 team just to be able to field a team.  Two more players went down during the game to leave Cody's with 9 players.  Thankfully, Del Webb provided a courtesy catcher so Cody's could continue playing.  Cody's still prevailed with Mark Trebes getting 5 hits and Steve Brown and Jim Lahr with 4 hits each.  Nick Cozzette was the winning pitcher.  Del Webb was led by Ken Grimes, Rich McCartney and Ron Pike with 4 hits each.  Thanks to the 3 D-4 players who helped out.  They were Steve Brown, Mike Young, and Mark Phipps.



Del Webb ReMax vs Sun Lake ReMax Won 8 to 7

Umpires for the Game were: Bill Casteel-Home Plate, Ray Currier--Bases

Sun Lake out hit Remax 18 hits to 17 hits, but had   a few errors in the last 2 innings to lose the Lead!

Del Webb came alive in the bottom of the 7th to score 4 runs to take and hold the lead for a win!

Sun Lake hitters were:        Bob Dumas ¾  Rob McNicholas2/3  ¾ Roy Lawhorn 3/4 Gene Halcom 3/4

Del Web ReMax Hitters were:       Joe Diana 3/3        Dave Scafide 2/3 Dennis Burke 2/3-with a Double Craig Egrescis 2/3-with a Triple       Armando Llugano 2/2 and aSAC RBI


Belleview Eagles  (Del Webb 3A)  19   Hawthorne  6

Umpires:  Plate: Sheldon Guss   Bases: Carl Herr

Great day for a ballgame. Del Webb bats were hot and Hawthorne bay were cool.

For Hawthorne:  Jim  Bright 3/3, Ron Reed  2/2 For Belleview Eagles:  DJ Jones (4 hits), Rich McCartney, Gary Pelletier (3 hits) Ken Grimes, Steve Angelo, Dan Warner, Ryan Payne, Don Lamb and Gary Schirmer (2 hits)


Stonecrest3 10 Sprucecreek3 5

Not much hitting from Sprucecreek but just enough from Stonecrest

For Stonecrest Aronowitz, Huntington, Nicoletti, and Gyger, all 3/4

For SC 5 players had 2hits.

Plate ump Paul Martz Field ump George Matthews


3 Legacy 8 Summer Glen 0

Legacy 8  Summer Glen 0   Due to lack of players from Summer Glen, Legacy won a forfeit.






Sprucecreek3 (doc`s restorations)14 Hawthorne3  10

Sprucecreek went up 9-3 after 3 innings but Hawthorne came up with 6 to tie. Sprucecreek put up 5 in the 7th and Hawthorne could only add 1. 

Leading hitters for SC Maxwell, Morgan, and Duggan all 4/4. Vail and Beatty both 3/4.

For Hawthorne Mellring, Goodwin, Rozier(3b) 3/4 and Reed 4/4.

plate ump Matthews field ump Hoppe


STONECREST( 3 ) (REMAX)  15 SUN LAKE( 3 )  14

In an outstanding game between ST-3 AND SL-3 Stonecrest managed to outlast Sunlake in the eight inning to win a back and forth exciting ball game.Both teams hit and played well.
Leading hitters for Sunlake were Roy Lawhorn with 5 hits,Bob Dumas and Darrell Nielson 4 hits and Don DeKellu 3 hits. Stonecrest's leading hitters were Butch Plummer and Joel Aronowitz ,with 4 hits.Rob Steinhardt,Rick Smith, Lenny Colello,Alan Shultz had 3 hits apiece. Ed Hancock and Mike Nicoletti 2hits.Great game from both teams.

UMPIRES  HANK Tribu ( plate)                    Mike Reilly ( bases)


Del Webb (Belleview Eagles)  18  SummerGlen (Cody's Roadhouse)  10

Umpires:  Plate:  Joe Diana  Bases:  Bill Casteel

Great day for softball, good weather and two competitive teams.

For SummerGlen:  Jim Schaffer and Paul Richmond  (3 hits)

For Del Webb:  Ryan Payne (4 hits), Dan Warner, Gary Schirmer and Dean Peterson  (3 hits)


Legacy Del Webb  Forfeit by Legacy 0/8




Lagacy 10 Sunlake 1                                                                                                                                        

Umpires home Leland McGonigal - Dan Post bases                                                                                   

Both teams left bats at home for 5 innings (0). Then Legacy woke up and scored 5 runs in the 6th and 7th    Sunlake scored 1 in the 8th. For Legacy John Harvey, Eddie Hernandez 3 hits, Mike Payne home run, 6      players had 2 hits. For Sunlake Wayne Stienburg 3 hits and Darrell Nielson, Billy Lyle 2 hits.                                                                                                                                          


Del Webb-B Remax 12  vs Spruce Creek 17

Rick Gebhaard-Home Umpire Bases Cyndi Pletch

Del Webb- Dave Scafide was 2/3 with a Home Run, Carl Herr ¾ Fred Willman 3/4 with 2 Home Runs.

Spruce Creek-Will ail 4/4, MacDougall 4/4, Morgan 3/4, Mike Niedbalski 3/4, Bray 3/4

Game see/sawed until the 6th and Spruce Creek took the lead and kept it to Win 


Summerglen Cody’s—14  Hawthorne 3—9

Hawthorne was leading up until the bottom of the sixth inning, when Cody’s scored 5 runs to go ahead.  Leading hitters for Hawthorne were Bill DeVore with 4 hits and Tony Mellring and Jim Bright with 3 hits each.  For Cody’s, Paul Richmond and Rocky Piller had 3 hits apiece.  Umpires for the game were Jim Billings and Pete Snyder. 


DW (3) easily defeated ST (3) with a barrage of 41 hits.Leading hitters for DW were Ken Grimes with 6 hits,DJ Jones 5 hits and Dean Peterson,Ron Pike,Ryan Payne and Rich McCartney

with 4 hits each and many more with hits that Dan didn't have time to list. GREAT HITTING !!

