Division 4


Water Oak 4 (Diversified Tree vs. Summer Glen 4(Floralawn)

Final Water Oak 9 runs on 21hits, SummerGlen 8 runs on 26 hits.

Water Osk top half of the order went 10-16, while the lower half went 11-18.

Notable hitters: Neudecker 3-3, Cowser 3-4, Derrig 2-4 with the rest of the 

Boys hitting 2-3. Winning Pitcher: Frank Van Mol who pitched a complete

Game for the win.

Summer Glen notable hitters were: Dean 3-4, Fedorchak 3-4, Beck 3-4

And Young 3-4

Ump: Jim Billings

Final: Water Oak 9 and Summer Glen 8

End of regular season now onto the Playoffs 


Plantation (Cebert/Wealth/ Ameriprise D4 was forced to forfeit the game today against Del Webb (Counts Roofing) due to insufficient number of players available (8). 



Holiday travel beat Royal Highlands 4b.   25-27

March 18, 2022 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field


Final score:  21-13 with Royal Highlands 4A winning over Lakes at Leesburg 4

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad (plate), Bob Young 

It was a nice, warm day for a softball game today to finish the regular season.  The home team prevailed with a good offensive display with 26 hits to knock in 21 runs.  Lakes at Leesburg kept it close by scoring 7 runs in the third to tie it, but RH got a 5 spot in the bottom of the inning and then played good "D" (especially by shortstop Steve Hadrich) to pull ahead to stay.  Lakes at Leesburg also had a good day at the plate.  Jim Okonewski pounded out 4 hits while Bob Lindell, Butch LaMotte, Rich Kosto, Mark DeHaas, Mark Kirk and Chris Lambert all knocks out three hits.  The Royal Highlands offense was led by Tom Church with a 4 for 4 day (including a triple!). John Bambauer, Wayne Skaarup and Dick Reimer all went 3 for 3 plus Mike VanSicklin and Steve Hadrich both went 3 for 4.  We look forward to next season.  



D4, Summerglen (Floralawn) 6, Plantation (Cebert/Wealth Ameriprise) 22

Umpires: Home Plate; Dave Lanier, Bases; Joe Bono

The game was a mercy win with a walk off home run by Jeff Houghton in the 7th inning.  Plantation managed a total of 31 hits with 3 triples and 4 doubles.  Summerglen posted a total of 11 hits.


Del Webb (Counts Roofing)     17         vs          Lakes of Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)    6

Umpires  Ray Carrier  Plate   -  Dick Geitgey  Field   

Del Webb came out on top in a rain shortened game  For Del Webb:  Rick Vielhak, Scott Bitner, Dennis Adams and John Morelli each had 3 hits.  Winning pitcher for Del Webb Kurt Schmucker

For Lakes of Leesburg:  Bob Lindell,  Jim Okonewski and Jim Spaulding each had 2 hits   





Holiday Village 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4A on 03-11-2022

Final score:  11-14 - Royal Highlands 4A winning over Holiday Village 4

March 11, 2022 - 10:00 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad (plate), Bob Young 

It seems that it takes 14 runs to be the winner between these two teams of late. It was another tight game as Royal Highlands took an early lead and Holiday Village scratched back.  Then Royal Highlands stretched the lead and Holiday Village would close the gap again.  It came down to the final couple innings and the spectators were rooting as each team made a big hit or a good defensive play.  Finally, Royal Highlands got three in the bottom of the seventh to seemingly seal the game, but as per the script of the day, Holiday Village wasn't going to go quietly.  They scored three more but finally the rally came to an end.  Quite an exciting game!

Holiday Village was led by Tony Hauser going 3 for 3 and Bud Harburn, Dennis Mahan and Jack brooks all going 3 for 4.  

The Royal Highlands offense was led by Tom Church with a 4 for 4 day. Steve DeBroeck went 3 for 3 as did Mike Gris including a 3 run homer in the 7th.  Steve Hadrich got three hits in 4 at bats. 

Del Webb 4 37 Water Oak 27

No report


Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  21,  Royal Highlands 4B  16

For LL:  Jim Okonewski and Jim Spaulding both had 5 hits; Steve Morgan had 4 hits.  Jim Spaulding was the winning pitcher.

For RH:  Steve Lash had a long, over the fence, home run.

Will Harrison was the home plate umpire while Stan Bragg worked the bases.





Plantation  (Cebert WealthAmeriprise)    19     vs   Del Webb (Counts Roofing)    17

Umpires:  Joe Diana  Plate   -  Carl Herr  Field  Well played game by both teams Plantation lead for the entire game  Del Webb was unable to respond. 


Final score:  12-11 with SummerGlen 4 as the winning team over Royal Highlands 4A

March 8, 2022 - 11:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad (plate), Bob Young 

It seems these two teams like to play tight games and today's game way that way from start to finish, but SummerGlen held on for a one run victory.  In the bottom of the 8th, Royal Highlands was threatening with the bases loaded and no one out but behind by two runs.  A gem of a defensive play by third baseman Terry Bowden saved the game for Summerglen when he snagged a hard-hit grounder, touched third and threw home to complete the double play.  

SummerGlen was led by Mike Hessel going 4 for 4, Steve Brown going 3 for 4 and Gerry Beck knocking two big hits.  

The Royal Highlands offense was led by Tom Church, Steve DeBroeck, Wayne Skaarup, Steve Hadrich and Keith Beile all with3 hits. 


Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse) 15  -  Water Oak (Diversified Tree Service)  10

Umpires    Home – Galen Friend    Bases   Jerry Hopcus

Pennbrooke held Water Oak scoreless the final three inning and scored five runs in

the seventh inning led by Bob Kuster’s Grand Slam Home Run for a 15 – 10 victory.

Leading hitters for Pennbrooke were Don Grimes with four hits. Tim Schoenthal and

Ted Fryer had three hits each. Bill Galli had a triple & Home Run.  Winning pitcher was

Jim Hicks.   For Water Oak Pete King had three hits with a Home Run. John Derrig,

Curt Patterson, Jack Uriah, Moe Dubreuil, and Mladen Mehes had two hits each


Royal Highlands 4 B - 16 / Holiday Village 4 - 10

Home umpire: Deb Wiener Base umpire:  Butch Tanner 

Top hitters for Royal Highlands was M Griffin and J Lash who were both 4 for 5. 

Top hitters for Holiday were Paul Brindamour and Randy Hauser who were 3 for 3.





Teams: Summer Glen 4 (Floraland); Water Oak 4 ( Diversified Tree)

Sunny and warm, a good day to play ball especially for the Summer Glen batters. They came with loaded bats putting on a 21 hit display amassing 27 runs. Notable players; Paul Mayward

4 for 5, Jeff Fedorchak 4 for 5, Steve Brown 5 for 5, Gerry Beck 4 for 5, Mike Young 4 for 5.

Water Oak just couldn’t get it together offensivally, or defensively. Casey Stengel when faced with the same dilemma said “ can anybody play this game”. They got hits sporadically but not enough together for run scoring. The boys still got 15 hits but only 8 runs. John Derrig went 2 or 4,Frank Fuentes 1 for 3 and a rbi, Moe Duby 2 for 3, Chuck Pullyard 1 for 2. Better Days are ahead, we hope.

  Final Summer Glen 27, Water Oak 8.

Scorekeeper; Dan Warne Umps: HP  Howard Taylor Bases:  Dick Boers

Teams: Summer Glen 4 (Floraland); Water Oak 4 ( Diversified Tree)


Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse) 21  Royal Highlands (Location Real Estate) 20

Umpires   Home  Galen Friend    Bases  Jerry Hopcus

Pennbrooke staged a furious rally in the eighth scoring nine runs with two outs to overtake

Royal Highlands  21-20.  Leading the way for Pennbrooke was Bob Kuster (2-2B), Tim Schoenthal (2B-3B),

& John Martucci (6RBIs) with four hits each. Dave Hartman, Jim Hicks, & Jack Shrader chipped in with three

hits each. Tim Schoenthal had the walk off hit in the eighth.  For Royal Highlands Steve Hadrich, Mike Van Sicklin, & Carlos Martinez had four hits each.


Lakes of Leesburg - 6 / Holiday Village- 13

Base umpire: Deb Wiener 

Lakes of Leesburg top hitters were Mark DeHaas and Steve Morgan who batted 3 for 4.

Holiday's top hitters were Bud Harburn 4 for 4; Jack Brooks 3 for 3 and Dennis Mahan,  Rich Taylor, and Tony Hauser were 2 for 3.


Plantation D4 is a forfeit to Royal Highlands due to illness and injuries….





