Sun & Fun Senior Softball League

League Rules

(Revised October 31, 2016)

1.0  Game Schedule & Times

1.1  Regular scheduled games shall be played on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00 AM. When two games by different teams are scheduled on the same field, the times shall be 9:30 and 11:00 AM, with the highest division playing the first game, i.e. (Division1 before 2, 3 or 4, Division 2 before 3, Division 4, Division 4 before 5, 5 before 6 if needed).

1.2  Makeup games caused by inclement weather will automatically be rescheduled for the next league scheduled open date. However, the decision to postpone a game, because of inclement weather, should not be made before the morning of the game. Exceptions need approval of the Division Representative. All games will be made up before the end of the season unless otherwise approved by the President. Regular scheduled games will have priority over makeup games for starting times.

1.3  Games should not be postponed because of a lack of players since it only takes 9 to be legal and you can borrow from the other team (see Playing Rules). If a team has less than 9 players they will forfeit the game.

1.4  Rescheduled games will become official after they appear on the web site

1.5  Should a team leave the field prior to the start or completion of that game, the community will be fined $50.00 and the manager suspended for two games subject to appeal to the Division Representative and Operating committed if not settled at the divisional level.

1.6  When a team fails to show up for a scheduled game without prior notification to the Division Representative and opposing team manager, the community will be fined $25.00 subject to appeal within 48 hours.

1.7  If the reason for a teaming dropping from the league in mid-season is not justifiable, they may be fined $100. The board will have final vote on this fine.

1.8  Should a team forfeit a game, the manager must provide an explanation to the Division Representative with 48 hours. Unacceptable explanations will be forwarded to the League Operation Committee.

2.0  Rosters - There is no limit to the number of players allowed on a team roster as long as all the players meet the requirements described herein. The penalty for roster violations will be forfeiture of any game won during the violation period.

2.1  Players must be residents of the Member Community, Sister Community (see rule 2.6), or outside players whom the Executive Board has approved. Should these approved players leave their teams, they can only be replaced with players who meet the requirements described herein. If a player moves from one Member Community to another, they may complete the season with the current team or transfer to the new team. If a player moves to a non-league community, they may stay with their team until the season is completed.

2.2  Players must be at least 55 years old in the calendar year that the season ends. Each team is allowed no more than two players who live in the Member Community, that are 50 when they begin play.

2.3  Each team must submit a roster and a contract for each player to their Divisional Representative prior to the start of the season. This is the meeting for all park representatives and their managers for each team participating from that community preceding the season start.

2.4  Once the roster has been turn into S&F it is set. All player movement between division will need to follow existing S&F processes

2.5  Sun & Fun liability release waivers for each player and a roster for each participating team must be submitted to the Vice President of the League and is on file before any player is allowed to play. The Vice President will notify each Divisional Representative and Team Manager once the waivers are filed.

2.6  New players may be added to the roster at any time when the following conditions are met: the Divisional Representative is notified, and provided with an S&F Contract and a signed copy of the S&F liability waiver. Team rosters are frozen on March 1st of each year. No players may be added after this date.

2.6.1      The above process may also be used to move a player to a high division on a full time basis. The player will no longer be able to play in the lower division.

2.7  Member Communities, having Sister Communities from which players can be assigned by the Executive Board will be reviewed on an annual basis to insure the Member Community is able to field a team. A member Community seeking to add a Sister Community must apply and get approval from the Executive Board. Players from the Sister Community must be treated the same as Member Community Players.

2.8  Players living in a Member or Sister Community may not play with a team from another Member Community.

2.9  Once the rosters have been approved, Member Communities with teams in more than one Division may move players up on a temporary basis, with permission from the Division Representative to the extent that the team shall have no more than 11 players. The only exception is a pitcher who may exceed the 11 man rule.

2.9.1      The president must approved any player who is going to move laterally on part time or full time basis.

2.9.2      A pitcher may also move down on temporary basis with the approval of the president.

2.10       Player Movement Down During the Season

2.10.1   At time it may be necessary to move a player down to a lower division during the season. This will required the following actions.               A request from the community with basis and the recommended new division for this player.               Approval from both impacted division reps.               Approval of majority of the community reps.               Approval of the S&F President.

3.0  Additional Team and Rules

3.1  The tie breaker rules used to determine the when there tie for first place.

3.1.1      The first tie breaker was head to head competition.

3.1.2      The second tie breaker was fewest runs allowed in head to head competition.

3.1.3      The third tie breaker would have been a coin flip.

3.2  Team Movement Base Season Records

3.2.1      The winning team (based on season records and tie breakers) in a division move up one division.

3.2.2      The last place team (based on season records and tie breakers) in a division move down one division for the next season

3.2.3      If a team/community wins the top division two consecutive years, that team/community will split into additional teams and these teams will play in the top division.††

3.2.4      Communities will not be able to make a case on why the above actions this should not happen.These changes will occurs regardless of players missing or injured for the new season.

