Division 4



Clerbrook-4 defeated Del Webb-4 counts roofing 25-9.

The game was umpired by Steve Licata and Tim Hockstad.

Del Webb was lead by Rich Vielhak with three hits, Clerbrook was lead offensively with three hits from Fred Hartlett and Mark Dufour.  Also chipping in where Dewey Tabbert and Jeff Kuhn, Jeff also pitched a great game.


Royal Highlands4 defeated Stonecrest4 19 to 14

with good hitting and fielding.Their leading hitters were Mike Gris,Steve Hadrich and Don Steffen with 4

hits each.Steve Debrock,Keith Beile and Jerry Buysce had 3 hits. Steve Debrock belted out a 3run home run.Stonecrest was lead by Jack Peffer with 4 hits followed by Joel Muniz,Charly Mathews and Rich Rusher with 3 hits.
Umpires: HankTribu plate   Phil Martin bases


CC4 PE4 No report



Stonecrest 4 Cynthia Steinman 24 Del Webb Counts Roofing 15

Umpires at plate Marty Goldman bases Gary Pickel.

Stonecrest jumped out to an early lead and continued scoring with great hitting and tough pitching by Rick Smith. Big hitters for Stonecrest were Don Huntington, Mike Nicoletti, and Lynny Colello with 3 hits and Jack Peffer, Richie Gyger and Rick Smith with 4 hits each. Del Webb hitters were Phil Woodward and Bob Markey with 3 hits and Daniel Marple with 4hits including a home run out of the park.


Clerbrook               22  Pennbrooke             9

Clerbrook was led by multiple players with 3 & 4 hits and 4 home runs

Pennbrooke was led by Ted Fryear (3 hits) and Tom Peterson (3 hits & home run)

Pennbrooke’s improved defense and timely hitting kept the game competitive through 5 innings, before Clerbrook sealed the game with 8 runs over the last three innings.


Continental 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4 Lokation Real Estate 

Final score:  19-9 with Royal Highlands as the winning team over Continental

March 2, 2021 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad, Romie Marble

It was a great day to play softball and this was the second game of a home and home, back to back special in the schedule.  The friendly rivalry ended up with a split for the two teams.  Today, Royal Highlands had a blistering offensive attack of 32 hits which doubled their output last Friday.  As it was on Friday, Continental scored 5 runs in the first to put the pressure on.  But Royal Highlands scored 3 in the bottom of the first inning that brought a bit of confidence that things may go differently this time.  Nine more runs in the next three innings for Royal Highlands made the difference in the game. Plus Royal Highlands played well defensively and kept Continental from doing any big damage the rest of the way.  Win or lose, it was just a fun day for everyone including the umpires, as there were no issues to deal with on the field.

The top Royal Highland batter of the day was Gene Gunderson going 4 for 4.  Keith Beile, Don Steffen, Willie Adams and Mike Gris had 3 hits a piece and the rest of the lineup all had two hits each!  Continental's line up finished with 17 hits that was lead by the top 6 positions.  Rick Urso had a good day at the plate with 4 hits and Shelly Stephenson pounded out three as well.




Div 4 result as follows:          Del Webb      18  Pennbrooke  15

Umpires – Joe and Ted

Del Webb led by Bob Markey, Rick Vielhak and Scott Bitner with 4 hits each and Dean Peterson with a double and a home run

PennBrooke led by Dan Jagodzinski, Gary Richards and Brian Miller (triple) with three hits each

Del Webb led 17-3 after 5 innings, but Pennbrooke scored 12 runs in the 6th & 7th innings to make the game interesting, but could not complete the comeback.


Continental 17-Royal Highland 6

Umpires:  Frank Urso and Marty Konantz

On a great day in the sun both teams had lots of fun as 100% effort was given by everyone. 

Continental had its best defense day of the year.   Holding the potent attack of Royal Highlands down.  Continental was lead by 4 players with

 3 hits-and 25 hits total.  Highlight of the day was Gene Underwood’s (runner was Rick Duval) inside the park 3 run HR.   Highland was lead by the middle of the order Mike Gris a triple and multiple hits by Steve Hadrich and Joe Debrook.  Winning pitcher John Lyman.


Clerbrook4 defeated Stonecrest 4 11 to 6

in a close game until the last 2 innings when Clerbrook went ahead to stay.Clerbrook's manager reported that Christy Allison had an outstanding game and their pitcher Simon held Stonecrest to only 6 runs.