Summer Glen (Floralawn)   25      vs   Del Webb (Counts Roofing)  26

Umpires: Jim Davis  Plate   -  Rick Gebhard   Field 

Great game played by both teams.  For Summerglen Paul Mayward, Terry Sullivan and Dennis Johnson each had 5 hits, Mike Hessel had 4 hits

Cindy Collett had 3 hits, Jerry Johnson had 3 hits.  For Del  Webb:  Kurt Schmucker and John Morelli had 4 hits, Jack King, Dennis Adams, and Kathy Harriman each had 3 hits.  The winning pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker.   


Plantation 4 - 24 / Holiday Village 4 - 25

Another exciting game between two good teams with Holiday Village coming out on top. The top hitters for Plantation were Clay Brooks and Bob Rademacher both 4 for 6; John Daggett, Ted Kornhoff and Rick Farfsing were 3 for 5.

Holiday Village top performers were Jack Brooks 5 for 5 and Tony Hauser 4 for 4. That was followed by Rodger Dotson 4 for 5 and Pat Funch, Randy Hauser and Jeff Geesey were 3 for 4.

Royal Highlands 4B beat Lakes of Leesburg 22-13

home Umpire-Tim Holstad Base Umpire-Bob Young

For Lakes of Leesburg Mark DeHaas-4 hits Bob Lindell-3 hits Dennis Mergen-3 hits Dave Dvorak-3 hits




Royal Highlands A - 14 / Holiday Village- 9

A good come from behind win for Royal Highlands. They had six players with three hits each; Tom Church, Mike Gris, Wayne Skaprup, Steve Debroeck, Joe Kazmierczak and Carlos Martinez.

For Holiday, Rodger Dotson and Pat Funch were 3 for 4 and Paul Brindamour and Randy were 2 for 3.


D4: Water Oak (Diversified Tree Service) 18, Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise) 14

Umpires: Home Plate: John Vane, Bases: Danny Smith

It was a tie game going into the 8th inning, when Water Oak unleashed a 7 run inning to clinch the win.  Every player for Water Oak got at least one hit with Dave Bordand having 2 home runs, Tom Cowser and Mike Neudeck each contributing triples and Frank Van Mol with a double.  In total Water Oak had 23 hits for the win today.  Plantation had 22 total hits in their losing effort.  Jeff Houghton had a home run early in the game.


Royal Highland  4B (Lokation Real Estate)       19       vs      Del Webb (Counts Roofing)    16  

Umpires:  Jack DeMagistris   Plate   Sheila Lofland    Field

Royal Highland hit the ball well today no information given on their players.   For Del Webb: Jack King, Mitch Abbott, Bob Markey & Pete Knoth each had 3 hits    


Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse)  15   Lakes At Leesburg (Bob’s Drywall)  8

Umpires   Home  Galen Friend     Bases  Jerry Hopcus

Pennbrooke led from the first inning with timely hitting and good defense to win their forth game of the year 15 – 8   Pennbrooke had seven players with three hits. John Martucci, Dan Jagodzinski, Ted Fryear, Lynn Hagerich, Bill Galli, Bob Kuster, and Winning Pitcher Jim Hicks (3Ks).  For Lakes At Leesburg Butch Lamotte,

Jim Okonewski, and Mark DeHass had three hits each




SummerGlen D-4  14                Royal Highlands "B"    9

Home Chuck Colantuno,  Bases Terry Widener

Summerglen jumped out to a lead after 5 innings 8-2. Royal Highlands "B" was not able to catch up. Going into the 8th inning Royal Highlands "B" scored 3 runs but was not able to makeup SummerGlen's 8 run lead. Hitting stars for Royal Highlands "B" were Jim Lash 3/4 and a HR, Mike Griffin 2/4 and a HR, Doug Mizzer, Terry Buysse, Dale Blanton all 2/3. Hitting Stars for Summerglen Jeff Fedorchak , Dennis Johnson both 4/4, Denny Wyckoff, Mike Hessel, Mark Phipps, and Mike Young all 3/4.

Royal Highlands (4A) 20 runs on 25 hits.  The following batters each contributed for the victory; Church 3 hits, Gris 4 hits, Kazmierczak 3 hits, Karap 3 hits, Matos 3 hits, Beile 3 hits,

Vansicklin 2 hits, Rymer 3 hits. 



As for Water Oaks4, fielding miscues helped Royal Highland this morning. The team could only muster 13 hits scoring 14 runs against Royal. The following batters did manage to get

Hits; Phillipo 2hits, Derrig 2 hits 1 rbi, Fuentes 1hit, Cowser 1 hit, Van Mol 2hits, Uriah 1 double,

Watkins 2 hits, King 2 hits and a double. MVP goes to Borland 2 hr’s, 2 doubles, and 7 rbi’s.

                            R      H

Royal Highland  20      25    Final

Water Oaks       14      13


Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  16;  Holiday Village (Veteran Marine & One Stop Cooling)  15

For LL:  Bob Lindell, Mark Kirk, Jim Okonewski, Mark DeHaas, and Dave Dvorak had 4 hits each.  The winning pitcher was Jim Spaulding.

For HV:  Wayne Sok and Mark McCellen both with 3 hits; Rich Taylor had 2 hits.

Close game all the way;  Lakes put up a 5 spot in the bottom of the 8th to win it.

Stan Bragg was the home plate ump while Will Harrison worked the bases


Del Webb (Counts Roofing)  24   Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse)  20

Umpires   Home  Matt Palmer    Bases   Galen Friend

In a high scoring game Del Webb pushed across five runs in the eighth for the 24 – 20 victory

For Del Webb Tony Gove (HR) & Jim Houtz had four hits.  Jack King, Rick Viechak, Kurt Schmucker, James Dixon, and John Morelli Had three hits each.   For Pennbrooke Jack Shrader had four hits. Dave Hartman (HR),

John Martucci, and Bob Kuster had three hits each.





Del Webb  (Counts Roofing)   18    vs    Royal Highland B (Lokation Real Estate)    15

Umpires:  Carl Herr -  Plate  -  Karen Gebhart -  Bases   

For Del Webb: James Dixon 4 hits, Jack King and John Morelli had 3 hits.   Dennis Adams was the winning pitcher

No information from Royal Highland


Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall) 18            SummerGlen (Floralawn)  17

Umpires         Home  Terry Widener        Bases   Chuck Connors

SummerGlen led up to the 8th inning 15-13. Top of the eight inning Lakes scored 5 runs to take the lead 18-15. SummerGlen was only able to score 2 runs in the bottom of the eight, Lakes held on to the lead to win the game 18-17. It was a very competitive game and both teams kept sportsmanship at a very high priority. Hitting for Lakes at Leesburg--- Bob Lindell 5/5, Jim Spaulding 4/4, Butch LaMotte 4/5, Mark DeHaas 3/4, Mark Kirk, and Jim Okonewski 3/5. Hitting for SummerGlen,--- Jeff Fedorchak 5/5, Jim Hoch 5/5, Jerry Johnson 4/4, Terry Bowden 4/5, and Jerry Beck 3/4.        


Plantations 24 / Holiday Village 12

A well played Ballgame by the Plantation team. They pretty much hit it anywhere they wanted on the field. Holiday wasn't able to get the hits they needed to stay in the game.




Div. 4: Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)13 at Water Oak (Diversified Tree Services) 15

Well, this makes 3 in a row for the boys from Water Oak!  Their bats continued to connect resulting in 15 runs off of 25 hits.  Both teams kept the outfielders busy with nice hits.

Leading the way was Frank Van Mol going 3-4 with 5 ribbies.  Dave Borland was also 3-4 with 2 doubles and a triple.  Dave also orchestrated a timely 6-4-3 double play.  Bob Phillipo was 4-4. Multiple players were 2-3 and 2-2.  Winning pitcher was Moe Dubreuil with Frank Van Mol coming in to earn the save. 

Lakes at Leesburg had Rich Kosto and Butch Lamotte hitting 4-4, with Kosto having a triple.  Dennis Morgan had 3 hits including a triple.

Umpires: Sandi Starner at home,  Jim Sisco on the bases. 8 inning game. 


D4: Royal Highlands 4A (Location Real Estate) 36, Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise) 20

Umpires:  Plate, Tim Hockstad, Bases Darrell Cook

We lost count of the many hundreds of total hits by Royal Highlands.  Their super stars were Wayne Shaarup 4/4 with 3 homeruns, Tom Church went 5/5/ Steve DeProeck was 6/6 with a homerun, Mike Gris & Mike VanSickun each 4/5 with Mike Gris contributing a homerun.  Plantation had a total of 26 hits, with John Daggett 4/4, Clayton Brooks and Erick Perez 4/5, Erick Perez flew around the bases for an inside the park homerun…


Floralawn (Summer Glen)  23    Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke)  19

Umpires   Home  Galen Friend    Bases  Joe Walker

Summer Glen outlasted Pennbrooke today in a high scoring game 23 – 19

Leading hitters for Summer Glen were Mark Phipps five hits, Mike Hessel, Dennis Johnson,

Jim Hoch, and Mike Young four hits each.  For Pennbrooke Tom Peterson had five hits, Jeff Ryerson,

John Martucci, and Dan Jagodzinski had four hits each.