Sonecrest hitters were Lenny Collelo, Rob Steinhardt,Joel Muniz and Jack Peffer who went 3/4.Joel Aronowitz, Rick McLucas,Rich Gyger,Allen Shultz and Rick Smith 2/4.

UMPIRES   Pat (home plate)  Casey (bases)



Spruce creek(docs restorations) 10 DelWebb (Remax) 5

A perfect day for softball, all that was missing was hitting.   Sprucecreeks defense was excellent anything on the ground was a out.

Leading hitters for  Sprucecreek Burke, and Bray 3/3 Beatty 2/3 w HR, 5 other players with 2 hits.

Not much to report for Del webb besides Dave Scafide`s 2 run HR. and good sportmanship.

plate ump Martz field ump Roosa


Home plate Romie Marble, field umpire George Lucia

Turf home game for Hawthorne losing to Summerglen Codys Roadhouse 6 runs to 18 runs

Summerglen came out hitting and some for the fences 2 homers by Mike See and Paul Richmond

Going 4 for 5 was Rich Vetter, Jim Shaffer and Jim Land

For Hawthorne Bill Devote and Lenny Garza went 3 for 4


D3: Legacy 10 Stonecrest 9

On a beautiful day for softball, Legacy (McInnis Dermatology) 10 and Stonecrest  (3)  9.

Legacy scored 5 runs in the 1st inning and it was a close game the rest of the way and Stonecrest tied the game in the top of the 8th. Legacy scored one run in the bottom of the 8th for the victory.

Stonecrest: Kirk Marks had 4 hits, Rick McLucas and Jack Peffer 3 hits, Rob Steinhardt, Joel Muniz and Don Labranche had 2 hits each. Kirk Marks had a great pitching and defensive game.

Legacy: Mike Payne had 3 hits with a HR, Tim Pickel had 3 hits. Ron Petty, Ralph Satoloe, Eddie Hernandez, Doug Deforge and Tom Berwanger had 2 hits each. Eddie Hernandez also had a HR.



Umpires: Home: John Morelli    Bases:  Kathy Campbell

A good game on a beautiful day, both teams came to play and the score bounced back and forth with Sunlake prevailing.

A  total of 65 hots and 42 runs made the game exciting.

For Sunlake: Rob McNichols, Roy Lawhorn,  Dave Brown and Steve McDonald  (4 hits) Terry Hoyland  (3 hits)

For Del Webb: Steve Angelo, DJ Jones and Ryan Payne  (4 hits), Rich McCartney Dan Warner, GAry Pelletier, Ron Pike and Gary Schirmer  (3 hits).






HW3@ST3  Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 10:00

DW3B @SL3 Rain Moved to 3/15/2022 AT 09:30

SC3 @ DW3A Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 11:30

LG3 @ SG3 Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 11:30








Del Webb 3  vs Sprucecreek

Final score Sprucecreek (doc`s restorations) 12  Del Webb (Bellview Eagles) 4

Leading hitters on a very windy day, For Sprucecreek Bray, Beatty, both 3/3

Niedbalski, MacDougall 3/4. Vail with 2 run HR.

For DW Warner 3/3. McCartney, Pelletier, Payne, and Pike all 2 hits.

Plate ump. Richardson Field ump Rossa



D3 Hawthorne 13 and Sunlake 10

Umpires: Home Plate, Leland McGonigal, Bases Jim Milligan

Great weather and terrific fans from both communities watched a close game between two longtime rivals.

For Hawthorne: Sonny Scott, Len Garcia, Tony Rozier and Jim Bright had 3 hits each.

For Sunlake: Rob McNicholas, Billy Lyle, Dave Brown, Terry Hoyland and Gene Halcom had 3 hits each.  



Legacy down 5 runs in the first inning came back and scored 5 runs in the second inning then took the lead in the third and held on thru the 8th when Stonecrest missed an opportunity to

win in the bottom of the 8th.

Leading hitters for Legacy were Doug DeForge with 4hits,Tim Pickel and Eddie Hernandez with 3 hits.

Stonecrest leading hitters were Joel Aronowitz,Kirk Marks,Don Labranche and Rich Gyger with 3 hits each.


Summerglen Del Webb

the Summerglen Team called me this afternoon and said he had to 

     forfeit the Game tomorrow (2/4) because he has a lot of players with Covid,

     himself as well, and did not have enough players to field his team.




Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 18  Spruce Creek (Doc's Restoration) 16

It was a great day for a softball game between 2 well matched teams. Spruce Creek came out hitting and led 10 - 3 after 2 innings and Legacy fought back for an 18 - 16 win.

Spruce Creek: Tony Harris, Leroy Burke and Wayne Macdougall had 3 hits each.

Legacy: Mike Payne was 4 for 4 with a Hr, Doug Deforge was 3 for 3 with a triple, Ralph Satoloe, Scott Mckinley, Ralph Jackson, John Harvey and Ed Klug had 3 hits.


Hawthorne 3   21   Sunlake 3    15

Great day for softball and a great game.  Hawthorne got their batting going today and out hit Sunlake.

For Sunlake Darrell Nielson (hr) and Dave DeKilder had four hits each.  Gene Halcom, Bob Dumas and Wayne

Stienburg with 3 hits each.  For Hawthorne Sonny Scott had 4 hits.  John Watts, Len Garza, Bruce Debourve and

Tom Green with 3 hits each.


Del Webb (Belleview Eagles)  20   Stonecrest  17

Umpires: Sheldon Guss  (Home)  Bernie Schyvinch (Bases)

A great day for softball, good weather, fine field and great fans.

Del Webb jumped out to a 10 - 3 lead after 4  innings, but Stonecrest came back with 10 runs in the next 3 innings 

to make it 15 - 13, but Del Webb scored 5 in the 7th inning and held  Stonecrest to 3 runs in the top of the 8th inning.