3.3  Team Movement Down During the Season

3.3.1      At time it may be necessary to move a team down one division during the season. This will required the following actions.  A recommendation from the division rep in the division the team is presently playing in.  Approval from the division rep that the team is being recommended to move to.  Approval of majority of the community reps.  Approval of the SF President.


4.0  Umpires

4.1  The Home Team has the responsibility to provide umpires for each game who are knowledgeable with the Sun and Fun rules. The League recommends that two umpires are utilized and that each attend an umpire clinic annually to become familiar with and stay up to date on the rules used in the Sun and Fun League.

4.2  The Sun and Fun League requires that the umpire(s) participating in Sun and Fun sponsored games follow these recommended guideline prior to game start.

4.2.1      Review the relaxed step rule as defined in the Sun and Fun Playing Rule 4.1 under section 4 Base Running.

4.2.2      Foul tip over the batters head is played in the Sun and Fun.

4.2.3      Cover extra base rule for Out of Bounds Plays. Insure that both teams are ready to begin infield practice 20 minutes prior to game start.

4.2.4      Check all bats for cracks, dents, damaged or lose end cap. Check all bats for the owners name as described in the Sun and Fun playing rules 5.7 under section 5 Bats and Balls.

4.2.5      Check both teams for uniform compliance stated in number 6 of the Sun and Fun League Playing Rules.

4.2.6      Review the protest procedure listed under protest number 7 on the Sun and Fun League playing rules.

4.2.7      Notify both teams to begin infield practice with the visiting team first followed by the home team with a 10 minute limit for each team. Either team may opt out of infield practice.

4.3  Umpire(s) will use the Sun and Fun guidelines for Conduct and Sportsmanship as outlined in section 10 of the Sun and Fun League Playing Rules and will hold all Players, Coaches, and Managers and unruly fans accountable for any and all verbal or physical abuse during a scheduled game or pre game time period.

4.3.1      Abuse of this rule will result in that person(s) removal from the game.

4.3.2      Fans abusing this rule should be asked by the home team manager to leave the field area.

4.3.3      Any and all abuses of the rules described in the Conduct and Sportsmanship Guidelines will be reported to the Divisional Representative within 24 hours of the incident, and on to the Operating Committee Chairman within if not resolved.

4.4  Umpire(s) participating in games played in the Sun and Fun League will be held to the same guidelines for Conduct and Sportsmanship as players, coaches, managers and fans.

4.5  Umpire Review Board

4.5.1      An Umpire Review Board has been created.  This is the result of many complaints across the League. 

4.5.2      If there is a problem, the community; in most cases a team manager, involved must submit a written summary to Jim Maguire with copies to the Division and Park Reps. 

4.5.3      Don Sprout will screen all complaints and submit them to the Committee as needed. If the committee determine that action is required, the following step should be followed.  First complaints will be handle by the community.  If there is a second complaint in two years, the Committee will recommend actions to the Community involved.  If there is third complaints in two years, the League will require that Umpire be suspended for two years. 

4.5.4      It was reiterated that the Umpires need to control the game which includes knowing the rules, and taking action when required. 

4.5.5      There was an agreement we need more umpire clinics with actual walk through examples of various situations.  See emails on this subject and schedule your umpires to a clinic.

4.5.6      We agreed to abide by the rules and use a strict interpretation of the existing League and SSUSA rules

5.0  Home Field Ground Rules

5.1  Home Field ground rules are the prerogative of the home team and are to be observed.

5.2  Public Fields used for communities who do not have their own field may have specific requirements and/or rules for participation. All teams using these fields must adhere to these requirements.

5.3  Pitcher Protection nets will be provided to the visiting team for batting practice prior to games.

5.4  Scoreboards must be provided by the home team. When an electronic scoreboard is inoperable the umpire will confirm the score with each team after each Ĺ inning.

5.5  Bat Racks with a least 14 slots must be provided by the home team.

6.0  Equality

6.1  All teams in the Sun and Fun Senior Softball League have equal rights and will be treated as such by League Officials, Managers, Players and members of the press. The divisions will number 1 thru 6 if needed with lowest number division having the highest skilled players, i.e. 1, 2, etc.

7.0  Uniforms

7.1  All teams must have matching shirts and hats. The shirt must have a number on the back at least 6 inches high, with no duplicate numbers. Hats must be worn at all times with the bill worn forward at all times, except when pitching or catching face and head protection is worn.

7.2  Protective Safety Equipment comprised of suitable head, face, and shin guards must be worn by pitchers unless they sign the league liability waiver for pitchers. All pitchers must sign the liability waiver for pitchers prior to pitching in their first game of the season.