Del Webb (Counts Roofing) 10 ; Holiday Village (One Stop / VeteransMarine) 8

Home umpire: Bob Thompson Base umpire: Deb Wiener 

Another exciting game between two good teams. Del Webb had 6 players with 3 hits each; Mitchell Abbott, Rick Vielhak, Tony Gove, Bob Markey, Dennis Adam's and Pete Knoth. Left Center fielder, Kathy Harriman made some great catches in the outfield. 

Top hitters for Holiday were Pat Funch and Cindy Thompson. 


Water Oak 19-18 over Royal Highlands 4B

Umpires Home Tim Holstad Field Bob Young

For Water Oak       MVP Dave Borland#23 2 for 2 with 9 put outs Moe 2-4 Pete3-4 Bob4-4 John 4-4 Curt 1-3 Frank 2-4 Kurt 1-4 Frank F 2-3 Dann 2-5 Jack 1-3 Jack U 3-3 Chuck 1-2 Mladen 2-3

Game was a tight one with a back and forth battle with Water Oaks holding on for the win  Del Webb Host vs Spruce Creek Visitors





Water Oak (Diversified Tree Service)   30  vs  Del Webb (Counts Roofing)   21

Umpires:  Berni Schyvinch  Plate  Dick Geitgey  Bases

Water Oak bats were hot today For Water Oak John Derrig had 4 hits, Bob Phillips, Curt Paterson, Dave Borland, Frank Van Mol, Kurt Neudeck, Jack Watkins, Jack Uriah, each had 3 hits

Winning Pitcher for Water Oak was Moe Dubreuil   For Del Webb: Kurt Schmucker 5 hits, Dennis Adams had 4 hits


Royal Highlands 4B    14-9 over Pennbrooke                 Sponsor Lokation Real Estate


Home umpire - Tin Holstad Base umpire- Bob Young


SummerGlen ( Floralawn) 15       Holiday Travel (One Stop Veterans Marine)  11

Umpires     Home     Chuck Colantuno                    Bases      Pete Synder

Two very competitive teams faced off today with the lead changing after each 1/2 inning. For Holiday Travel Jack Barnes was the hitting star for Holiday Travel with two monster Home runs over the center Field fence, and 4/4. Roger Dotson, and Pat Funch was 3/4, and Randy Hauser 2/3.  SummerGlen's Steve Brown  and Mark Phipps  4/4, with Mike Young 3/3, and Mike Hessel 2/3.


Plantation (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise)  18,   Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  14

For PL:  Karl Mehn had 5 hits; Erick Perez and Rick Rabasa both had 4 hits; Jeff Houghton had 3 hits including a home run.

For LL:  Jim Okonewski had 5 hits; Bob Lindell, Mark Kirk, Butch LaMotte, and Mark DeHaas all with 4 hits.

Will Harrison umpired behind the plate and Stan Bragg worked the bases.




LL4@RH4A       Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 09:30

DW4@PL4 Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 11:30

HV4@RH4B Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 11:30

SG4@@WO4 Rain Moved to 3/18/2022 AT 10:00



SummerGlen D-4    8  vs       Plantation D-4  0

Plantation forfeited due to a lack of player availability, Injuies, Medical issues, and people traveling. They were not able to field a team. 


Del Webb 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4A on 02-4-2022

Final score:  26-18 with Royal Highlands 4A as the winning team over Del Webb 4

February 4, 2022 - 11:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Bob Young (plate), Tim Hockstad

The game today was a hitter's duel for the most part with the wind gusting and blowing out to left.  Del Webb scored three to start the game and RH came right back with 3.  No score in the second inning for either team, then both scored 5 in the third.  Del Webb put three up in the 4th but RH came right back with a five spot.  A double play in the fifth snuffed out Del Webb's rally attempt and RH took advantage by scoring 4 more in the bottom of the fifth, then scored 4 more in the sixth and 5 in the seventh to put the game away.

Del Webb was led by  Mitch Abbott, John Morelli and Jim Houtz with 4 hits each, plus Jack King, James Dixon, Bob Markey and Scott Bitner knocking out 3 hits each. Del Webb had a total of 35 hits.

The Royal Highlands offense was led by Tom Church with 4 hits. Contributing 3 hits each was Wayne Skaarup, Mike Vansicklin, Reds Hidalgo, Carlos Martinez and Steve DebroeckSteve  along with Joe Kazmierczak and Mike Gris hit home runs as part of a team total of 27 hits.  


Veteran marine & One Stop Cooling (Holiday Village)  19  Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke) 11

Umpires  Home – Gary Lubert   Bases – Matt Palmer

Holiday Village scored twelve runs in the eighth to subdue Pennbrooke 19 – 11

Leading Holiday Village was Roger Dotson with four hits. Wayne Sok, Bud Harburn, Dennis Mahan, Jeff Geesey, Pat Funch, and Tony Hauser all had three hits.  For Pennbrooke Jim Hicks, Dave Hartman, Tim Schoenthal, John Martucci, Dan Jagodzinski, Don Grimes, and Jack Shrader all had three hits each.


Water Oak 19-18 over Royal Highlands 4B

Umpires Home Tim Holstad Field Bob Young

For Water Oak       MVP Dave Borland#23 2 for 2 with 9 put outs Moe 2-4 Pete3-4 Bob4-4 John 4-4 Curt 1-3 Frank 2-4 Kurt 1-4 Frank F 2-3 Dann 2-5 Jack 1-3 Jack U 3-3 Chuck 1-2 Mladen 2-3 Game was a tight one with a back and forth battle with Water Oaks holding on for the win





D4, Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise) 9,  Royal Highlands 4B (Location Real Estate) 7

 Umpires: John Vain called the plate while Tim Hockstadt worked the bases.

 Plantation generated 26 hits with Dan Lyall going 3 for 3, Bick Rabasa going 4 for 4, and three other players going 3 for 4 with Jeff Houghton hitting a 4 run home run.  Royal Highlands provided no game stats or highlights.


Pennbrook 15- Water Oak 14. 

Well the weather was good for softball and Pennbrooks top hitters; Jeff Ryerson and Jack Shrader led the hitting with 3 hits each with help from Dave Hartman, Dan Jagodzinski and Lynn Hagerich each contributing 2 hits for the win.

Now Water Oak’s bats were silent for the first 4 innings, and finally  roared back with a 16

Hit, 13 run rally to tie it but came up short in the bottom of the 8th. Curt Patterson 3 rbi’s and a home run, Van Mol 2-3 with a triple, Fuentes 2-3 2 rbi’s. Pullyard 2-3 1 double, and everyone else had 1 hit.  

Umpires: Sally Starner HP, J. Sisco Bases


SummerGlen 6  vs  Royal Highlands 14

Umpires     Home  Rich Wiles  Bases  Jim Billings

SummerGlen jumped out to a 3-1 lead in the 1st inning. However with the strong hitting by RH "A", they were able to controlled the game after that. The hot bats for RH "A", Tom Church 4/4, Mike Gris 4/5, Steve Debroeck 4/5,and Steve Hadrich 3/5. SummerGlen's bats for the most part went silent after the first inning. However  Denny Wyckoff, Mike Young, and Jeff Fedorchak were 3/4, Dennis Johnson and Jim Hoch were 2/3. It was nice to play a game with the temperature in the mid 60's.





1/28 Results   Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke)  15   Cebert Wealth Ameriprise (Plantation)  12

Umpires  -   Home  Gary Lubert    Bases  Matt Palmer

For Plantation  Bob Rademacher four hits, Ted Kornhoff, John Daggett, and Dan Lyall three hits each.

For Pennbrooke winning their second game of the year Jim Hicks, Jeff Ryerson, Dan Jagodzinski, (2-2B)and Lynn Hagerich, had three hits each.


Holiday Village (One Stop/Veterans Marine) 22 - Water Oak (Diversified Tree Service) 21

Home umpire - Deb Weiner Base umpire - Ray Wnuck/Butch Tanner

Another exciting game at Holiday with Dennis Mahan hitting a walk off 2 run home run in the bottom of the 9th inning to win it for Holiday. Wayne Sok was 4/5 and Paul Brindamour was 4/4. Pat Funch was the winning pitcher.