For Del Webb:  Steve Angelo, Ryan Payne and Dan Warner (3 hits)  Ken Grimes, DJ Jones, John Walter, Gary Pelletier and Ron Pike (2hits)

For Stonecrest:  Rob Steinhardt (4 hits), Jack Peffer and Allen Shultz (3 hits) Joel Aronowitz, Mike Nicoletti, Don Labranche, Rich Gyger, Don Huntington and Rick Smith (2 hits) 


SummerGlen Cody's  15 Del Webb Remax 12

Umpires Terry Widner- Home Chuck Connors - Bases 

SummerGlen scored 5 in the first 3 innings and then hung on. Del Webb scored 4 in the 5th inning but went scoreless in the last 3 innings 

Hitting stars for Del Webb were Dave Scafide 4 for 4 and Dennis Burke at 3 for 4.

For SummerGlen Mike See was 3 for 3 with 2 home runs. Rick Vetter was 3 for 4 and 8 players had 2 hits each.

The winning pitcher was Nick Cozzette.



Legacy 12 Sunlake 7   

Home plate Jim Milligan - Tom Kuhn bases   

Legacy took a early lead and didn't look back. For legacy Tim Pickel, Ralph Satoloe, Ralph Jackson 3 hits each. Mike Payne a home run and 3 rbi's. For Sunlake Darrell Nielson, Dave DeKilder, Billy Lyle 3 hits, Roy Lawhorn 3 hits and a home run.


Today Division 3 Del Webb ReMax 23 played Stonecrest 22

Home Plate Umpire was Dick Geitgey and Bill Casteel on the Bases.

For Stonecrest: Joel Aronowitz, Kirk Marks, & Don Labrance were all 4/5 at the plate rick McLucas, Ron Steinhardt, & Lenny Collelo were 3/4.

For DW ReMax: Fred Willman was 4/4, Joe Diana, Armando Llugano, were 4/5 Dave Scafite was 3/4 with a Home Run, Craig Egresics 3/4 and Ralph Reimen was 3/5.

There was a total of 62 hits in the Game,31 by ReMax   and 31by Stonecrest! The game was led by Stonecrest most of the time, but ReMwx kept coming back throughout the whole Game.


SummerGlen Cody's 12 - Spruce Creek Docs Restoration 7

Umpires- Chuck Colantuno – Home Chuck Connors - Bases

It was a rather low scoring game with excellent defense on both sides.

For  Spruce Creek the hitting stars were Wil Vail 4 for 4 and Gomer Morgan 3 for 4.

For SummerGlen they were Rick Vetter and Mike See both 3 for 4. The winning pitcher was Nick Cozzette




LG 3 DW3 postponed rescheduled to 2/18/2022

HW SC postponed rescheduled to 2/18/2022

SL3 ST3  postponed rescheduled to 2/18/2022

SG 3DW3 postponed rescheduled to 2/18/2022



Sprucecreek3(Doc`s Restorations)  7  Stonecrest3  6

Sprucecreek3 hung on to win 7-6 over Stonecrest3 Not a very exciting offensive show, but a lot of good defense

For Sprucecreek Maxwell 3 hits, 7 other players had 2 hits.

For Stonecrest Labranche 3 hits, Muniz,Nicoletti, Gyger,McLucas,Smith, all 2 hits.

Plate ump paul martz  field ump clancy kaiser



Sun Lake 12 and Summerglen Cody's 6.

Umpires were Rich Wiles and Pete Snyder. Sun Lake jumped out on top and never looked back. Rob McNicholas led the way with 4 hits. Four more players chipped in with 3 hits each. They were Bob Dumas, Darrell Nielsen, Dave Braun and Gene Holcom. The winning pitcher was Bob Dumas. For Cody's,  Spar Amos, Jack Bellrose and Mike Tamburello all reached base 3 times.


Legacy 3...17 vs. Hawthorne 3...7

Umpires: Kevin Kittle...bases Keith Kittle...home plate

Leading hitter for Legacy was Mike Payne with 4 hits. Don Anderson, Terry Oehrlein, Scott McKinley, Doug Deforge and John Harvey with 3 hits each.

Leading hitters for Hawthorne were Tony Mellring with 3 hits and John Watts with 2 hits.


Today's Game DW Remax beat DW Eagles 13 to1.

The umpires at today's Game were: Rick Gebhard at Home and Bruce Reevly on the Bases 

Del Webb Eagles did not hit well with only10 hits as Remax had a good time at bat with 24 hits.

Eagles Gary Pelletier was 3 for 3, Dean Peterson was 2/3 and Steve Angelo was 2/4

DW Remax had Phil Woodward 4/4 Dave Scafide 2/3 Joe Diana,Carl Herr, & Bill Sidwell all ¾ Ralph Reimen, Dennis Burke, Armando Llugano,& Craig Egrisics All 2/4



Sunlake 3 -16 at Sprucecreek 3 -1

Sunlake showed why they won div3 last season tough to beat those young players.

5 HRs and a solid defense is too much for most teams.

For Sunlake  Nielson 4/4 2HR, Dumas 3/4

Lawhorn, McNicholas, McDonald, Halcom and Brown all 2 hits. Lawhorn 2HR Brown HR

Sprucecreek -Burke 3/3

Field umpire Romi Marble,   Home umpire Chunk D'houndt


Hawthorne 22 runs to Del Webb Remax 28 runs

For Del Webb Phil Woodward went 6 for 6,  five hitters went 5 for 6 Ralph Reimen, Dennis Burke,

Carl Herr, Dave Scafide, Armando llumrb, and Cal. Craig Elresic went 3 for 4

For Hawthorne Tony Melting went 5 for 5, three hitters went 4 for 5  Bill Devore, Don Hartig, Lenny

Garza, and John Watts and Bob Goodwin went 3 for 4

Great competitive game with 50 runs scored total


Stonecrest Remax Reality 17.  Summerglen Cody’s 11

Umpires were Chuck Colantuna and Pete Snyder.   Stonecrest was led by Joel Aronowitz with 4 hits and 5 players with 3 hits each.  They were Jack Peffer, Kirk Marks, Don Labanche, Joel Muniz and Rich Gyger.  For Cody’s, Mike See was 5 for 5 and Rick Sebastion was 4 for 4.  Paul Richmond added 3 hits.  The winning pitcher was Rick Smith.



