Division 3




Sunlake 28, Legacy 27

Umpires: Home plate Danny Martinez, Bases Dan Post

A slugfest at Sunlake. What a terrific back and forth game which took 9 inning's to decide. Many thanks to the guy's from Legacy for providing our fans a great experience.

For Legacy: Ralph Satoloe 5 hits, Mike Payne 5 hits (2 HR) Jim Russel, Doug Deforce 5 hits, Tim Berwanger, Roger Raymond 4 hit's each.

For Sunlake: Rick Logan 5 hits,(4HR), Bryan Brown, Bob Dumas, Darrell Nielson (HR), Roy Lawhorn (HR), Dave DeKilder 4 hits each.


Sun & Fun--Division 3

 Hawthorne—24  Plantation @ Leesburg (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise)--22

Umpires---Bruce Kenworthy--Home Plate John Vain------------Bases

On a beautiful mild Friday morning, Hawthorne made the short trip to Plantation. The weather was the only thing that was mild. The bats were hot, balls were flying and the scoring plate was crushed. Combined, the teams scored 46 runs on 71 hits including 3 over the fence HR's and 1 inside the park HR. Kudo's to both teams. Always a battle with Hawthorne. Leading the way for Hawthorne: Tony Mellring

5/5 4 rbi's including an inside the park HR, Don Hartig 5 hits & 3 rbi's, Ron Reid 4 hits & 4 rbi's and Len Garza 4/4 with 4 rbi's.

 Leading the way for Plantation, Don Hughes 5/5 with 2 rbi's, Carlos Nunez 4/4 4 rbi's incl 2 HR's, Rick Rabasa 3/5 4 rbi's incl a HR & Mike Genaw & Karl Mehn each 4/5 with 3 rbi's.


Spruce Creek South (doc,s Restoration) 19 Del Webb (Proscape) 16

Plate Umpire :Jim Roosa Base Umpire:  George Matthews

Winning Pitcher   Al McCormick

Another beautiful day for a ball game at Spruce Creek South. Del Webb led the game up to the 5th inning,  Spruce Creek South came back to tie the game in the 5th and went on to win the game 19-16.  Al McCormick was the winning pitcher.  Mike Duggan was 4/4 with a home run in the 7th inning.  Wayne MacDougall and Al Debois were both 4/4.  Tom Maxwell, Bill Glisson were 3/4 and Ron Hoppe was 3/3.  Marty Schuck 2/3.

For Del Webb Ryan Payne was 4/4, Ken Grimes and DJ Jones were each 3/4. Ron Pike was 3/3 and Dan Bird was 2/3.  






Hawthorne 3 (Hawthorne) 12 Spruce Creek South (Doc's Restoration) 4

Plate Umpire: Jim Roosa Base Umpire: George Matthews

Winning pitcher:  Jim Bright

Hawthorne took the lead in this game in the 3rd inning and held onto the lead winning the game 12-4.  For Hawthorne, Don Hartig, John Krause and Bruce DeBouvre each had 3 hits apiece.  Jim Bright was the winning pitcher.

For Spruce Creek South, Tommy Maxwell was 3/3, Leroy Burke, Al DeBois, Chuck Arpin, Mike Niedbalski and Gomer Morgan were all 2/3.

Sunlake 19 and Del Webb ( Proscape) 4

Umpires: Home Plate, Leland McGonigal, Bases, Forest Humbles

Terrific day to play softball at Sunlake, warm and with great fan participation. Sunlake had the bats going today with good hitting. Del Webb had an off day hitting, but the interaction between the two teams makes senior softball such a great event.

For Del Webb ( Proscape): Gary Pelletier, Don Lamb and Joe Diana had 2 hits each.

For Sunlake: Rick Logan 4 hits, Bryan Brown 3hits (HR), Darrell Nielson 3 hits (HR), Bob Dumas, Wayne Steinberg also had 3hits, 


Final Score: Sun & Fun D3

Legacy (Macminnis Dermatology)-16  Plantation @ Leesburg (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise---10

Umpires: Home Plate----Danny Smith  Bases-----------Cheryl Cook

On a cool Tuesday, Legacy traveled the short distance to Plantation for a D3 game..Previous games between the teams have produced many runs and a multitude of hits. This game was no different. There were 44 hits between the 2 teams and 26 runs scored. Leading the way for Legacy: Scott McKinley 4 hits, Mike Payne 5 hits including a HR & Jim Russell 5 hits including 1 HR..Leading the way for Plantation..Mike Genaw, Ted Kornhoff, Rick Rabasa & Bob Rademacher all 3/4..