7.3  Failure to follow the Uniform rules will result in a warning by the umpire if not heeded for the first occurrence and a violation of the Conduct and Sportsmanship Guidelines if the practice continues.

8.0  Protests

8.1  Protest will not be considered if they involve a judgment call made by an umpire(s) during a game.

8.2  Three types of protest will be allowed:

8.2.1      The misinterpretation of a Sun and Fun league rule: must be made prior to the next pitch or if on the last play of the game before the umpire(s) leave the playing field. The protest must be made by the teams manager or acting manager.

8.2.2      Illegal Substitution(s): must be made while the player(s) are in the game and before the umpire(s) leave the field after the game ends.

8.2.3      Ineligible Player(s): can be made anytime during the game to the umpire(s) an opposing manager or after the game has been completed and within 48 hours to the Divisional Representative.

8.3  The scorekeeper for each team upon notification by the umpire, manager, acting manager for the protesting team will make a notation in the scorebook that a protest has been filed.

8.4  When the Divisional Representative is not able to resolve the protest the manager of the team making the protest must notify the Chairman of the protest, League Vice President, in writing or emailed stating the reason for the protest.

8.5  The is a $20.00 fee payable to the league for any and all protest, returnable to the team filing the protest if the protest is upheld.

8.6  When a member of a Protest Committee is also a member of the team filing the protest, a replacement will be appointed by the Chairman or President if necessary.

9.0  Reporting Games Results

9.1  The Home Team is responsible to email, not call, the game results and relevant statistics to the Web Site on game day no later than 6:00 PM.

9.2  The visiting team is responsible to provide the home team with their game report immediately following the game.

9.3  All reports must follow an outline requested by the Web Site Administrator.

10.0       Rules Violations

10.1       Rules violations may result in forfeiture of game(s) and when not resolved in a timely manner can be considered grounds for dismissal from The Sun and Fun Senior Softball League.

10.2       When an umpire removes a player(s) from a game, the manager of that team must notify the Divisional Representative within 48 hours. The Division Representative will contact each manager before a decision on whether further action is required.

11.0       Conduct and Sportsmanship Guidelines

11.1       Softball played under the rules of the Sun and Fun Senior Softball League will be played in a manner that is enjoyable for all players, umpires and fan at all games scheduled by the league. Unfortunately at time there are lapses in good sportsmanship that detract from the game and fan experience. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and the following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

11.2       A player shall not make insulting remarks or actions to or about members of his own team, another team, umpires or spectators. This includes, but is not limited to, vulgar language, temper flare-ups, combative displays, prolonged arguments with umpires, players, or spectators, and other acts that could be considered poor sportsmanship like conduct.

11.3       Any and all disagreements with umpire(s) decision will be handled through the team manager or acting manager who is also subject to these guidelines. A player(s) who does not adhere to this guideline can be removed from the game and suspended from playing Three (3) Consecutive Games. The player(s) may not appear in uniform at the field nor sit with the team in the dugout during the suspension.

11.4       When a player(s) is suspended a second time in a playing season for violating these guidelines the player(s) will be suspended for Fourteen (14) Consecutive Games and possibly the remainder of the playing season. Game suspensions are consecutive and carry over into the next playing season if not completed.

11.5       It is the responsibility of the Park Representative and each Team Manager or Acting Manager to insure that these guidelines are review by each team member prior to the start of the playing season.

11.6       When the Team Manager or Acting Manager fails to take the necessary and immediate action to insure these guidelines are followed it will be the responsibility of the Park Representative to insure the guidelines are followed.

11.7       All suspensions are subject to review by the Division Representative within 48 hours, and by the Operating Committee if necessary.

12.0       League Operations

12.1       All members Communities must share in the cost of league operations in order for it to run effectively. If a community elects not to participate in this cost sharing that community will be removed from the league pending a review by the Operating Committee.

12.2       If an Executive Board Member cannot make a scheduled Sun and Fun League meeting, that member must send a replacement to represent that community. Failure to do so could result in a $15.00 fine subject to review by the league President.

13.0       Field Layout

13.1       All Community and Public playing fields should be layout in accordance with the Official Sun and Fun Senior Softball Field Diagram which is found on the league web site.

13.2       The runnerís line will be 8 feet behind a line from 3rd base to home plate when field layout allows this configuration. Fields that does not have sufficient room to accommodate this configuration must place the runnerís line as far behind the plate as possible.

13.3       The pitcher may pitch from anywhere in a box that extends 6 feet directly behind and no wider than the pitching rubber. A second pitching rubber may be placed at the 6 foot mark behind the regular pitching rubber.

14.0       Summer league - The Sun and Fun will support a summer league and provide a schedule if needed. The summer schedule when played will begin in May and end in August. The Operations Committee will oversee the league and a Chairman will be appointed by the President to run it.


JPM-P 10/31/16