Legacy 0 Del Webb 8 Covid Forfeit Legacy





Umpires: Keith Kittle- bases Tony Zendarski- home plate

Leading hitters for Legacy were with four hits each,  Don Henderson and Eddie Hernandez; and with three hits each were Tom Berwanger. Ron Petty, Ralph Satoloe, Tim Pickel, Doug DeForge, Dan Boughner, and  Terry Oehrlein 1 homerun.

Leading hitters for Del Webb were with 3 hits each  Dan Warner. Steve Angelo and with 2 hits each were John Walter, Ryan Payne and Dean Peterson.


Stonecrest Remax Reality 11 Summerglen Cody's 10. Stonecrest scored a run to win in the top of the 8th inning to pull out a hard fought victory. Stonecrest was led by Jack Peffer and Kirk Mark's with 4 hits each. Rich Gyger and Rick McLucas contributed 3 hits apiece. The winning pitcher was Rick Smith. For Cody's,  Rick Vetter and Bob Beane had 4 hits each. Nick Cozzette had 3 hits also. Umpires were Chuck Colantuno and Mike Tamburello.


Del Webb 3B Hawthorne 3

We are going to cancel our game Friday with Del Webb remax

We are short players due to covid


Spruce Creek (Doc's restoration) 17 - Sunlake 18                                                                                        

Umpires Leland McGonigal home plate - Dan Post bases                                                                         

For Spruce Creek Duggan 4 hits, Maxwell, Vail, Patterson 3hits - For Sunlake R. McNicholas, D. Nielson 4 hits, B. Lyle, D. Brown, R. Lawhorn 3 hits. Nielson, Lawhorn home run each. Sunlake jumped out to a   lead Spruce Creek came back and took the lead, Sunlake scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th for the win. Great for both teams and the fans.  




Sun Lake 22  Cody’s Summerglen 11

Umpires were Terry Widener and Rich Wiles.  Sun Lake 3 jumped out to a lead and never looked back.  They were led by Rob McNicholas and Wayne Stienburg with 5 hits each.  Darrell Nielson and Dave DeKilden also had 4 hits a piece.  Don Jurs had 3 hits and the winning pitcher was Bob Dumas.  For Cody’s, Spar Amos was 4 for 4 and Rick Vetter, Rocky Piller, Paul Richmond and Nick Cozzette had 3 hits each.


Hawthorne 21 runs to Legacy Macinnis Dermatology 30 runs

Today's game was a big slug feast with Hawthorne having a 10 run inning and Legacy having two 6 run innings from big home runs legacy had 5 players with four hits Ron Petty, Scott Mckinly, Tim Pickle, Dan Bough her and Terry Oehrlein with two home runs,   5 other Legacy players 3 hits each with Doug Deforge having yet Another home run

Hawthorne totaled 30 hits today with Ton Mellring, Lenny Garza, Dominic Affinati and Sonny Scott All having 4 hit today. Don Hartig went 3 for 5 all extra base hits


SRUCE CREEK(3) 19  STONECREST(3)  5 Spruce Creek(Docs Restoration) defeated

Stonecrest(Remax Reality) handily with great hitting and strong defensive play

In the field.Leading hitters for SC-3 were Kelly Bray with 4 hits and Jim Patterson,

Tom Maxwell,Leroy Burke and Bruce Beatty with 3 hits each.

Stonecrest was led by Joel Muniz with 4/4,Kirk Marks 3/4 and Rick Smith and Don Huntington 2/3.UMPIRES  Clancy Kieser (plate) Mike Reily (bases)


Belleview Eagles (Del Webb A)  11  Remax (Del Webb B)  10

Umpires: Plate Jim Davis  Bases: Jack DeMagristris

A great day for a ballgame and we sure had some game.

Remax went into the 7th inning down 8 to 4. They scored 5 in the 7th and held Belleview Eagles in the 7th to take a 9 to 8 lead. They scored 1 in the top of the 8th and the Eagles  came back with 3 in the bottom of the 8th to win 11-10.

For Remax: Dennis Burke 3/4 (2B), nine players with 2 hits: Ralph Reiman, Dave Scafide

Armando LLaguna, Phil Woodward, Craig Egresics, Carl Herr, Cal Allison and Johnathan Barnettl

For Belleview Eagles: Rich McCartney (3 hits), Steve Angelo, Dan Warner and Dan Bird (2hits) Gary Pelletier had the game winning hit in the bottom for the 8th. D J Jones was the winning pitcher.




D3 Macinnis Dermatology, Legacy 16 vs Remax Del Webb 17

Umpires for the Game were Kevin Cheeks at Home Plate and karen Gebhard on the Bases.

Ron Petty, Ralph Satoloe, Don Andeerson, Terry Oehrlein, Doug Deforge,

and Mike Payne all had 3 hits with Mike P. a Home Run, for Legacy.

Del Webb had Carl Herr 4/4, Craig Egresics 4/5,Phil Woodward, Joe Diana,

 Ralph Reiman, 3/4 ,Armando Llugano, & Dennis Burke both 3/5. Craig Egresics Had the Game winning hit in the Bottom of the 8th as Remax came back from being down 3 runs to win the Game!


Stonecrest 8 – Sunlake 9

Umpires Tom Kuhn home plate Dan Post

Great game back and forth Sunlake scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th to take a one run lead and held on.

For Stonecrest Jack Puffer and Kirk Marks 3 hits - Sunlake R. Lawhorn, B. Lyle and B. Dumas 3 hits.                                                                                 

Cody’s Summerglen 21 Del Webb Belleview Eagles 20

Cody’s fought back all day, winning with 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th. Mike See got the game winning hit with 2 outs. For Del Webb, the hitting stars were John Walters, Rich McCartney, Dan Warner, and Don Lamb with 3 hits each. John Walters homered. For Cody’s, Spar Amos had 5 hits and 4 hits each for Mike See and Rick Sebastion. Nick Cozzette was the winning pitcher. Chuck Colantuna and Dick Dean were the umpires.