Hawthorne 13    Legacy  12

Umpires   Home Jerome Marble  Bases  George Lucia

Another great day and great game of softball which Hawthorne won by scoring

one run in the bottom of 8TH.  For Legacy Mike Horton was 4 for 4 and Tom Berwanger

and Terry Oehrlein had 3 hits each.  For Hawthorne Tony Mellring, Don Hartig and Terry Rozier

had 3 hits each.  Winning pitcher was Jim Bright.


Proscape (Del Webb)  13   Sun Lake  12

Umpires: Home:  Gary Pickle   Bases: Bob Falzone

Another good game between two equally talented teams. Good weather, good sportsmanship, a fun

game to play.

For Sun Lake: David Dean  (3 hits)  Darrell Nielson,  Don Rust and Wayne Steinberg (2hits each)

Del Webb:  Ron Pike (triple) and John Walter (3 RBIs &double) (3 hits each),  Ken Grimes,  DJ Jones,  Gary Pelletier, Dan Warner  (triple) and Carl Herr  (2 hits each).


Plantation  0 Spruce Creek 8 forfeit by PL Covid



Legacy  18    Hawthorne  6

Umpires:   Home   Jerome Marble  Bases   Kevin Kittle

Great day for softball and a great game regardless of score.   Legacy was hitting Hawthorne wasn't.

For Legacy Scott McKinley, Ralph Satoloe, Mike Payne, Terr Oehrlein, Dan Boughner and Mike Horton with 3 hits each.  Scott Mckinley and Jim Russell had home runs.

For Hawthorne Ron Reid had 3 hits and Wayne Hoffman, Don Hartig, Bruce DeBouvre, and Jim Bright with 2 hits each.


Sunlake 15 , Spruce Creek( Doc's Restoration) 13

Umpires: Home Plate, Dan Martinez, bases Leland McGonigal, Dan Post 

A cool start that turned into a great back and forth game with Sunlake scoring 8 runs in the last 2 inning's to Pull out the win.

For Spruce Creek (Doc's Restoration): Tommy Maxwell, Jim Patterson, 4hits, Leroy Burke, Mike Andy Beausokil, 3hits each.

For Sunlake: Bob Dumas, Bryan Brown, Roy Lawhorn, Richard Maxwell, Dave DeKilder had 3 hits each, Terry Hoyland, Wayne Steinberg, Billy Lyle had 2 hits ea

Del Webb 8 Plantation 0 forfeit by PL covid



Division 3 Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology vs Hawthorne 2-19-2021

This game was cancelled due to inclement weather and a wet field.

Plantation--Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise—11 Sunlake--------------------------2

Umpires--John Vain--Home Plate  Bruce Kenworthy---Bases

On an overcast Friday morning, with rain on the horizon, Sunlake traveled south to Plantation. Plantation bats came alive in the 2nd inning, scoring 4 runs on 7 hits. In the 4th inning, Plantation added 5 more runs on 6 hits. The game was stopped for a few minutes in the top of the 5th as rain pelted down. After a short delay the top of the 5th inning was completed making the game official..As the bottom of the 5th was starting, the rain also started to get heavier..At this time the umpires called the game. Final score--Plantation--11 Sunlake--2.

Leading the way for Sunlake--Bob Dumas with 3 hits and Dave Brown with 2 hits..Leading the way for Plantation--Mike Genaw--3/3 with 2 rbi's, Ted Hockstad--2/3 with 1 rbi

Rick Rabasa 2/2 including a solo HR and 2 rbi's.


Del Webb 8 Spruce Creek 0

Spruce Creek South forfeited their game because of COVID.





Division 3 Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) verses Sunlake 2-16-2021

Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) won the game 11 runs to Sunlake 9 runs.

Plate umpire-Bill Stoltenberger  Base Umpire- Frank Stangel

Winning Pitcher- Ed Klug

A beautiful day for a ballgame.  Sunlake took the early lead and Legacy caught up in the late endings to win the game 11 runs to Sunlale's 9 runs.  A hard played game by both teams.  Leading hitters for Sunlake with three hits apiece were Bryan Brown, Roy Lawhorn, Rick Logan and Gene Halcom.  Leading hitters for Legacy were Mike Payne and Don Anderson with three hits each.


Plantation @ Leesburg (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise)---15 Dell Webb (Proscape)-- 12

Umpires--Home Plate---John Vain  Bases-----------Danny Smith

On a cool & windy Tuesday, Del Webb traveled to Plantation for a D3 game. In the 1st inning Del Webb scored 3 runs with Plantation answering with 2 in their half of the inning.. After 2 full innings the score was tied 3-3. In the top of the 4th, Del Webb scored 5 runs on 6 hits helped along with a couple of miscues by Plantation. Score after 5 innings--Del Webb 9--Plantation 5. Plantation bats came alive in the 6th & 7th innings scoring 10 runs on 13 hits to take a 15- 9 lead. Plantation held off a rally in the top of the 8th to win 15-12. 