Stonecrest leading hitters were Don Huntington and Joel Muniz with 3 hits and Butch Plummer 2 hits.

Umpires Ed Wathias (plate) Mike Reilly (bases)



Pennbrooke 16  Royal Highlands 13

Umpires-Pat plate, Ted bases

Royal Highlands led by Steve DeBroeck with 2 home runs and 4hits, Dean Woodle 4 hits and Keith Beile

Pennbrooke led by Mike Houghton, Jim Hicks and Jim Boston with 3 hits each and 8 others with 2 hits.

Pennbrooke won its first game on the field this year based on improved defense and timely hitting.  Pennbrooke scored in all but one inning and held on for the win despite Royal Highlands scoring 10 runs in the last two innings.


Dell Webb 17- Continental 10

Umpires Frank Urso and Marty Konantz

A great day for softball saw Dell Webb jump out to a 5-0 lead after one, capitalizing on 3 errors in the first.  But Continental came back and made a nice game of it but fell short in the end 17-10.

Del Webb had 3 players with 3 hits Dave Maples , Kathy Harriman and Jim Linkenback.  David Maples had a long HR.  Continental had 19 hits Carl Abrams had 3 hits for CCC. 


Clerbrook4 defeated Stonecrest4 19 to 12

in a close game up to the eighth inning when the score was 11 to 11 but Stonecrest gave up6

walks in the eighth to enable Clerbrook to put the game away. Clerbrook's manager said they

did not play well.Stonecrest hitters were Jack Peffer,Mike Nicoletti had 3 hits each.Joel Muniz,Butch

Plummer,Rick Mclucas,Rich Rusher Lynny Colello and Jerome Bugard with 2 hits apiece. 

Umpires Stan Smith plate Ed Mathias bases

(great job by both)




Clerbrook-4 defeated Pennbrooke-4  19-6 on a windy rainy day.

Pennbrooke jumped off to a quick five run lead before Clerbrook stormed back. Pennbrooke was lead offensively by Jim Boston and Gary Lubert. While Clerbrook was lead by a grand slam from Jessie Allison and three hits from Lee Burkett. The game was umpired by Kevin Kittle and Keith Kittle

Del Webb 4 Counts Roofing vs. Royal Highlands 4 Lokation Real Estate 

Final score:  14-10 with Royal Highlands as the winning team over Del Webb

February 19, 2021 - 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad, Romie Marble

The game was shortened in the top of the 8th inning with 2 outs and a runner on second due to a heavy rainfall.  The teams waited for a break in the rain, but the umpires called the game when the field became unplayable. Royal Highlands took the lead with 5 in the first but never felt comfortable with a lead.  Del Webb kept reducing the difference in the score but then Royal Highlands would get a run or two back to keep the lead. But the rain started just as play began in the final inning.  With just one more out to go, the weather fully moved in and forced the stoppage of the friendly battle.  

The top Royal Highlands batters for the day were Dean Woodle going 4 for 4 including a homer and a run scoring double.  Continuing the attack with three hits was Tom Church, Steve DeBroeck, Keith Beile and Ken Cashmore. As for Del Webb, they were lead by Jame Dixon, Daniel Marple, Kathy Harriman and Jim Adams with three hits each.


Continental Stonecrest Rain out


Del Webb Counts Roofing 16 Penbrooke 12

Umpires: Plate Jim MacFarlane and bases Carl Herr. Both teams played well but Del Webb was able to win the game on timely hitting by Kurt Schmucker with 4 hits, Daniel Marple, Phil Woodward, Scott Bitner and Jim Linkenback all with 3 hits. Penbrooke’s Jim Boston went 5-5 and Dan Jagodzimski collected 3 hits.


Results of 9:30 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Clerbrook 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4 - February 16, 2021

Umpires:  Romie Marble, Tim Hockstad

Final score:  19-11 with Clerbrook as the winning team

It was a blustery day with the winds blowing out to right field.  Royal Highlands took a small lead of 3-1 into the 3rd inning.  Clerbrook's bats came alive in the third and for the next three innings to go ahead to stay.  Clerbrook pounded out 29 hits with 8 hitters collecting three hits each.  Mark Dufour and Jeff Kuhn lead the attack with Mark hitting a towering home run and Jeff legging out a triple as one of their three hits each. Dewey Tabert also had three hits plus a walk.