Friday 1/7/22- Sprucecreek3- 14 (Docs Restorations)  Hawthorne3- 12 

With Hawthorne scoring 7 runs in the 7th Spruce creek came up empty in the bottom of the 7th. But still hung on with a 2 run win.

Leading hitters for Sprucecreek Mike Duggan, Wayne McDougall, Gomer Morgan, Jim Patterson all went 3/3. Duggan also hit a 3 run homer.

For Hawthorne Sonny Scott 3/4, Tom Green 3/5, Terry Rozier, Bill Devoe, both 2/5. Dominic Affinati had a 3 run HR. George Matthews plate ump

Gary Richardson field ump



DEL WEBB (REMAX)(3)          8
Stonecrest scored 3 runs in the bottom of the eight inning to win a close gameover Del Webb(3b).This game could have gone either way but Joel Muniz lined a double to center field that drove In 2 runs to win the game for Stonecrest.

Del Webb(3b) leading hitter was Ralph Reiman with 3 hits and 7 other players had 2 hits each.Stonecrest had 6 players with 2 hits each,Don Huntington,Joel Muniz,Rick Mclucas,Rich Gyger,Lynnie Collelo and Rob Steinhardt.

Umpires: Clancy (plate) Ed Mathias (base) 


Umpires: Plate: Jim McFarlane   Bases: Sue Pandak

Belleview Eagles (Del Webb)  19   Hawthorne  16

Great game as always between two very competitive and friendly teams

Score was back and forth all day.

For Hawthorne: Sonny Scott  3/3,  Terry Rozier  2/3 (2B), Dominic Affinati and Lenny Garza  2/4

For Del Webb: Rich McCartney, John Walter and Dan Warner (4 hits), Steve Angelo, Ryan Payne and Gary Schirner (3 hits)


D-3 Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 22 VS. Sunlake 16

Plate Umpire- Keith Kittle Base Umpire- Frank Stangel

Two good teams that slugged it out.  Legacy scored 5 runs in the first inning and maintained the lead for the full eight innings.  Sunlake kept coming back but just could not catch up.  Leading hitters for Sunlake were Bob McNicholas, Roy Lawhorn, Darrell Nielson and Dave Dekilder.  Leading hitters for Legacy were Ralph Satoloe, Mike Payne, Scott Mckinley with four hits each and Tom Berwanger and Tim Pickel with three hits each. 





Umpires Tom Kuhn home plate - Dan Post

For Summer Glen Rocky Piller 4 hits, Rick Vetter, Paul Richmond, Rick Sebastion, and George Englert.     

For Sunlake B. Dumas, R. Lawhorn, D. Nielson 4 hits, G. Halcom, R. McNicholas 3 hits. Sunlake jumped     out to a big lead Summer Glen scored 8 runs in 1 inning and made a good game of it.


D3 Spruce Creek (Doc’s Restoration) 18, Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise) 5

Umpires: Home plate, Danny Smith, Bases: Cheryl Cook

Spruce Creek amassed 32 hits, including Wil Vail going 5 for 5 with 2 home runs and 6 RBIs.  Tom Maxwell also went 5 for 5 with Burke, Morgan, Bray each contributing with 4 for 5, and Niedbalski coming in with 3 for 4.  Plantation’s

Bob Rademacher and Darrell Cook lead the way going 3 for 4.  All players returned home safe today and we enjoyed wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, this being the last game until Jan. 4, 2022.


Del Webb Teams played each other today 12/17! The Eagles won over Remax 21 to 18

The Home Plate Umpire was Jim Davis and Cyndi Pletch did the Bases.

For the Eagles Ken Grimes & Ryan Payne  were 4/4 Dan Warner was 3/3 and DJ Jones was ¾ For Remax Joe Diana was 4/5 Jim Sears 3/3,  Dave Scafide 3/4 with a Triple, Denis Burke, Craig Egresics  3/4 and Phil Woodward were 3/4.

The game was close all 8 innings, hitting was good for both teams and defense was a;so good for both!

Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 15 Verses Hawthorne 12

Plate Umpire- Keith Kittles Base Umpire- Kevin Kittles 

A well played  game by both teams. The lead changed throughout the game and Legacy finally won 15 runs to Hawthorne 12 runs.

Leading hitters for Hawthorne with 3 hits each were Tony Mellring, Bill Devore, John Watts, and Bruce Debouve and with two hits each were Don Hartig and Terry Rosier. Leading hitters for Legacy were Mike Payne 4 hits, Tom Berwanger, Scott McKinley, Eddie Hernandex, and Dan Boughner 3 hits each and Eddie Hernandez had a homerun.




Hawthone 8 Sun Lake 11

 Umpires home plate Dan Post - Bases Jim Milligan 

For Hawthrone S. Scott 3-3, J. Watts 3-4, R. Reed and D. Affinati 2 hits. For Sunlake B. Dumas 4 hits, D.  Nielson, R. Lawhorn, R. McNicholas, D. DeKilder, B. Lyle. R. Maxwell 2 hits. Hawthrone went to a early lead and after the 4 inning the bats went dead - Sunlake the bats were dead early and after the 4 inning the bats came alive with a 3-run home run in the bottom of the 7th.                                                                                                                                     


D3 Del Web 3A (Belleview Eagles) 22, Plantation (Cebert Wealth / Ameriprise) 11

Umpires: Home Plate; Bill Magley, Bases; Cheryl Cook. 

All the Del Web players had at least one hit in today’s game.  John Walter went 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs and Gary Pelletier added 5 RBIs.

Plantation scored eight runs in the 3rd inning but was unable to muster much offense after that.  Bob Munster went 4 for 4 with 2 RBIs.  Dan Lyall and Rick Farfsing each went 3 for 4. 


Del Webb Remax over Cody’s Summerglen 13-1.

Umpires were Jim Billings and Pete Snyder. Del Webb was led by Armando Llugano with 4 hits and 5 others with 2 hits apiece. They included Bill Sidwell, Joe Diana, Dennis Burke, Phil Woodward and Jim Sears. For Summerglen Spar Amos and Rocky Piller had 2 hits each. The winning pitcher was Armando Llugano.