Leading the way for Del Webb--Gary Pelletier--2/2..DJ Jones 3/4.. and Ryan Payne, John Walter, Carl Herr & Joe Diana all 2/4. Leading the way for Plantation--Rick Rabasa 4/4 2 rbi's, Mike Genaw--4/4 1 rbi..Carlos Nunez--3/4 1 rbi..Billy Richman 2/3 3 rbi's and Jeff Houghton 2/4 3 rbi's..


Spruce Creek 0 Hawthorne 8 forfiet Covid





Proscape (Del Webb)  14    Hawthorne  13

Umpires:  Plate Jack DeMagistris  Bases:  Bill Casteel

Another great day for softball at Del Webb, except for 5 minutes of rain.

Two good teams fighting it out until the end.  Hawthorne led most of the way

but Del Webb scored  5 in the bottom of the 7th and 1 in the bottom of the 8th for the win.

For Hawthorne:  Jon Krause  (Triple) and Wayne Hoffman  3 hits,  Bruce DeBouvre (Triple)

For Del Webb:  Ron Pike,, Gary Pelletier and  Dan Warner  (Triple) 3 hits,

DJ Jones, Ryan Payne, Craig Egresics and  Carl Herr  2 hits., John Walter (Triple)

Dan Warner 4 RBIs, Ryan Payne and Gary Pelletier  3 RBIs 


Spruce Creek South (Doc's Restoration) 6 Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) 10

Winning Pitcher :  Ed Klug

Umpire at Plate: Jim Roosa, Fred Cooper on the Bases

This was a hard fought game that went into extra innings.  Legacy came up with the win.  Legacy started out the first inning with five runs and Spruce Creek South came back and held them with a 6-6 tie game in the 5th inning.Legacy scored 4 in the 9th inning,  winning the game 10-6.  Ed Klug was the winning pitcher.  

For Legacy:  Tom. Berwanger was 4/4 with a double and Dan Boughner was 3/3. with. a double.  

Al McCormick pitched a great game holding Legacy to just 10 runs.  For Spruce Creek South, Tommy Maxwell was 4/4, Leroy Burke was 3/4, Marty Schuck and Al McCormick were both 3/3 and Ron Hoppe was 2/3.  


Plantation 3 0 Sunlake 8 Forfeit by PL Covid



Sunlake 11, Hawthorne 9

Home plate: Leland McGonigal, bases, Dan Martinez, Forest Humbles.

This was a terrific defense game, especially played by Hawthorne. Great weather, good fellowship, just a good time. Sunlake used home run power to overcome Hawthorne's good hitting. 

For Hawthorne: Bruce DeBouvre 4 for 4, Greg Williams, John Krause and Don Hartig had 2 base hits, Terry Rozier HR.

For Sunlake: Bob Dumas 3 hits, winning pitcher, Bryon Brown, 2 hits 2 (HR), Dave Brown, Terry Hoyland, 2 hits each, Home runs by Roy Lawhorn, Rick Logan, Billy Lyle helped Sunlake win this game.

Del Webb, (Proscape) Division 3 team could not field enough players for the game at Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) on 2-9-2021 due to Covid 19 related issues; therefore, unfortunately had to forfeit the game.

Legacy players extend their disappointment the game could not be played and wish the Del Webb players good health and stay safe. 

Please be advised that the D3 team from Plantation @ Leesburg will be forfeiting the following games due to a possible COVID interaction on a player. 

Tuesday, February 9th vs Spruce Creek @ Plantation






Legacy( MacInnis Dermatology) won the game 28 to Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise 27

Plate Umpire-James Clarey   Base Umpire-Gary Holterhaus

It was a beautiful day for a ballgame and what a ballgame it was.  A hitfest with 55 runs scored between the two teams that Legacy won in the ninth ending 28 runs to Plantation's 27 runs.  Leading hitters for Plantation were Dane Lanier, 4 hits, Clay Brooks 4 hits, Ted Hockstad 4 hits with 1 home run, Jeff Houghton 3 hits with 2 homerooms, Rick Rabasa 4 hits with 1 homerun and Carlos Nunez with 3 hits. Leading hitters for Legacy were Doug Deforge 5 hits, Ralph Satoloe, Mike Horton, and John Harvey 4 hits each, and Tim Pickel, Ron Petty, Ron Pearson and Roger Raymond 3 hits each.  