Water Oak had 2 home runs, one by Kurt Neudeck and one by Dave Borland. Jack Watkins was 4/4 with a double.

SummerGlen D-4  14   vs Del Webb  D-4   26

Umpires     Home     Jim Billings Bases     Pete Synder

Del Webb started the first inning with 5 runs and never looked back. They controlled the game early with good fielding and hitting. After 4 innings the score was 12-5 for Del Webb. In the 7th inning the score was 18-6 for Del Webb, SummerGlen scored 6 in the 7th and 3 in the 8th inning but fell short and was not able to catch Del Webb. Final score 26-14 for Del Webb.

Needless to say Del Webb had a great hitting game with Kathy Harriman 5/5, James Dixon, and Scott Bitner 4/5,  Mitch Abbott, Tony Cove, Bob Markey, John Morelli, and Pete Knoth 3/4. SummerGlen's  Mike Hessel, and Mike Hawkins 4/4, Gerry Beck, Jeff Fedorchak 3/4, and Paul Maywald 3/5. It was a long game with cold and cloudy weather but both teams played hard and kept sportsmanship  on the front burner. 


Royal Highlands 4A beat 4B   9-2           Sponsor Lokation Real Estate

Umpires Home plate Tim Hockstad Base Bob Young




Another two brave teams Congrats to you for withstanding the weather and playing ball

Pennbrooke 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4A on 01-25-2022

Final score:  19-5 with Royal Highlands 4A as the winning team over Pennbrooke 4January 25, 2022 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Bob Young, Tim Hockstad

The weather was a concern and remained chilly with a bit of rain from time to time.  But it never got too bad to play through as the field handled the light rain quite well and we got it in with the home team prevailing today.  Thanks to both teams for maintaining great spirit despite the conditions!  Royal Highlands 4A strung together enough hits to score in all but one inning.  Royal Highlands was led by Steve DeBroeck with 3 for 3 batting plus an intentional walk and including a homer.  Tom Church, Steve Hadrich, Carlos Martinez, Robert Matos and Mike Gris contributed 3 hits each plus 4 others had 2 hits each.  Pennbrooke 4 was led by Ted Fryear with a 3-hit day, plus Dave Hartman, John Martucci, Dan Jagodzinski, Jack Shrader and Don Grimes smacked two hits each.  


PL4 HV4  no report assumed postponed rescheduled to 2/18/2022

LL4 SG4 Postponed rescheduled to 2-18-2022

RH4B DW4 Postponed rescheduled to 2-18-2022





Counts Roofing (Del Webb)  14   Oakwood Smokehouse  (Pennbrooke)  12

Umpires  Home - Galen Friend   Bases – Jerry Hopcus

Leading hitters for Del Webb were Mitch Abbott, Rick Vielhak, Dennis Adams, & James Dixon three hits each.

For Pennbrooke  John Martucci four hits, Jack Shrader three hits, & Tom Peterson two hits & two walks.

Great game under semi cloudy conditions.


Royal highlands 4B  16-14 over Lakes of Leesburg

Umpires  home-Bob Young Bases- Tim Hockstad

For Lakes of Leesburg Bob Lindell and Mark Kirk-4 Hits Rich Kosto- 3 hits

It was a close game that went back and forth and was decided in the final inning


Holiday Travel 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4A on 01-21-2022

Final score:  14-13 with Holiday Travel 4  as the winning team over Royal Highlands 4A

January 21, 2022 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Bob Young, Tim Hockstad

An exciting game today with both teams hitting and playing defense overall quite well.  Holiday Travel took the lead and maintained it narrowly to the end with a final score of 14 to 13.  Holiday Travel was led by Mark McCellen with a 3 for 3 day, and Dennis Mahan, Paul Brindamour and Pat Funch going 3 for 4 each.  Hauser, Jack Brooks and Bud Harburn made some good defensive plays to stop Royal Highlands.  Holiday Travel banged out a total of 24 hits.

Royal Highlands was led by Steve DeBroeck with a 4 for 4 game including a two-run homer.  Joe Kazmierczak, Tom Church and Mike Gris contributed 3 hits each.   Royal Highlands also collected a team total of 22 hits and turned in three double plays on the defensive side.  


D4, Water Oak (Diversified Tree Service) 4, Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise) 20

Umpires: at home plate was Bob Witkes, and calling the bases was Cheryl Cook

Plantation was able to mercy Water Oaks in 5 innings with some timely hitting and good defense.  Plantation had 26 total hits including 4 doubles, one triple, and one home run.  Plantation had 4 batters perfect with 3 for 3; Erick Perez, Ted Kornhoff, Jeff Houghton, and John Daggett. Plantation defense was able to turn 3 double plays.  Water Oaks had a total of 11 hits with 3 batters hitting doubles, Pete King, Tom Cowser, and Frank Fuentes.





Water Oak4 (Diversified Tree) 24- Royal Highlands4- 8. 

The bats were hot today despite the chill. Royal Highlands batters Kazmierczak 3 hits,  VanSickein 2 hits. Gris 2 hits, Bambauer 2 hits, Skaarup 2 hits.

Water Oaks hitters put on a 39 hitting display led by Frank Fuentes going 3-4, home run ,1 double and 5 runs batted in. Kurt Neudeck 4-4 with a triple and 1 run batted in, 6 additional batters were 3-4 with a run batted in and Curt Patterson 4-4, 1 double, and 1 rbi. Bob Phillipo , 4-4 today, 4 rbi’s drove in the winning run in bottom of the seventh. Wharton 3 rbi’s

Umpires: Dick Boers HP, George Sturner 1B


SummerGlen D-4 (Floralawn)  13   vs    Royal Highlands "B"  D-4 (Location Real Estate)    12

Umpires      Home     JIm Billings          Bases     Pete Snyder

Royal Highlands jumped out to a 5-2 lead after the 1st inning. SummerGlen scored 5 in the bottom of the 2nd to take a 7-5 lead. After 5 innings SummerGlen was leading 13-10. Royal Highland B scored 2 in the 7th inning but was held scoreless in the top of the 8th for the final score 13/12 . Royal Highlands Rex Smith was 4/4, while Keith Pierson, Jim Lash, Tommy Viner, Doug Mizzer, all 3/4 and Dale Blanton 2/3. SummerGlen's  Paul Maywald 5/5, Jim Hoch and Mike Hawkins both 4/4, Terry Bowden and Jeff Fedorchak  both 4/5. It was a well played game by both teams.    


Holiday Village (Vetern Marine & One Stop Cooling)   17    at    Del Webb (Counts Roofing)   14

Umpires Jack DeMagistris Plate  Jim Davis  Field  For Del Webb Mitch Abbott  & Tony Gove each had 4 hits, Jack King, Kurt Schmucker and  Dennis Adams each had 3 hits.  

Holiday Village had the hot bats today and great defensive plays with Paul Brindamour making plays at 2nd base and Tony Hauser playing great ball in left field.  Winning pitcher for Holiday was Pat Funch   


Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  11;    Pennbrook (Oakwood Smokehouse)  7

For LL:  Rich Kosto and Mark Kirk both had 3 hits and each had a home run.  Bob Lindell had 2 hits.

For PB:  Dave Hartman had 3 hits including a home run.  Dan Jagodzinski, John Martucci, and Jack Shrader all had 2 hits.

Cold day for a ball game but we all had fun anyway.

Will Harrison was the home plate umpire and Stan Bragg worked the bases.




Del Webb (Counts Roofing) 17 Water Oak (Diversified Tree Services 16

 Well, despite the chilly weather, Del Webb and Water Oaks bats were hot. The game was back and forth, with Del Webb taking the lead at the top of the 8th inning.   Water Oak couldn’t rally in the bottom of the 8th, with Del Webb hanging on for the win.

 Del Webb: A very balanced hitting display. Castell and Harriman had 4 hits. Contributing with 3 hits each were Abbott, Schumucker and Dixon.

 Water Oak:  John Derrig continued with his hot bat, Frank Van Mol went 3-4 with 5 rbi’s, Bob Phillipo was 3-3 with 3 rbi’s, Curt Patterson 4 rbi’s, Pete King 2-4, 1 rbi, Frank Fuentes 3-4 and Mike Downey 2-4. 

 Umpires: Home: Fred Ramos, Bases: Howard Taylor, 8 inning game.

Sun&Fun week 15 SummerGlen D-4 vs PennBrooke D-4 SummerGlen D-4   12     vs     Pennbrooke D-4     11

SummerGlen jumped out to a 7-1 lead after 3 innings. PennBrooke scored at least 2 runs an inning after the 3rd inning up to the 8th inning. SummerGlen had a 5 run 6th inning. Going in to the 8th inning SummerGlen was leading 12 to 10. PennBrooke scored 1 run in the top of the 8th making the final score SummerGlen 12 PennBrooke 11. PennBrooke's Dave Hartman, Ted Fryear, Tim Schoenthal, and Tom Peterson were 3/4. SummerGlen's Dennis Johnson 4/4, Jeff Fedorchak 3/3, Steve Brown, Mike Hessel, Paul Maywald, Mark Phipps, and Mike Young, all 3/4.  