Royal Highlands kept clawing back in their half of the middle innings.  Their offense was led by Steve Debroeck who put two homers over the right field fence.  Steve Hadrich, Mike Gris and Dean Woodle got credit for three hits, with Tom Church, Keith Beile and Gene Gunderson getting two hits each.   


Stonecrest 19- Continental 4

Umpires Frank Urso & Marty Konantz

Stonecrest hit and hit again during the game.  8 players had 3 hits each lead by Mike Nicolette with a home run.   Continental could only muster 13 hits for the game.  Jack Peffer the Midfielder had an outstanding day making multiple plays to stop Continental rally’s.





Results of 10 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Pennbrooke 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4 - February 12, 2021

Umpires:  Romie Marble, Kevin Kittle

Final score:  21-6  (in 5 innings) with Royal Highlands as the winning team

Pennbrooke jumped into the lead with 6 runs in the top of the first; highlighted by a home run from Gary Richards.  There were two runners on base at the time, but due to the maximum of 6 runs in an inning, Gary's homer had just two RBI's.  Royal Highlands came back with four runs in the bottom of the inning.  From there on, Pennbrooke's bats went almost silent for the rest of the game, unable to put another runner across home.  But Royal Highland's batters were spraying the ball all over the field collecting hits. Royal Highlands scored 5 in the second, third and fourth innings, then completed the game with 2 more in the bottom of the fifth to invoke the 15 run rule.

Royal Highlands offense was led by Steve Debroeck, Don Steffen, Mike Gris and Joe Juliano with three hits. Willie Adams and Dick Reimer each had two hits plus a walk, while Darren Cavanaugh, Jerry Buysse and Tom Church also knocked out a couple hits each. 


Del Webb 4 easly defeated  Stonecrest 4 by the score of 19 to 6.

Stonecrest scored 6 runs in the first two innings and never scored another run.Del Webb hit and played well in the field.They were led by Bob Markey and Rick Vielhak with 4 hits.James Dixon, Dennis Burke,Scott Bitner and Jim Linkenback belted out three hits apiece.

UMPIRES: Stan Smith (hp) Clancy Kaiser (bases)

good job by both

Continental 16 Clerbrook 6 late score reported

Clerbrook-4 defeated Continental-4 16-6 in a hard fought battle between the two teams. The game was highlighted by strong pitching performances by John Lyman for Continental and Paul Stienman for Clerbrook. Phil D’Augistino lead Clerbrook with a strong defensive game. Our umpires were Tim Hockstad and Steve Licata.





Division 4 Del Webb Counts Roofing 15 Royal Highlands Lokation Real Estate 13

Umpires: Plate Jim MacFarlane Bases Kevin Cheeks. The game was played on a warm sunny day at Del Webb. The lead was back and forth with Del Webb finally taking the lead in the bottom of the 7th. Royal Highlands threatened to tie or take the lead back with bases loaded and 2 outs in the top of the 8th but, couldn’t make it happen. Good sportsmanship was had by all with 2 evenly matched teams. Leading hitters for Royal Highlands were Tom Church 4 hits and Keith Biele and Ken Cashmore 3 hits each. Del Webb was led by Dave Scafide with 2 triples and a single followed by Dennis Burke, Scott Bitner, Kurt Schmucker and Rick Vielhak with 3 hits each.


Stonecrest 19 Pennbrooke  2

for Stonecrest: Don Huntington  4 hits. Jack puffer, Rich Rusher, , Richie Gyger, Walt Golebiewski, and Lonnie College 3 hits each.

Home plate ump Pat Stock  Base ump Ted


Clerbrook 17- Continental 0

Umpires: Marty Konantz and Frank Urso



Division 4 Clerbrook 26 Del Webb Counts Roofing 12

Umpires: Plate - Jack DeMagistris Bases- Marty Goldman.  Big hitters for Clerbrook were Fred Hartlett with 5 hits Mark Dufour, Jessie Allison, Larry Deecher and Frank Pearson with 4 hits. Del Webb guns were Rick Vielhak 4 hits James Dixon and Buck Strain 3 hits each.