D3 Sunlake 19 and Spruce Creek ( Doc's Restoration) 9

Home plate: Art Dickens, Bases: Dan Martinez, Dan Post

Finally a great day to play softball at Sunlake between two old rivals. Great game, close in the early inning's but Sunlake pulled away in the latter inning's.

For Spruce Creek ( Doc's Restorations): Andy Beausoleil 3 hits, Al DeBois, Rick Webb, Ron Hoppe had 2 hits each.

For Sunlake: Bryan Brown, 4 hits (HR), Rick Logan 3 hits (HR), Darrell 3 hits (HR), Billy Lyle and Wayne Steinberg had 3 hits each. Bob Dumas was the winning pitcher.


Hawthorne  15   Del Webb  14

Home umpire  George Lucia   Base umpire  Keith Kittle

It was a good game by Hawthorne but it's a good game when you play Del Webb.   Hawthorne was trailing by 4 going into the

bottom of the 8th but scored 5 to pull it out.   For Del Webb Gary Pelletier had 4 hits and Graig Egresics, Ron Pike and DJ Jones had 3 hits each.  Hawthorne was led by Wayne Hoffman and Tony Mellring with 3 hits each.  Hawthore had seven players with 2 hits. 





No Games



Royal Highlands 3 over Hawthorne 14-13


Proscape  (Del Webb)  16  Macminnis Dermatology  (Legacy)  15

Umpires: Home:  Bob Falzone  Bases:  Bill Casteel

Although cool, it turned out to be a nice day to play ball.

A very close game down to the last out.

For Legacy: Scott McKinney  (4 hits),  Ralph Satoloe, Don Anderson, Dan Boughner and Mike Horton (3 hits)

For Del; Webb: Ken Grimes, Dan Warner and Craig Egresics(IP HR) (3 hits) , John Walter and Craig Egresics 3 RBI's each.

Winning Pitcher: John Ramage


Hawthorne  8  Sun Lake  23  (8 innings)

Plate  Umpire  George Lucia  Base Umpire Kevin Kittle

It turned out to be a good day to play softball and it was a good game.

For Sun Lake Richard Maxwell had 4 hits, Roy Lawhorn, Bob Dumus, Terry Hayland and Dave Brown

each had 3 hits. Dareell Neilson and Roy Lawhorn had 1 HR each.

For Hawthorne John Krause and Don Hartig had 4 hits, Ron Reid, Bill Devore and Bruce DeBouvre had 2 hits.







Division 3 Legacy(MacInnis Dermatology) 17, Spruce Creeks 19

Plate Umpire- Paul Maddox  Base Umpire- Bill Stoltenberger

Winning Pitcher - Al McCormick

It was a beautiful day at Legacy for a softball game. Spruce Creeks led  from the first ending and won  the game 19 runs to Legacy's 17 runs.  Spruce Creeks hitting was led by Leroy Burke and Gomer Gordon with 4 hits each and Ron Klaus, Mike Duggan, Billy Glisson, Jim Patterson, and Andy Beausoleil with 3 hits each.  Legacy hitters were Ralph Satoloe and Don Anderson with 4 hits each and Dan Boughner with 3 hits.


Plantation(CEBERT Wealth/Ameriprise) 5 Hawthorne————-2

Umpires: Home Plate: John Vain  Bases:  Danny Smith

On a great day for softball,  Hawthorne traveled to Plantation @ Leesburg for a D3 game.

Hawthorne scored 1 run in the 2nd to take the lead, 1-0. Plantation bats were silent until the bottom of the 5th, scoring 4 runs on 5 hits, the big blow  a 2 run rbi double, by Rick Rabasa.

Hawthorne was led by: Wayne Hoffman, Terry Rozier & Greg Willman all with 2 hits each.

 Plantation was led by: Rick Rabasa  2/2 & 2 RBI’s & Carlos Nunez, John Daggett & Karl Mehn.. 1 hit each and 1 rbi each..


Sunlake 19 and Del Webb (Proscape) 17

Umpires: Home Plate: Leland McGonigal , Bases Dan Post

Great weather, great game and most of all good fellowship. Many thanks to the players at DW for hanging in after the game to share some food and friendship.

For Del Webb (Proscape) Ken Grimes 5 hits, Dan Warner 4 hits, and Ron Pike and Dan Bird with 3 hits each.

For Sunlake: Rick Logan, Billy Lyle 4 hits ( HR), Bryan Brown ( HR), Dave Brown, and Dave DeKilder had 3 hits each.





Legacy  13  Hawthorne  11

Plate umpire  George Lucia   Base umpire  Jerome Marble

A good, fun and a competitive game that was close all the way.

For Legacy Ralph Satoloe, Mike Payne and Ed Klug had 3 hits each.  Mike Payne had a HR.