Plantation 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4A on 01-14-2022 Final score:  15-13 with Plantation 4  as the winning team over Royal Highlands 4A

January 14, 2022 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Bob Young, Tim Hockstad

The game today went back and forth but Plantation prevailed by a score of 15 to 13.  Plantation was led by Ted Kornhoff going 5 for 5.  John Daggett went 4 for 4 and Bob Munster also contributed with a 3 for 4 game.  Plantation had a total of 26 hits.

Royal Highlands was led by Wayne Skaarup with a 4 for 4 game.  Joe Kazmierczak knocked out 3 hits also.   Seven other players had 2 hits each as part of a team total of 24 hits.  


  Holiday Village (Vetern Marine & One Stop Cooling)  25   Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  19

For HV:  Tony Hauber and Dennis Marion each had 4 hits, Pat Funch had a home run and was the winning pitcher.

For LL:  Bob Lindell, Butch LaMotte, Mark DeHaas, and Jim Spaulding all had 4 hits.

Stan Bragg was the home plate umpire and Will Harrison worked the bases.



Del Webb (Counts Roofing)   20      vs      Plantation (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise)    5

Umpires:  Joe Diana  Plate   Karen Gebhard  Field   For Plantation:  Bob Munster and Ted Kornhoff each had 3 hits.  For Del Webb: Mitch Abbott had 4 hits, Rick Vielhak, Dennis Adams, and Kathy Harriman each had 3 hits.  Winning Pitcher for Webb was Kurt Schmucker


SummerGlen (Floralawn)  14   Holiday Travel (Vetern Marine and One Stop cooling)  10

Umpires Home Rich Wiles Bases     Nick Cozzette

Holiday Travel's D-4 team is truly a first class organization, and a very competitive team. The score was close all game with SummerGlen scoring 4 runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to put the game out of reach for Holiday Travel. The hitting stars for Holiday Travel were Jeff Geeley 3/3, Roger Dotson 3/4, Dennis Mahan, Paul Brindanour and Jack Branes 2/4. SummerGlen's Mark Phipps 4/4, and Gerry Beck, Mike Hessel, Jeff Fedorchak, Terry Bowden, Dennis Johnson, and Steve Brown all 3/4. The game was played always keeping sportsmanship a top priority. I will say this about the umpires they were part of the game but they didn't decide the game outcome, just great calls.


Division 4 Water Oak (Diversified Tree Service) 21-11 Lakes AtLeesburg (Bob;s Drywall)

Water Oak Hitters Frank Vanmol 4 for 4, Dan Wharton 3 for 4, Frank Fuentes 3 for 4 Jack Watkins 3 for 4, MIke Downey 3 for 4, Kirk Newdeck 3 for 4,Pete King 3 for 4, Mo Dubriel 3 for 3, Chuck Pulllyard 3 for 3

Lakes At Leesburg Hitters:

Bob Lindell 3 hits, Jim Spaulding 3 hits, several players with 2 hits


Location Real Estate (Royal Highlands B)  26    Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke)  15

Umpires  Home Plate  Joe Walker   Bases  Jerry Hopcus

Royal Highlands was led by Mike Griffin, Jim Lash, and pitcher Rex Smith all with multiple hits.

Pennbrooke leading hitters were Dave Hartman five hits, Jeff Ryerson, Ted Fryear, Dan Jagodzinski, and Jim Hicks all with three hits.



Del Webb (Counts Roofing)   14    -     Royal Highland  4A (Location Real Estate)    10

Umpires  Shelia Lofland  Plate  Rick Gebhard  Field  For Royal Highland: Tom Church, Mike Gris, Steve Derrdeck, Steve Hadrich and Carlos Martinez each had 2 hits

For Del Webb:  Scott Bitner had 3 hits, Jack King, Mitch Abbott, Dennis Adams, James Dixon, Bob Markey and Kathy Harriman each had 2 hits.  Winning Pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker 

D4 Lakes at Leesburg (Bob’s Drywall) 13, Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise) 16

Umpires: Home plate: Bill Magley, Bases: Bob Witkes

Lakes at Leesburg had a total 22 hits, including Rich Kosto with 4 hits and Butch Lamotie and Jim Okonewski each with 3 hits.  Plantation had a total of 25 hits, including Clay Brooks with 4 hits, Tom McNamara, Jeff Houghton, and Erick Perez each with 3 hits.  Included in his 3 hits, Jeff Houghton contributed with a double and a home rum.

Holiday Village (One Stop / Veterans Marine) 18; Royal Highlands (Location Real Estate) 17

Another exciting game at Holiday with Holiday winning in the bottom of the 8th inning with a homerun by Jack Barnes. Cindy Thompson was the winning pitcher for Holiday. Royal Highlands had 2 homeruns by Jim Lash. 

Home umpire: John Lytle Base umpire:  Sally Guerette 

SummerGlen forfeits to Water Oak  due to Covid-19








SummerGlen 12      Plantation  14

Umpires      Home      Jim Billings Bases      Rich Wiles

While SummerGlen's bats were silent the first 4 innings scoring only 1 run, Plantation jumped out to a 13 to 4 led after 5 innings. The final 3 innings SummerGlen out scored Plantation 8-1 but fell short by 2 runs to tie the game. Plantation had 30 total hits with 6 players going 3/4, Jeff Houghton, Erick Perez, Ted Kornhoff, John Daggett, Rick Farfsing, and Howard Born. SummerGlen had 3 players hitting 3/4, Jeff Fedorchak, Mike Hessel, and Jim Hoch, with a team total of 23 hits. It was a well played game by both teams, and sportsmanship ruled the day. 



It was another close game between these two teams, with Royal Highlands coming back in the 7th inning to re-take the lead and hold off a late rally by Water Oak in the bottom of the 8th.

Royal Highlands: Jim Lash was 4-4 with an out of the park home run.  Hitting 2-3 were Doug Mizzer, Dale Blauton and Brad Dance.  Rex Smith was the winning pitcher.

Water Oak:  John Derrig was 3-3 with 5 RBI's and Kurt Neudeck also was 3-3.  Bob Phillipo was 3-4 and Moe Dubruiel was 2-3. Going 2-4 were Pete King and Frank Van Mol.

Umpires: Home plate: Dick Boers, Bases: Howard Taylor.  8 inning game.


Del Webb (Counts Roofing)  24    Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  17

For DW:  Tony Gove and Scott Bitner both had 4 hits; Jack King, Vielhak, and Kurt Schmucker all had 3 hits.

For LL:  Rich Kosto had 4 hits; Bob Lindell, Butch LaMotte, Jim Okonewski, Steve Morgan, and Mark DeHaas all had 3 hits.

Will Harrison was the home plate ump and Stan Bragg worked the bases


Holiday Village (One Stop/Veterans Marine) 8, Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse) 7

Pennbrooke was down a player and borrowed a catcher from Holiday. Pennbrooke led the game until the 8th inning when Holiday's bats came alive and scored 5 runs to win the game. Pat Funch was the winning pitcher. 

For Pennbrooke Ted Fryear and Bill Galli had 3 hits each. Holiday's Cindy Thompson  who was catching for Pennbrooke made some great catches. 

Home umpire was Bob Thompson and Base umpire was Debbie Weiner.



Diversified Tree  (Water Oak)  15    Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke)  13

Water Oak held off a Pennbrooke rally to win 15 – 13 at Pennbrooke

Leading hitters for Water Oak were Pete King, Jack Uriah, and John Derrig with three hits each.

Frank Van Mol  had two hits (3B), 5 RBIs and was the winning pitcher with four K’s.

Pennbrooke was led by Div. 6 call up Curt Johnson with four hits.  Ted Fryear, Jim Boston, and Allan Chandler chipped in with three hits each.


SummerGlen 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4A on 12-17-21

Final score:  27-15 with Royal Highlands 4A as the winning team over SummerGlen 4

December 17, 2021 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Bob Young, Tim Hockstad

This was a really long game as you can tell by the score, but that is only half the story.  Royal Highlands only had 11 hits for the game but collected 26 walks so there were men on base all day long to score when those hits occurred.  SummerGlen had to use some untested pitching arms due to injuries, and the strong winds didn't help.  But that didn't stop SummerGlen to knock out 25 hits to try to stay close.  All in all, the two teams enjoyed a fun and friendly but lengthy game.