Legacy (Macinnis Dermatology) 18 Sprucecreek (Doc`s Restoration) 2

Legacy took a early 9-0 lead and never were tested by Sprucecreek.

For Legacy Berwanger, Oehrlein, Sataloe, Jackson all 3 hits, Anderson 4 hits and a HR by Payne.

Sprucecreek 9 hits total 2 each by Maxwell and Arpin.

plate ump Rossa field ump Green




Division 3, Sun Lake 8 vs Remax, DelWebb-B 18

Home Plate Umpire-Jim Davis and Bases-Bernie Schyvinch

Sun Lake had Five hitters with 2 Hits each; Billy Lyle, Bob Dumas Dave Brown, Gene Halcum, & Darrell Nielson

Del Webb-B had Bill Schumacher & Dave Scafide go 4 for 4, Dave had  2 Triples and Bill had one. Armando Lluguano was 3 for 3, Phil Woodward was 3 for 4, and Dennis Burke was 3 for 4. Fred Willman, Jim Sears, Cal Allison, Bill Sidwell and Ralph Reimen were all 2 for 4.

The Game was a clean errorless one from both Teams.


Umpires: Plate: Berni Schvinch  Bases:  Sheldon Guss

Spruce Creek played a great game, both on defense and offense.

For Spruce Creek: Will Vail (4 hits), Tom Maxwell, Chuck Arpin And Gomer Morgan (3 hits) 

For Del Webb: Don Lamb, Ken Grimes and Jim De Lucia (3 hits)

Hawthorne 11 runs, Plantation Cebert Wealth. 9 runs 

Plantation hitters Ted Kornhoff 4 for 4 with double, Jeff Houghton 2for 4, and Dan L y'all 2  for 4 with a double   

Hawthorne hitters Tony Melting 2 for 4 with a triple, John Watts 1 for 3 with a triple, Bruce Debouvre Went 2  for 3, and Dominic Affinati went 2  for 3 with a triple

Home umpire George Lucia,  field umpire Kevin Kittle


Cody’s Summerglen defeated Legacy Macinnis Dermatology 12-11. The umpires were Chuck Callatuna and Dick Dean. Cody’s pulled out a closely fought game with 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning. Hitting stars for Legacy were Ralph Satoloe, Don Anderson and Doug Deforge with 3 hits each. For Cody’s, 5 players had 3 hits apiece. They included Jack Bellerose, Paul Richmond, Spar Amos, Mike See and Rick Sebastion. The winning pitcher was Nick Cozzette.





Cody’s Summerglen 11 over Hawthorne3 9. Umpires were Terry Widner and Rich Wiles.

Cody”s home opener was a winner over Hawthorne 11-9. Hawthorne’s Tony Mellering, John Watts and  Bob Goodwin each had 3 hits. For Cody’s Jim Lahr had 3 hits and 7 others had 2 hits apiece. They were Spar Amos,Mike See,Nick Cozette, Mike Tamburello,Jack Bellerose, Mark Trebes And Rick Sebastion. Nick Cozette was the winning pitcher.


Legacy ( Macinnis Dermatology) 18, Plantation ( Cebert Wealth / Ameriprise) 6. Umpires were Kevin Kittle and Jim Miller.

On a nice day after the fog lifted, Legacy outlasted Plantation 18 - 6. It was a good game, but Plantation just could not get the timely hits. For Legacy Ralph Sataloe had 4 hits and Ron Petty had 3. 


Sun Lake Scrubjays  21   Del Webb (Belleview Eagles)  7

Umpires:  Plate:  Cindy Pletch  Bases:  Rick Gebhart

For Sun Lake:  Bob Dumas, Rob McNichols and Dave Brown  3 hits and an Inside the park home run each, Richard Maxwell  3 hits.

For Del Webb:  DJ Jones 3 hits (3B), Ken Grimes (2B), Steve Angelo, Ryan Payne, Ron Pike (2B) and Don Lamb (2B) each with 2 hits.


Del Webb 3( Remax ) 10 Sprucecreek 3 ( Docs Restorations ) 5

For Del Webb - Armando Llugano 4/4 Fred Willman, Carl Herr  both 2/3

Reiman, Diana, Schumacher and Woodward all 2/4

2 Big HRs from Dave Scafide and 3 double plays shut down Sprucecreek.

For Sprucecreek Maxwell and Morgan 3 hits each.

Plate ump George Matthews Field Ump Jim Rossa



Division 3 Remax Del Webb-B played Doc's Restoration Spruce Creek South with Doc's winning 25 to 15 over Del Webb.

Home Plate Umpire was Ray Currier and Sheila Lofland on the Bases.

Spruce Creek had 29 timely hits with: Mike Niedbalski, Will Vail, Wayne Macdugall all had 4 Hits, MikeDuggan had 5 hits, and Chuck Arpin had 3 hits.

Del Webb had a tough time stringing hits together and not enough  Runs produced, with 29 hits. Phil Woodward was 4/4,  Dave Scafide was 3/3, and Bill Sidwell was 3/3


Del Webb 16 Sun Lake 11

Umpires home plate Dan Post - infield Jim Del Webb out to a big lead early and Sunlake came back some but not enough. For Del Webb Ryan Payne and DJ Jones 4 hits, Ken Grimes 3 hits. For Sunlake Rob McNicholas 4 hits, Roy Lawhorn and Dave DeKilder 3hits. Ended in a good game.                                                                                                        


Today, Plantation (Cebert Wealth / Ameriprise) had to forfeit our game with Legacy (Macinnis Dermatology)

due to an insufficient number of players to participate…..


Hawthorne 8 runs, Summer Glen Cody's Roadhouse 6 runs

Home Empire Kevin Kittle,  field umpire George Lucia

Tight defensive game with low scoring on both teams

Hawthorne Tony Smelling 2 for 4 with double, four other players went 2 for 3 Terry Rosier, John Watts, Bruce Debouvre, Bob Goodwin

Summer Glen Paul Richmond 2 for 3, Mike See went 3for 3



 Del Webb Remax 4 - Sunlake 16

  Umpires Dan Martinez and Dan Post

Sunlake hit good through the game Del Webb struggled. For Del Webb Joe Diana 3 hits, Bill Schumacher    Fred Willman 2hits. For Sunlake Darrel Nielson, Billy Lyle 4 hits, Roy Lawhorn, Dave Brown, David Dean      3 hits.