For Hawthorne John Krause was 4-4, Ron Reid and Terrry Rozier had 3 hits.  Terry Rozier had a HR.


D3 Spruce Creek South (Doc's Restoration) 15 Plantation at Leesburg (Ceberth Wealth/Amerprise).  12

Winning Pitcher Al McCormick Losing Pitcher Rick Rabasa

Home Plate Umpire: Jim Roosa Base Umpire:  George Matthews

Plantation travelled to Spruce Creek South on a cool Friday morning; Spruce Creek South scored 15 runs and held Plantation to 12 runs.  Al McCormick was the winning pitcher and was 2/3 at the plate,  Ron Klaus and Mike Duggan were both 3/4, Wayne MacDougall was 2/3 and Marty Schuck was 2/2.

For Plantation at Leesburg, Mike Genaw was 2/4 with 4 RBI's, Dan Lanier was 3/4, Rick Farfsing was 3/3 and John Daggett was 3/3 with 1 RBI.  Clay Brooks was 2/4 with 2 RBI's.


Proscape  (Del Webb)  14  Sunlake  (12)

Umpires:  Home:  Sheila Lofland  Bases:  Tom Gimeli

What a beautiful day for softball, this is the way winter weather is supposed to be.

A good game, with a back and forth battle all day as it should be.

For Sunlake: Bob Dumas (3 hits),  Darrell Neilson,  Bryan Brown and Billy Lyle  (2 hits)

For Del Webb:  Ken Grimes, Gary Pelletier (double), John Walter (IP HR), Don Lamb,  

and Dan Bird  (3 hits). John Ramage and Ron Pike 2 hits Winning Pitcher:  John Ramage




Doc's Restoration  (Spruce Creek South)  19   Proscape (Del Webb)  20

Umpires: Home: Kevin Cheeks   Bases: Marty Goldman

For Spruce Creek South: Chuck Arpin 3/4,  Jim Patterson  3/4  Gomer Morgan  4/4  and  Ron 3/3.

For Del Webb: Ryan Payne, John Walter, Craig Egresics and Carl Herr  4 hits.

Joe Diana,  John Ramage,  Dan Warner and Ron Pike  3 hits.

Winning Pitcher:  John Ramage


Legacy (MacInnis Dermatology) won the game 20 runs to Plantation (Cebert Wealth Ameriprise) 19 runs.

Plate Umpire- James Cleary                 Base Umpire- Gary Holterhaus

It was a cool day at Legacy and Plantation was leading  by 12 runs at the end of the top of the sixth inning when Legacy came back and won the game in the bottom of the eight inning 20 runs to Plantation's 19 runs.  Leading hitters for Plantation were Jeffrey Houghton with four hits and Clay Brooks, Billy Richman, Bob Rademacher and John Daggett with 3 hits apiece.  Legacy hitting was led by Mike Payne and Ed Klug with four hits apiece and Don Anderson, Terry Oehrlein, Dan Boughner, and John Harvey with three hits each.

Sunlake 18 Hawthorne 10

Umpires: Home plate: Leland McGonigal, Bases, Dan Martinez

Cool day at Sunlake but that did not deter old rivals from playing a very good game.

Hawthorne: Don Krause, and Jim Bright had 3 hits, Wayne Hoffman, Sonny Scott, Terry Rozier and Bill DeVore with 2 hits each.

Sunlake: Rick Logan, Darrell Nielson, 4 hits, Richard Maxwell, Bryan Brown, David Brown 3hits, Dave Dekilder, Terry Hoyland, Steve McDonald 2 hits each





Legacy ( MacInnis Dermatology) 17 to Hawthorne 18

Home Plate Umpire -Bill Sondheimer  Base Umpire- Bob Beall

Hawthorne won the game 18 runs to Legacy's 17 runs.

 A hard played game Hawthorne won in the 8th ending 18 runs to Legacy's 17 runs.  Leading hitters for Hawthorne were John Krause with 5 hits and Sonny Scott, Bob Goodwin and Greg Willman with 4 hits.

Legacy leading hitter was Mike Payne with 4 hits including a homerun.


Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise  (Plantation)  11  Proscape  (Del Webb)  3

Umpires: Home: Bill Casteel  Bases:  Jack DeMagistris

For Plantation:  Bob Rademacher  4/4  2 rbi's,  Mike Genaw  2/3  1 rbi,  Dave Lanier  3/4  2 rbi's Bob Munster  3/3.

For Del Webb: Gary Pelletier, Don Lamb and Dan Bird  2 hits each.   