Royal Highlands was led by Joe Kazmierczak with 5 RBI's from his two hits.  Steve Hadrich knocked in 3 with his two hits. Defense played a big role to help Royal Highlands who turned in three double plays and one runner gunned down at the plate to stop some rallies.

SummerGlen was led by Terry Bowden going 5 for 5, plus Dennis Johnston went 4 for 4.  Three players connected for 3 hits each (Denny Wyckoff, Gerry Beck and Jeff Fedorchak) as part of their strong offensive attack.


Stonecrest at Royal Highlands 4B                  21-6

Umpires Plate- Tim Hockstad Field umpire- Joan James

Royal Highlands 6  Stonecrest 21


Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  17,  Del Webb (Count's Roofing)  11

For LL:  Bob Lindell and Jim Okonewski both hd 4 hits;  Butch LaMotte, Jim Spaulding, and Steve Morgan all had 3 hits; Mark DeHaas hit a home run.

For DW:  Kurt Schmucker had 4 hits; Tony Gove, Pete Knoth, and Dennis Adams all with 3 hits

Stan Bragg was the home plate umpire and Will Harrison worked the bases.




SummerGlen (Floralawn) at Del Webb (Counts Roofing)

SummerGlen   15      Del Webb   13

Umpires:  Kevin Cheeks (Plate)    Sue Pandak (Bases)  For Del Webb: Jack King, Pete Knoth each had 4 hits, Mitch Abbott and Kurt Schmucker each had 3 hits.  

For SummerGlen: Jeff Fedorchak, Mark Phipps each had 4 hits, Paul Maywald, Jim Hoch each had 3 hits, Jerry Johnson had 2 hits,  Jerry Johnson pitched an outstanding game. 


Royal Highlands 4A ,Location Real Estate could not get enough players against Lakes at Leesburg 4, Bob's Drywall so they forfeited the game.

Lakes at Leesburg 8 Royal Highlands 0.


Jim Spaulding


Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke) 8 at Diversified Tree Services (Water Oak) 23


These two teams will meet again on Friday in the rain date make-up game.  Both teams had players hit some long balls today with nice catches in the respective outfields.  The 15 run rule occurred in the bottom of the 7th inning.

Pennbrooke: Dan Jagodzinski, Bill Galli and Don Grimes all had 3 hits.  Pitcher Jim Boston allowed only 1 base on balls.


Water Oak: Bats came alive for Water Oak with winning pitcher Frank Van Mol hitting 4-4, with 2 doubles and multiple RBI's.  Chuck Pullyard was also 4-4.  Tom Cowser was 3-3 with a double. Both John Derrig and Pete King hit 3-4 with doubles and they contributed multiple RBI's.  Joining the doubles club were Bob Phillipo at 3-5 and Curt Paterson 2-4.  Hitting 2-4 were Kurt Neudeck with a home run and Jack Watkins.

Umpires: Home was split between Fred Ramos and Sandi Starner. Dave Blevins called the bases.  



Game Day Reporting for Division 4:  December 10, 2021


Home Team: Royal Highlands - Sponsor: Lokation Real Estate

Visitor: Royal Highlands – Sponsor:  Lokation Real Estate 

Home Umpire:  Tim Holstad Field Umpire:  Bob Young

Final Score:  Royal Highlands 4A 22 – Royal Highlands 4B - 9

Royal Highlands 4A had a whopping 31 hits this game.  All players had RBIs.  Carlos Martinez – 3/4 with 4 RBIs, and one double.  Steve DeBroeck – 4/4 with one double and 3 RBIs.  Robert Matos – 3/4, 3 RBIs.  John Bambauer - 3/3, 2 RBIs.  Tom Church – 3/4, 1 RBI, one double.  Reds Hildago – 3/4 with 1 RBI.  Keith Beile – 3/5, 1 RBI.  Wayne Skaarup – 3/4, 1 RBI.  Joe Kazmierczak – 2/4, with one double and 2 RBIs.    Gene Gunderson, Steve Hadrich, Dick Reimer, and Al Mortsnsen, all were 2/4, with 1 RBI each, and a double by Al Mortsnsen.


Royal Highlands 4B team was slightly off in the hitting category today, though they gave it their best.  Mike Griffin – 3/4, 1 RBI.  Dale Planton – 2/3, 1 RBI.  Keith Peirson – 1/3, 3 RBIs.  Darren Cabanach – 1/4, 2 RBIs, with a sac fly.  Doby Faults – 2/3.  Rex Smith and Tommy Biner each were 1/4, with Tommy having 1 RBI.  Terry Charlotte, Brad Danse, Don Steffen, and Doug Mizzer were 1/3, with Don having a triple, and Doug with an RBI. 




Holiday Village (Veteran Marine & One Stop Cooling) 29 at Water Oak (Diversified Tree Services) 27

Water Oak and Holiday Village kept the game close through 6 innings.  After 7th innings, Water Oak had a 4 run lead with a score of 26-22.  Holiday Village at the top of the 8th scored 7 runs to take the lead 29-26.  Water Oak's bats went cold in the bottom of the 8th, scoring only 1 run to end the game 29-27 for Holiday Village.

Holiday Village:  Dennis Mahan went the cycle, 6/6 with singles, double, triple and home run.  Pat Funch was 5/5 and was the winning pitcher and did not give up a base on balls.  Rodger Dotson and Paul Brindamour were 4/6.  Randy Hauser 4/5 and Jack Brooks 3/5.

Water Oak: Jack Watkins was 4/4.  Kurt Neudeck was 2/3 with 2 home runs.  Going 3/4 were Mo Dubruiel, Bob Phillipo, Pete King and Mike Downey.  Hitting 2/3 were Mladen Mehes, Frank Fuentes and Chuck Pullyard.

Umpires: George Starner at home, Dave Blevins on the bases.


D-4 SummerGlen vs Lakes at Leesburg

Umpires      Home---  Jim Billings Bases---   Rich Wiles

 SummerGlen Floralawn  14   vs    Lakes at Leesbrug Bob's Drywall   5

Both teams had a slow start, after 4 innings the score was 4-2 for SummerGlen. Rich Kosto hit a home run to give Lakes at Leesburg their 2 runs.

The last 4 innings SummerGlen scored 10 runs, and allowed only 3 runs. Lakes at Leesburg was hitting the ball hard however SummerGlens defense made some outstanding defensive plays to end several good scoring opportunities for Lakes at Leesburg. For Lakes at Leesburg Dave Rodriguez, Austin Wetherell, and Dave Hartsburg all had 2 hits.

For SummerGlen Paul Maywald, and Denny Wyckoff went 4/4, while Dennis Johnson returned to the lineup and went 2/3. It was a well played game by both teams, and the 

Umpires kept control of the game with outstanding calls at the bases and balls/strikes.   

Stonecrest 4 ( Remax Reality)  8 Pennbrooke 4 ( Oakwood Smokehouse)  6

Stonecrest and Pennbrooke battled back and forth thru 8 innings before a winner

was finally decided upon.Both teams had missed opportunities to to pull ahead.

Joel Muniz for stonecrest made an outstanding catch in left field with men on bases to secure the win for stonecrest.

Leading hitters for stonecrest were Jack Peffer,Kirk Marks,Mike Nicolletti,Don

Labranche and Rich Gyger with 2 hits apiece.Pennbrooke was lead by John  

Martucci and Tom Peterson with 3 hits each. This was a good ball game with

both teams making great defensive plays.

Umpires: Pat Lillis ( field ) Ed Mathias ( plate )




Royal Highlands 4B beat Del Webb 10-7

Del Webb scored 3 made it 0-3 RH scored 4 made it 4-3 Del Webb scored 1 made it 4-4 RH scored 2 made it 6-4 Del webb scored 2 made it  6-6 RH scored 2 made it 8-6 Del webb scored 1 8-7 RH scored 2 made it 10-7

For Del Webb Dick King 2 hits Mitch Abbott 2 hits Rick Viechak  2 hits Kathy Harriman 2 hits Jim Houtz 2 hits Kurt Schmucker 2 hits


SummerGlen Floralawn 11 vs Royal Highlands "A" Lokation Real Estate 10

Umpires             Home--- Chuck Colantuno Bases---  Pete Synder

It was a well played game by both teams. The  lead changed hands several times. However SummerGlen took the lead in the bottom of the 7th and held on to it during top half of the 8 inning to win the game. The hitting stars for Royal Highlands "A" were Steve Debroek 4/4, Wayne Skaarup 3/4, with several players 2/4. The hitting stars for SummerGlen were Terry Bowden, and Mark Phipps both 4/4, with 4 players 3/4.  It was a fun game to play, with both teams joking with the other but always keeping sportsmanship at a very high priority.