D3 Hawthorne 18, Plantation (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise) 16

Umpires:  Home plate: Bill Magley, Bases: Cheryl Cook

The game went an extra inning with Hawthorne scoring 5 runs in the 9th inning and Plantation scoring 3.  Plantation highlights Clay Brooks, Bob Munster were 4 for five.  Jeff Houghton was 3 for 4 with a home run.  No highlights provided by Hawthorne…

Legacy ( MacInnis Dermatology) 11 vs. Summer Glen 7 (11-30-2021)

Plate Umpire- Keith Kittle Base Umpire- Frank Stangel

Summer Glen started quickly and scored first but Legacy caught up and won the game, Legacy 11 to Summer Glen 7.  Leading  hitters for Legacy were Mike Payne with four hits and Ralph Satoloe with 3 hits.  Summer Glen did not provide  statistics at the end of the game.

Del Webb 3A Spruce Creek No score Reported




Umpires - Jim Milligan and Dan Post

Good game back and forth, Sunlake scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th to take a 2 run lead Del Webb came  up 1 short. For Del Webb Ken Grimes 4 hits, DJ Jones 3 hits, Steve Angelo and Rich McCartney  2hits. For Sunlake Bob Dumas and Roy Lawhorn 4 hits, Darrell Nielson, Dave DeKilder and Rich Maxwell 3 hits.. 



Division 3 Game: Del Webb-B Remax14  over  Summer Glenn Cody's 10.

Umpires were Tom Gimeli at Home Plate and Bill Casteel on the Bases.

For Del Webb:  Mitch Abbot was 3 for 4, Joe Diana was 3 for 3 with a Triple,    Dave Scafide was 3 for 4, Bill Schumacher & Fred Willman,  were 2 for4, Carl Herr & Ralph Reimen were 2 for 3 and Cal Allison had a Triple.

For Summer Glenn:  Jim Lahr was 4 for 4, and Rick Vetter, Mike See, and     Mike Tamburello were 2 for 4. Rick Sebastion was 2 for 3.



Hawthorne home team 11 runs , Plantation 5 run scored

Hawthorne bats had 22 good solid hits, scoring 5 runs in first inning Don Hartig 2 for 3 with a triple, John Watts went 3 for 3 Jim Bright 3 for 3 with a double, Dominic Affinati 2 for 3 one a double

For Plantation ,Bob Rademacher went 2 for 3, John Daggett 2 for 3 with a double Rick Raises went 2 for 3

Home umpire George Lucia,  field umpire Romie Marble


Division 3 Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 15 vs Spruce Creek 25 Late Report

Plate Umpire:  Keith Kittle

Base Umpire:  Paul Maddox


Spruce Creek started quickly in the first inning with 5 runs and led until Legacy tied the game in the bottom of the seventh inning.  Spruce Creek then scored 10 runs in the top of the eighth inning to win the game 25 to 15..

Leading hitters for Spruce Creek were Tom Maxwell with 5 hits and Mike Niebalski and Wayne MacDougall with 4 hits each.



Division 3 Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 10 vs. Del Webb (Remax) 17

Plate Umpire: Kevin Kittle Base Umpire: Keith Kettle

On this Tuesday 11-16-2021, Legacy started quickly with 5 runs in the first ending.  However, Del Webb tied the game in the bottom of the eighth inning and went on to win in the ninth inning 17 runs Del Webb to 10 runs Legacy.  Leading hitters for Del Webb with four hits were Cal Allison and Bill Schumacher and Ralph Reiman, Fred Willman,David Scafide and Phil Woodard had 3 hits each.  For Legacy Don Anderson had four hits, and Ron Petty, Tom Berwanger, and Terry Oehrlein  had three each.

Umpires: Plate: Rick Gebhart  Bases: Berni Schyvinch


Del Webb: (Belleview Eagles)  19  Plantation: (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise)  18

A great day for softball, good weather and two competitive teams. The score went back and forth many times with Del Webb winning in the bottom of the 8th inning.

For Del Webb: Dean Peterson, Dan Walter and Rich McCartney had 4 hits each, Ryan and Ron Pike had 3 hits each, Steve Angelo had a game winning home run in the bottom of inning 8.

For Plantation: Jeff Houghton (2B & HR)and Ted Kornhoff (2-2B) had 4 hits each and Clay Brooks had 3 hits.


Sprucecreek 3 (Docs Restorations) 20 Summerglen 3 ( Codys Roadhouse) 7

A lot of highlights today for Sprucecreek 29 hits and 3 five run innings. hitting stars for Sprucecreek- Wil Vail 4/4 with 6 rbi and 1 HR, Duggan 4 rbi, Maxwell, Macdougall, and Bray all 3/4. For Sprucecreek another great pitching effort from Tony Harris.

For Summerglen -Rick Vetter, Spar Amos, Mike See 3 run HR, all 3/4.

home plate ump jim rosse field ump dave green

Hawthorne home team 10 runs , Sunlake 9 runs
Sunlake hitters  Darrell Nelson and Bob Dumas both went 4 for 4 Rob McNicholas and Wayne Steinburg both went 3 for 3

Hawthorne hitters   Don Hartig went 3 for 4 with a double Lenny Garza and Sonny Scott both went 3 for 3

Home umpire Chunk D'Hondt,   field umpire George Matthews




Division 3 Softball- Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 1 vs. Sunlake 16

Home Plate Umpire- Keith Kittle Base Umpire - Kevin Kittle

Sunlake started quickly with 5 runs in the first ending and never looked back.  Legacy was unable to score until the 6th inning.  The final score was Sunlake 16, Legacy 1.  Leading hitters for Sunlake were Rob McNicholas with 4 hits and Bob Dumas, Dave Dekilder, and Steve McDonald with three hits each.