Sun Lake 21 (Self sponsored) Spruce Creek South (Doc's Restoration) 12

Winning Pitcher:  Bob Dumas

Losing Pitcher:  Al McCormick

Plate Umpire: Jim Roosa

Base Umpire: Gary Richardson


Sun Lake travelled to Spruce Creek South and won this game 21-12

For Sun Lake, Bob. Dumas was the winning pitcher.  Bryan Brown and Rick Logan were both 3/4.  Darrell Neilson hit 2 home runs with bases loaded.  Roy Lawhorn, Billy Lyle, Dave Brown, Gene Halcom, Richard Maxwell and Steve McDonald were all 2/3.

For Spruce Creek South, Al McCormick was 3/3 and Bob Jones was 3/4.  Ron Hoppe was 2/3.  







Sunlake won the game 13 to Legacy 9

Plate Umpire- Ken Mahoney   Base Umpire-Jim Miller

A close game at Legacy that was decided in the eight inning. Sunlake won the game 13 points to Legacy's 9 points.  Leading hitters for Sunlake with four hits apiece were Rick Logan and Darrell Neilson.  Darrell Neilson also hit 2 homeruns and Dave DeKilder hit one homerun.  For Legacy, Mike Payne and Don Aderson had four hits apiece while Scott Mckinley had three hits.


Plantation  24  Hawthorne  11

Home Umpire  George Lucia   Base Umpire  Jim Herbert

Plantation bats started a little slow but then they turned hot.  For Plantation Ted Hockstad had 2 HRS and 4 RBIS, Jeff Hougton was 5-5 1 HR and 2 RBIS and Bob Rademacher was 3-5  1 HR and 5 RBIs.

For Hawthorne Ron Reid was 5-5 and 2 RBIs, Wayne Hoffman was 3-4 and 3 RBIs and Bill DeVore was 3-4.

D3 Spruce Creek South (Doc Restorations) 18 Del Webb (Proscape) 17

Home Plate Umpire: Jim Roosa.  Base Umpire: Paul Martz

Winning Pitcher:  Ron Hoppe. Losing Pitcher: John Ramage

Another hard fought game played by both teams,  Spruce Creek South came up with the win in the 8th inning after falling behind in the 5th.  For Spruce Creek South Mike Duggan, Ron Klaus and Leroy Burke were all 4/4.   Tommy Maxwell, Wayne MacDougall, Bob Jones were all 3/4.

For Del Webb, Dan Warner was 3/3, Ron Pike, Dalies Jones and Joe Diana were  3/4.


Division 3 game at Del Webb

Umpires: Home:  Cyndi Pletch    Bases:  Gary Pickle

Proscape  (Del Webb)  10   Hawthorne  5

For Hawthorne:  7 players had 2 hits and Tony Mellring had a triple.

For Del Webb:  Dan Warner 3 hits (triple), Craig Egresics, Joe Diana (triple),  Gary Pelletier (double/triple)(4 rbi's) and Carl Herr each with two hits.


D3 Sunlake 21 --- Plantation (Cebert Wealth-Ameriprise) 13

Umpires: Home plate: Leland McGonigal, Bases: Dan Post

Cool and sunny day at Sunlake and a great game between to long time rivals. The game was back and forth through the first 5 innings with Sunlake holding a 11 to 10 lead. Sunlake scores 5 in the 6th and 7th to go on to win the game.

Sunlake: Rick Logan 5 hits, Gene Halcom 4 hits, Bryan Brown and Billy Lyle 3hits each.

Plantation (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise): Dave Lanier 4hits, Jeff Houghton and Mike Genaw with 3 hits each.


D3 Legacy  (MacInnis Dermatology) 24 at  Spruce Creek South (Doc's Restoration) 9

Home Plate Umpire:  Gary Richardson and Base Umpire:  Jim Roosa

Winning Pitcher:  Ron Pearson         Losing Pitcher:  Al McCormick

Legacy traveled to Spruce Creek South on a very cold Friday morning and came out strong with 16 runs scored after 4 innings.  Don Anderson was 5/5, Ralph Satoloe and Terry Oehrlein were both 4/5. Mike Horton was 4/4.

Spruce Creek South held their own and came up with 9 runs.  Tommy Maxwell was 3/4, Marty Schuck was 3/3, Ron Klaus 2/4 with 2 RBI's, Ron Hoppe was 2/3 with an RBI and Wayne MacDougall was 2/3.  