Stonecrest 4 (Remax Reality) 24 Holiday Village 4 (Vetern Marine @One Stop Cooling) 9

Holiday Village scored 5 runs in the first inning but Stonecrest's bats came alive and scored 24 runs in the next 5 innings to win the game 24 to 9 in a shortened 5 inning game.This was ST-4's best hitting game so far this year.

Leading hitters for Holiday Village we're Pat Funch with 3hits,Rodger Dotson,Dennis Mahan and Jack Brooks 2 hits each.Jack Barnes belted an inside the park home run

Stonecrest was lead by Kirk Marks with 4 hits.Jack Peffer,Don Huntington,Joel Muniz,Don Labranche, Rich Gyger and Rick Smith 3 hits each. Mike Nicolletti,Rick Mclucas and Lynny Colello with 2 hits.Outstanding plays by Joel Muniz and Rich Gyger.

Umpires: Clancy (plate)  Mike Reilley  (field)


Division 4

Lakes at Leesburg (Bob’s Drywall)  16Pennbrook (Oakwood Smokehouse)  14

Umpires:  Will Harrison, Home Plate;  Stan Bragg, Bases

For LL:  Bob Lindell, Jim Okonewski, and Austin Wetherell all with 3 hits; 8 players with 2 hits.

For PB:  Jim Hicks and Jim Boston both had 4 hits; Dave Hartman, Dan Jagodzinski, and Ted Fryear all with 3 hits .. One of Dave’s was a Grand Slam HR



Cynthia Steinemann Real Estate (Stonecrest) 20 vs. Diversified Tree (Water Oak) 3

Stonecrest played like a Division 2 team today- really brought the bats with 2 out of the park home runs. Mercy rule called in the 6th inning.

Stonecrest:  Jack Peiffer and Don Huntington were 3-4.  Joel Muniz and Kirk Marks were 2-4 with each of them having out of the park home runs.  Butch Plummer, Allan Schultz and Don Labranche were 2-3.  Winning pitcher was Rick Smith who gave up only 1 base on balls.

Water Oak: Curt Paterson was 2-2 with a double and a triple.  Dann Wharton was 2-2.

Umpires: Home Plate: Fred Ramos, Bases: Dave Ormsby.


Del Webb    14    Pennbrooke   9

Umpires Cal Allison (Plate)  Fred Willman (Bases)  For Del Webb: Tony Gove led the way for Del Webb with 4 hits and 5 BRI, Bill Casteel chipped in with 3 hits, Jack King, Mitch Abbott, Scott Bitner, 

Dennis Adams and Bob Markey each had 2 hits, Kathy Harriman had 2 hits which included ( in the park home run)  winning pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker  For Pennbrooke: They made a game of it scoring 6  runs in the top of the 7th.  Jim Boston had 4 hits, John Martucci, Dave Hartman, Ted Fryear and Don Grimes each had 3 hits


Lakes at Leesburg (Bob’s Drywall) 21,  Royal Highlands  (Lokation Real Estate)  19

Umpires:  Stan Bragg Home Plate, Will Harrison Bases

For LL:  Bob Lindell, Butch LaMotte, and Jim Okonewski each had 4 hits;  Dave Rodriguez, Austin Wetherell, Dave Dvorak, and Dewey Hartsburg all with 3 hits; one of Dave's hits was a Home Run.

For RH:  No report offered.



Del Webb (Counts Roofing) 14 - Holiday Village (One Stop H&C / Veterans Marine) 11

An exciting game played on a beautiful day at Holiday. Del Webb led the whole game. Rick Vielhek, Bill Castell, Dennis Adams and Pete Knoth had 2 hits. Kurt Schmuker had 3 hits. Mitch Abbott had 3 hits and a homerun and Jim King had an inside the park homerun. Holiday Village bad some great catches in the outfield by Tony Hauser and Paul Brindamore. Jack Brooks and Jack Barnes made some great plays in the infield. Dennis Mahan and Jack Barnes had triples. 

Lakes at Leesburg (Bob’s Drywall)  12,  Water Oak (Diversified Tree Services)  11

Umpires:  Will Harrison, Home Plate;  Stan Bragg, Bases

For LL:  Bob Lindell, Butch LaMotte, and Mark DeHaas all with 3 hits.  Rich Kosto had a Home Run

For WO:  Jack Watkins and Pete King both had 3 hits; Mo Dubreuil, John Derrig, Mike Downey, and Dan Kemp all had 2 hits.


Royal Highlands 4B     19-12 over Summer Glen                   Sponsor- Lokation Real Estate

Umpires Home Umpire- Tim Hockstad Base umpire- Bob Young

For Summer Glen:    Paul Maywald  2/4, Denny Wyckiff 3/4, Terry Bowden 2/4, Mark Phipps 4/4 Summer glen scored 3 runs 0-3 RH  scored  3  runs 3-3 Summer glen scored 3 3-6RH scored 5-6 RH scored 2 7-6 Summer Glen scored  57-11 RH scored 2 9-11 Summer Glen scored 1 9-12 RH scored 5 14-12 RH scored 5 19-12 Final score:  25-12 with Royal Highlands 4A as the winning team over Pennbrooke 4

November 30, 2021 - 11:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Bob Young, Tim Hockstad

If you like playing softball under blue skies and temps in the high 60's to low 70's, this was a day to play.  It was perfect weather for a game.

Royal Highlands brought the bats today while slugging out a 25-12 win over Pennbrooke 4.  The game stayed close for the first three innings but Royal Highlands kept putting a 5 spot on the score board, scoring a 4-run inning followed by three straight 5 run innings.  But RH pitcher Dick Reimer settled in and the RH defense made a few plays to stop the offensive attack by Pennbrooke.  Pennbrooke was hampered with a short lineup of just ten players.  

Pennbrooke was led by three players getting 4 hits each (Jim Hicks, John Martucci and Bill Gallie).  Royal Highlands 4 A was paced by Steve Debroeck knocking out 4 hits plus a sacrifice fly, Dick Reimer had 4 hits, Steve Hadrich,  popped three long balls for hits and gained 6 RBIs plus Wayne Skarrup, Tom Church, Joe Kazmierczak, Carlos Martinez, and John Bambauer all contributed three hits on the day.




Del Webb Counts Roofing    14   Water Oak Diversified Tree  8

Umpires Fred William (Plate)  Joe Diana (Field)  For Del Webb:  Scott Bitner and Jack King each had 3 hits,  John Morelli, Kathy Harriman and Jim Houtz each had 2 hits.  Winning Pitcher

for Del Webb was Dennis Adams.  For Water Oak: Kurt Neudeck had 2 hits, John Derrig had 2 hits, a triple with 3 RBI, Pete King had 2 hits, in the park home run with 3RBI, Frank Fuentes had 2 hits, a single and a double  

Holiday 24 lakes of Leesburg 9

Umpires were Butch Tanner at home plate and Mel Curan in the field Lakes had 5 players with two hits, Rich Kosto had 3 hits Holiday had joe Butterieli with a grand slam home run, pat Funch and Randy Hauser had a single,double, and a triple. Mark McCellen had two great catches behind home plate. Pat Funch was winning pitcher. Mercy rule was in effect.


Div. 4  Summer Glen (Floralawn)  24  Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse)  14

Umpires  Home plate: Galen Friend,  Bases:  Joe Walker

Summer Glen pounded out 35 hits to beat Pennbrooke 24 – 14

Leading hitters for Summer Glen were Mark Phipps with five hits. Denny Wyckoff, Stephen Brown, and Mike Hessel all had four hits. For Pennbrooke Jim Hicks, Jeff Kohl, Ted Fryear, and Tim Schoenthal each ha three hits.


Royal Highlands 4a forfeited toStonecrest 4 due to lack of players




D 4 One Stop H&C / Veterans Marine (Holiday Village) 13, D 4 Floralawn (Summerglen) 11.

Another exciting game at Holiday Village with Summerglen having an eight inning rally together within 2 runs of Holiday Village to make the final score 13-11.

For Summerglen, Cindy Collette played outstandingly at midfield. Mike Young, Jerry Johnson and Gerry Beck were 2 for 4.

Holidays bats were hot today. Dennis Mahan had a 3 run homerun.  Randy Hauser had 2 triples. Jack Barnes had a double and a triple and Mark McClellan had a double and did a great job at the catchers position. Par Funch was 3 for 4. The winning pitcher was Fred Webb.