For Legacy the leading hitters were Terry Oehrlein with 4 hits and Ralph Jackson with two hits.


Division 3, Del Webb B Remax 10  Plantation, Cebert Wealth 13

Umpires were, Jim Macfarland Bases & Bruce Reevely  Home Plate

For the Plantation Team they had 18 hits 2 Men with multiple hits-BobMunster was 4 for 4, & Bob Rademacher was 3 for 4

Remax had 20 hits: Bill Schumacher was 3 for 4 Dave Scafide was 3 for 4 with a Triple Denis Burke was 3 for 4 Carl Herr was 3 for 4


Spruce Creek 3(docs restoration)17 .Summerglen 3 (Cody's roadhouse)10

After Spruce Creek jumped out to a 10-0 lead Summerglen scored 9 unanswered runs. Spruce Creek then scored 7 unanswered runs to get the win. For Spruce Creek Gomer Morgan 4/4, MacDougall, Aretakis, and Harris all 3/4.

For Summerglen Paul Richmond 3/4 ,4 other players with 2 hits.

Home plate- Jim Rossa Bases -Paul Martz


Hawthorne score 10 runs, Del Webb Belleview Eagles. 9 runs

For Del Webb D J Jones went 2 for 3,  Gary Pelletier went 2 for 3, and John Walter also went 2 for 3

Hawthorne , Don Hartig went 2 for 3, John Watts 2 for 3, Ron Reid 2 for 3, Lenny Garza 2 for 3, Sonny Scott 2 for 2, Dominic Affinati went 2 for 3 including a tall Blast off of the left field fence to drive home the winning run



Division 3 Softball- Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 13 Del vs. Webb (Remax) 11

Plate Umpire- Kevin Kittle  Base Umpire- Frank Stangel

Great day for a ball game.  Del Webb jumped  to a quick start scoring 5 runs in the first inning, but Legacy caught up in the bottom of the second inning and led the rest of the game with 13 runs to Del Webb's 11 runs.  Great play in the outfield by a Del Webb player was the highlight of the game.  Leading hitters for Del Webb were Bill Schumacher with 4 hits , Dave Scafide, Fred Willman, Armando Llugano with three hits each, and Bill Sidwell and Dennis Burke with 2 hits each.  Leading hitters for Legacy were Terry Oehrlein, and Tim Pickel with 4 hits each, Ron Petty, Mike Payne, Tom Berwanger, Mike Horton, and Ed Klug with three hits each.


Belleview Eagles (Del Webb)  21  Cody's Roadhouse  (Summer Glen) 19

A good game the lead went back and forth with Del Webb prevailing.

62 hits and 40 runs kept the play interesting.

Del Webb: winning pitcher: D J Jones

Steve Angelo, Dan Warner and Gary Schirmer (4 hits each),  Rich McCartney, John Walter, and Ryan Payne (3 hits each).

Summer Glen: Paul Richmond and Mike See (4 hits each), Jim Lahr, Nick Cozzette and Mark Pillar (3 hits each)

Umpires: Home plate Danny Smith, Bases Cheryl Cook

D3, Sun Lake 29, Plantation (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise) 14

Sun Lake had a well rounded batting attack with Bob Dumas and Bob McNicholas each with 5 hits, Roy Lawhorn, Richard Maxwell, and Darrell Nielson each had 4 hits with a home run by Darrell Nielson.  Dave Kilder and Dave Brown had back to back triples in the 1st inning, scoring 4 runs.  Plantation Jeff Houghton had 4 hits, 2 of which were home runs, and Bob Munster contributed with 4 hits.

 Spruce creek at Hawthorne softball game

Great defensive game with Hawthorne coming out on top 7 runs to 6 runs for Spruce creek For spruce creek , mike Duggan and Leroy Burke both went 3 for 4

For Hawthorne    Bill Devote went 3 for 3;  Terry Rosier and John Krause both Went 2 for 3

Home base umpire. Rome marble Field umpire.  George Lucas


11/5/2021 All games Rain out and rescheduled to 12-17-2021


Division 3  Doc`s Restoration Spruce creek 13, Sun Lake 12

home plate umpire Jim Rossa 

For Spruce creek Tom Maxwell 3/3 7 Players 2/3

For Sunlake Rob Mcnicholas, Gene Halcom, both 3hits

Bob Dumas and Billy Lyle 2 hits each. Paul Kesler for Sunlake was taken to emergency after falling around 2nd base. 

Sunlake leading all the way until bottom of the 8th when SC came up with 3 runs to win it.


D3, Summerglen (Cody’s Roadhouse) 25, Plantation (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise) 14

Umpires Home Plate: John Vain, Bases: Danny Smith

What a great opening day to begin our Sun and Fun season, hardly a cloud in the sky and a very comfortable temperature.  Cody’s Roadhouse had a hitting frenzy scoring 5 runs in innings 1 and 2, and scoring at least 1 run in every inning after that.  Cebert Wealth Ameriprise did not score until the 3rd inning, and they scored in every inning after that.  A good competitive spirit existed between the teams and fun was had by all..   


Legacy  (McInnis Dermatology)  11   Del Webb  (Belleview Eagles)   9

Umpires: Home  Bruce Revely   Bases:  Karen Gephart

A well played game by both teams, close as they always are.

Legacy: Ron Petty  and  Tim Pickel  (3 hits each)

Del Webb:  Jim DeLucia (4 hits), Dan Warner and Ryan Payne (3 hits)

Home base umpire George Lucia

Field umpire.           Rome Marble


Tough home opener for Hawthorne, tied score after 4 innings, 6 to 6

Hawthorne lost 14 to 6 to a good hitting del Webb team

For  del Webb Dave statute 4 for 4, amando llugano 4 for 4, Bill Schumacher 4 for 4 Ralph Reiman 3 for 4, Dennis Burke 3 for 4

For Hawthorne Don Hartig, Terry Rosier, John Watts, and Bill Devote all went 2 for 3