D-Sunlake-- 26--Plantation-- (Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise)--22         

Umpires--Home Plate--Danny Smith  Bases--------- Cheryl Cook

On a cool Tuesday morning, Sunlake traveled to Plantation for a D3

game, their 1st meeting of the 2020/21 Sun & Fun season. After a quiet 1st at bat, Sunlake showed their power, pounding out 23 hits, including 4 HR's, scoring 17 runs after 4 1/2 innings. Plantation did not roll over..As the bottom of the 5th started, Plantation's bats came 

alive, scoring 9 runs on 9 hits, including a 3 run HR by John Daggett....tie game..In the last 3 innings, Sunlake outscored Plantation 9-5..final score Sunlake 26--Plantation 22.. Great game by all..

Sunlake was led by Darrell Neilson 5/5...2 hr's & 6 rbi's..Rick Logan 4/5..1 hr & 3 rbi's..Billy Lyle 4/5..1 hr & 2 rbi's and Roy Lawhorn

2/4..1 hr & 4 rbi's. Plantation was led by Ted Kornhoff 5/5.. 2 rbi's

Tom Karbowski 4/5..1 rbi..Carlos Nunez 4/5.. 1 hr & 5 rbi's and John Daggett 3/4..1 hr & 4 rbi's

Legacy (MacInniis Dermatology) 25 versus Del Webb (Proscape) 17

Plate Umpire -  Bill Stoltenberger    Base Umpire- Bob Beall


Legacy went on to win the game 25 to Del Webb 17

Del Webb started quickly by scoring 13 runs in the first three endings, but Legacy came back in the bottom of the third inning and scored nine runs.  Legacy went on to win the game 25 to Del Webb 17.  Leading hitters for Del Webb with four hits apiece were Ron Pike and  Dan Warner while John Walter, Gary Pelletier, and Craig Egresics had three hits apiece. Leading hitters for  Legacy with four hits apiece were Ralph Satoloe, Mike Payne, Terry Oehrlein, Dan Boughner and Mike Horton.  


Hawthorne 3 (Hawthorne ) 13 Spruce Creek South (Doc's Restoration) 12

Winning pitcher Jim Bright

A well played game by both teams with Hawthorne coming up with the win,  Wayne Hoffman was 3/4, John Krause 2/4 with 2 home runs, Sonny Scott 2/3, Don Hartig was 3/4 with 2 triples.

For Spruce Creek South, Chuck Arpin was 2/4 with a double and 4 RBI's.  Tom Maxwell was 2/4 with 2 doubles.  Marty Schuck 2/3, Jim Patterson 2/3, Leroy Burke 2/3 with a double and RBI, and Al DeBois 2/3 with double and RBI.





Hawthorne 16  Pennbrooke 9

good game.

Bill Deborah 4 for 5  Wayne Hoffman 4 hits

pennbrooke stayed in the whole game

Home plate ump John Martucci baseline um Ted


Sun & Fun D3--Plantation @ Leesburg(Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise—19 Continental CC-4

Umpires--Darrell Cook--Home Plate Cheryl Cook--Bases

On a COLD early Friday afternoon Continental CC traveled to Plantation for a D3 game. Plantation started out with a bang, scoring 5 runs on only 3 hits in the 1st inning. At the end of 4 innings Plantation led 11-2 on their way to a final 7 inning Mercy Rule game of 19-4. Both teams were short roster players and had to borrow from lower divisions. Leading the way for Continental CC were Bob Carsten--2/3 & 1 rbi, John Lyman--2/3 & 1 rbi and George Russell 2/3. Leading the way for Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise--Dave Lanier--5/5 & 5 rbi's..Jeff Houghton 5/5 & 4 rbi's..Tom Joaquin 3/3 & 1 rbi, and Danny Smith 3/4. Danny also had an outstanding defensive game at 2nd base.



Hawthorne 16-Continental 7


Umpires: Marty Konantz and Frank Urso


On a great day for softball both teams played hard with Hawthorne pulling away in the last inning.  Hawthorne was lead by Tony Mellring, Bruce DeBouvre and Ron Reid with 3 hits each.  Continental Rich McVay 3 hits, Carl Abram, George Russell and Shelley Stephansen with 2 hits.


Legacy verses Plantation Cancelled Covid

Del Webb Sun Lake Cancelled Covid


Plantation D3  at Hawthorne  D3  on 12/11/20  was not played for safety reasons.


Division 3- 12-11-2020, Legacy (Macinnis Dermatology) 19 vs. Pennbrooke 7

Plate Umpire- Ken Maloney, Base Umpire -Jim Miller

It was a beautiful day at Legacy Field.  Pennbrooke started strong with 4 runs in the first inning but Legacy came back and won the game in eight innings, Legacy 19, Pennbrook 7.  Leading hitters for Legacy with four hits were Ralph Satoloe and Mike Horton, and with three hits were Tom Berwanger, Mike Payne, Dan Boughner, Ed Klug, and Ron Pierson.  Mike Payne hit a home run.  For Pennbrooke, Jim Baston had 3 hits. 