Home umpire - Deb Weiner Base umpire- Butch Tanner 


Royal Highlands B   18-15 over Pennbrooke

Home Umpire-Romie Marble Field Umpire-Tim Hockstad

Pennbrooke scores 1 makes it 0-1 Royal Highlands scores 2  2-1 Pennbrooke scores 5 2-6 Royal highlands scores 1   3-6 Pennbrooke scores 5 3-11 RH   scores  8 11-11 Rh scores 2      13-11 Rh scores 2 15-11 Pennbrooke scores 3   15-14 RH scores 3  18-14 Pennbrooke scores 1 18-15


Stonecrest (Remax Realty)  18   Lakes at Leesburg (Bob’s Drywall)  12

Umpires:  Stan Bragg home plate,  Will Harrison Bases

For Lakes:  Rich Kosto and Jim Okonewski both with 4 hits, Dave Rodriguez and Butch LaMotte both had 3 hits, Dave Rodriguez had a home run

For Other Team:  Rich Gyger had 4 hits , Don Huntington, Joel Muniz, Kirk Marks, and Bob Steinhart all with 3 hits.

Water Oak vs. Royal Highlands 4A  on 11-16-21

Final score:  8-5 with Water Oak as the winning team over Royal Highlands 4A 

November 16, 2021 - 91:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad, Romie Marble

It was a defensive game.  Water Oak pushed 3 runs over in the top of the 8th to take the game.  

Water Oak was lead by six players getting 2 hits each (Bob Phillipo, Curt Paterson, Dan Kemp, Frank Von Mol, Kurt Neudeck and Mo Dubreuil).

 A good pitching performance was tossed by both Dan Kemp on the winninf Water Oak team and also Dick Reimer of Royal Highlands.







Final score:  23-8 with Royal Highlands 4A as the winning team over Lakes at Leesburg (in 7 innings) Mercy

November 12, 2021 - 11:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad, Bob Young

It was an overcast but warm and humid day for a game.  Royal Highlands team batted well from top to bottom in the lineup and scored in every inning. The game was called in the bottom of the 7th as RH pushed across two final runs to invoke the 15 run rule.   Lakes at Leesburg put pressure on the home team in many innings but was stymied by some good defense by RH turning a couple double plays that killed the rallies.  

Lakes at Leesburg was lead by four players with 3 hits each (Bob Lindell, Dennis Mergen, Dave Rodriguez and Austin Weatherell)  and one with two hits and two walks (Jim Okonewski).

Royal Highlands was led by Tom Church, Wayne Skarrup, Steve Hadrich and Reds Hidalgo with three hits each.  A good pitching performance was tossed by Dick Reimer.

Stonecrest(Remax Reality) 11 Del Webb(Counts Roofing) 4

Another great game between two good ball teams that didn't disappoint the fans.Del Webb lead thru 4 innings until Stonecrest's bats came alive and managed to keep the lead thru some great defensive plays. Leading hitters for DW4 were Rick Vielhak with 3 hits and Mitch Abbott, Bob Markey 2 hits each.

Stonecrest was lead by Jack Peffer,Don Huntington and Rick McLucas with 3 hits.Mike Nicoletti,Butch Pluummer ,Don Labranche and Rick Smith 2 hits each.

Umpires Ed Mathias(base) Pat Lillis(plate)


Royal Highlands 4B- Holiday  Travel    10-5   Sponsor Lokation Real Estate

Umpires Home Plate- George Matthews Field umpire- Tim Hockstad

Holiday Travel Scored 3 runs     0-3 Rh scored 2 2-3 Holiday travel scored 1 2-4 RH scored 3 5-4 RH scored 4 9-4 RH scored 1 10-4 Holiday scored 1 10-5



Div. 4  Stonecrest (Remax Reality)  15   Pennbrooke (Oakwood Smokehouse)  3

Umpires Home Plate: Galen Friend,  Bases: Jerry Hopcus

Leading hitters for Stonecrest were Don Labranche four hits (GSHR), Kirk Marks  three hits (HR), Mike Nicoletti, Rick McLucas, and Lynny Colello three hits each. Rick Smith the winning pitcher.  For Pennbrooke Jim Hicks,Tim Schoenthal, Jim Boston, Jeff Ryerson, Dave Hartman, and Ted Fryer two hits each

Summer Glen (Dick's Sporting Goods)  26,  Lakes at Leesburg (Bob's Drywall)  16

For SG:  Denny Wyckoff and Mike Hessel were both 5 for 5; Jim Hoch, Jeff Fedorchak, Steve Brown, and Gerry Beck were all 4 for 5.

For LL:  Jim Okonewski and Dennis Mergen were both 4 for 4; Bob Lindell was 4 for 5, and Steve Morgen was 3 for 4.

Beautiful day for a game -- good time had by all.

Division 4 Game Report Holiday Village vs Water Oak

A beautiful day for an exciting game at Holiday Village with Holiday winning 15 to 14 over Water Oak. Water Oak had an in the park homerun by Frank Fuentez which brought in 3 runs. Curt Paterson and Pete King got triples. Dan Wharton was 5 for 6. Tom Cowser had a double. 

Holiday had some exciting plays especially one by the catcher Mark McKellen who made a great play throwing the ball to second base to get the runner out. Jack Barnes brought in 2 runs with 2 sacrifice flies. Rodger Dotson was 4 for 4 at the plate and Randy Hauser and Bud Harburn were 3 for 4.The winning pitcher was Pat Funch

Home umpire was Mel Curran Base umpire was Ray Wnuck

Royal Highland 4A beat 4B       7-6   Sponsor- Lokation Real Estate

Home umpire   Tim Hockstad Field Umpire    Bob Young

Rh 4a scored 4  to make it 4-0 RH 4B scored 4 to make it 4-4 Rh 4a scored 2 to make it 6-4 Rh 4B scored 2 to make it 6-6 Rh 4 a scored one to make it 7-6


11/5/2021 All games Rain out and rescheduled to 12-17-2021


Dell Webb 4 Counts Roofing vs Royal Highlands 4A Lokation Real Estate

Del Webb Counts Roofing   22   -   Royal Highlands Lokation Real Estate  10

Umpires DJ Jones (Plate)  Ken Grimes (Bases) 

For Del Webb  Bob Markey 4 Hits, Rick Vielhak 3 Hits, Dennis Adams 3 Hits, 

James Dixon, Tony Gove, John Morelli, Pete Knoth & Kathy Harriman each had 2 Hits. The winning Pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker

For Royal Highlands: Wayne Skaarup 4 Hits, Steve Hadrick 3 Hits, Bob Matos 3 Hits

Mike Beato 3 Hits, Joe Kazmierczak, Dick Reimer & Tom Church each had 2 Hits 


Water Oak Div 4 vs Royal Highland B Div 4

Home plate umpire    Tim Hockstad Field Umpire  Bob Young

Royal Highlands 4B    13-12 over Wateroak in 9 inninjgs

Royal Harbor scored 5 in the 2nd to make it 5-0 Wateroak scored 1 to make it 5-1 RH scored 2 to make it 7-1 Wateroak scored 1 to make it 7-2 RH scored 3 to make it 10-2 Wateroak scored 6 to make it 10-8 wateroak scored 2 to make it 10-10

Wateroak scored 1 to make it 10-11 RH scored to make it 11-11 Wateroak scored 1 in 9th to make it 11-12 RH scored 2 to make it 13-12

Three hits for Bob Phillipo, Curt Paterson and Dann Wharton.  Two hits each for John Derrick, Mike Downey and Tom Cowser.  It was a close exciting game with Royal Highland winning in the 9th inning - well played by both teams.    


Div.4 Oakwood Smokehouse (Pennbrooke) 17 -  Veteran Marine & One Stop Cooling ( Holiday Village)  2

Umpires Home Plate: Gary Lubert, Bases: Jerry Hopcus

Pennbrooke opened the season in dominating fashion beating Holiday in five innings  17-2

Leading hitters for Pennbrooke were Dan Jagodzinski 3 hits 5 RBIs. Jim Hicks & Jeff Kohl  3 hits each. Outstanding defense by SS Dave Hartman and the winning pitcher was Jim Boston.  For Holiday Bud Harburn  2for3, Jeff Beltz had a Triple


Stonecrest(Remax Reality)defeated SummerGlen(Floralawn) by the score of 25 to 9.

Leading hitters for stonecrest were Mike Nicoletti with 5 hits,Kirk Marks and Jack Peffer 4 hits each,Rick McLucas, Rich Gyger,Don LaBranche,Butch Plummer,Rob Steinhart and Rick Smith with 3 hits.

SummerGlen leading hitters were Gerry Beck and Mike Hessel with 3 hits and Jim Hoch,Paul Maywald ,Steve Brown,Mark Phipps,Mike Hawkins 2 hits each.Hats off to 

SummerGlen this was their first game in a year due to covid. This team will definitely get better.

Umpires Mike Kemp and Nick Nicometo