Sun Lake 16- Continental 3

Umpires: Marty Konantz and Frank Urso

On a very sunny day SunLake out hit Continental to win 16-3.  Sun Lake was lead by Bob Dumas and Darrell Neilson with 3 hits, followed by Billy Lyle and Dave DeKilder 2 hits each.  Continental was lead by George Russell and Rick Urso with 2 hits each. 





Final Score--Plantation (Cebert Wealth)—15   Del Webb (Proscape)---------13

Umpires--Home Plate--Tim Hockstad  Bases----------Danny Smith

On a COLD Tuesday morning Del Webb traveled south to the Plantation @ Leesburg for a crucial D3 game. Plantation came out with hot bats in the bottom of the 1st inning scoring 4 runs on 5 hits. Plantation scored 10 more runs in innings 2 thru 5..leading 15-6 after 6 full innings. Even though Del Webb scored runs in the 7th & 8th, Plantation held on for the victory. Contributing for Del Webb was

Dan Bird--4/4, Dan Warner--2/3 with 3 rbi's, Don Lamb-- 2/3 & Ken Grimes--2/2. Plantation was led by Mike Genaw--3/4 with 2 rbi's, Carlos Nunez--3/4 with 2 rbi's, Jeff Houghton 2/3 & 6 rbi's..


D3 Sunlake 23, Pennbrooke 8  (6 inning's Mercy Rule)

Home Plate Umpire: Leland McGonigal,  Base Umpire: Dan Martinez

Sunlake played a revamped Pennbrooke team that played hard on a cool day by lake Yale but today was Sunlake's day to hit and play good defense. 

Sunlake : Darrell Nielson 4 hits, Bob Dumas, Ric Logan, Dave DeKilder and Terry Hoyland had 3 hit's each.

Pennbrooke: Joe Spana 3 hit's, Dan Jabodzinski, Gary Ricitard had 2 hit's each

Continental3 Legacy3   No Play lack of players for Continental






Continental 15-Pennebrook 11 Div 3

Umpires: Marty Konantz and Frank Urso

On a cloudy but nice day Pennebrook and Continental played a second highly contested game 15-11, Continental edging it out in the 7th.  Pennebrook was lead by Tim Sagodzinsli with 4/4.  Continental was lead by Shelley Stephansen and Rick Urso 4/4, Carl Abrams’ 3/3.


Sun Lake  15  Hawthrone 5

Home Umpire  Goerge Lucia    Base   Jerome Marble 

Good game was played by all.

For Sun Lake Bob Domas 4 hits, Roy Lawhorn, Ric Logan and Brain Bown  had 3 hits  each.  Also Roy Lawhorn, Brain Brown and

Billy Lyle each had a HR.

For Hawthrone Don Hartig had 3 hits and Bob Goodwin, Bruce DeBouvre had 2 hits each.


Division 3 game at Del Webb:  Proscape (Del Webb) 23  Cebert Wealth/Ameriprise (Plantation)  22

A close and exciting game, good weather, what more can you ask for..

Both teams hit well, a total of 60 hits.

It was a back and forth game with Del Webb prevailing in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Plantation:  Dave Lanier 4 for 5  (2 RBIs), Bob Rademacher 5 for 5  (2 RBIs), John Daggett 3 for 5, (1 RBI),

Ted Kornhoff  4 for 5  (3 RBIs),  Mike Genaw  3 for 6 (4 RBIs)

Del Webb:  Ron Pike and Ryan Payne (5 hits). Ken Grimes, John Walter (5 RBIs) and Dan Bird (4 hits)

Dan Warner (7 RBIs) and Gary Pelletier (3 hits) John Ramage (winning pitcher)



D3 Sunlake 25, Continental 10

Home Plate Umpire: Leland McGonigal 

Base Umpire: Dan Post

The game was much closer than the final score indicated with both teams playing in very cool conditions.

For Continental: Steve Sharp 3 hits, Carl Abrams, Shelley Stephenson 2 hits each

For Sunlake: Roy Lawhorn, Wayne Steinberg 5 hits, Dave DeKilder 4 hits including home run, Darrell Nielson, Terry Hoyland 3 hits each.


Legacy   10   Hawthrone  4

Home Umpire Kevin Kittle   Base Umpire Jerome Marble

Cool but a good day for a ball game. Leqacy started off strong and just out hit Hawthrone

For Legacy Tom Berwanger was 4 for 4 and Mike Payne and Roger Raymond had 3 hits each.

For Hawthrone John Krause , Terry Rozier and Ron Reid were 3 for 3.