 Royal Highland's field

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad, Romie Marble

Final score:  22-7 with Stonecrest as the winning team

This game only lasted seven innings as Stonecrest had their hitting shoes on today from the start.  They jumped out with a five spot in the first inning and never looked back.  In total, Stonecrest banged out 34 hits.  Royal Highlands had the hard luck of hitting the ball at the defensive players instead of into the gaps.  A number of hard hit liners were caught by the Stonecrest infielders that stopped any potential rallies by Royal Highlands.

Stonecrest's strong attack was led by Jack Peffer, Charly Mathews, Joel Muniz and Richie Gyger with each notching four hits.  Honorable mention for collecting three hits each was Mike Nicolletti, Butch Plummer, and Walt Golebiewski. 

Royal Highlands hung in there and kept trying to claw back into the game but the offense was sparse and fell short.   Steve DeBroeck went three for three including a home run.  Steve Hadrich and Ken Cashmore contributed a couple hits each.  


Continental 19 Pennbrooke 9 No Further report




No games




Clerbrook-4 defeated Stonecrest-4 Cynthia Stienman Realty 18-3 in five innings on cool but sunny day. The umpires for today’s game were Steve Licata and Dennis Anderson. Butch Plummer lead Stonecrest-4 with two hits. Clerbrook-4 was lead by home runs from Lee Burkett and Dave Trent and some fine defensive play’s from Chrissy Allison.

Results of 10 AM game @ Royal Highland's field

Continental 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4 - Jan 29, 2021

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad, Bob Young

Final score:  17-6 with Royal Highlands as the winning team

The rule of the baserunner avoiding the defensive player at a base was put to the test a number of times in this game, with one occurrence costing a run for Royal Highlands.  The rule is important to avoid injuries and it needs to be stressed and made clear to all teams. The game was fun and friendly notwithstanding the few calls at second base that were discussed by and with the umpires.  All calls were confirmed correct and proper.  Safety is more important than the game and no one was injured  Good job Blue!

Royal Highlands offense was led by Dean Woodle, Steve Debroeck, Gene Gunderson, Keith Beile and Darren Cavanaugh with three hits each out of a total of 27 hits.  Dick Reimer pitched a solid game throwing shutout ball for six of the eight innings.  Continental scored in just the third and fifth innings.

Continental's offense had Carl Abram collect three hits, while Joe Deecher, Shelley Stephanson, Ricky Duvall and team manager Rick Urso punched out two hits each.





Clermont-4 defeated Royal Highlands-4 lokation real estate 14-12 in a thrilling game.

Royal Highlands was lead offensively by Steve DeBroech,Jerry Hadrich and Willie Adams with 3 hits each and some fine defensive plays in the outfield by Steve DeBroech and Jerry Buysee. While Clerbrook-4 was lead by Homeruns by Jessie Allison and Dave Trent and two hits by Paul Stienman who also pitched a great game 

D4 Del Webb Counts Roofing 18 Penbrooke 11

Umpires: Plate Jack DeMagistris Bases Bill Casteel Del Webb hosted the first of a double header and both games were well played by both teams. Leading hitters for Penbrooke were: Ted Fryear, Mike Wantuck and Jerry Gilkey with 3 hits each. Del Webb sluggers were: James Dixon, Phil Woodward, Daniel Marple, Kathy Harriman and Jim Linkenback with 3 hits. Bob Markey led the attack with 4 hits.


D4 Del Webb Counts Roofing 18 Penbrooke 5

Umpires: Plate Jack DeMagistris Bases Bill Casteel The second game of the double header was highlighted by home runs from Phil Woodward and James Dixon of Del Webb. Bob Markey and Scott Bitner added 3 hits each for Del Webb. Penbrooke’s Brad Carpenter led his team with 3 hits.



Stonecrest 4 caught Continental 4. on an off day and managed to win16 to 7.

Leading hitters for Continental were Carl Abram and Bob Ondo with 3 hits each.

Stonecrest was lead by Charly Mathews,Butch Plummer and Don Huntington with 3 hits.Rich Rusher

and Walt Golebiewski went 2/3.


Clerbrook-4 defeated Pennbrook-4 today 21-4.

Pennbrook was lead by Ted Fryear who went 3-3 and Bobby Defelice who was 2-2. Clerbrook was lead offensively with home runs from Jessie Allison and a grand slam by Joe Strauss. The umpires for today’s game Tim Hockstad and Steve Licata
Umpires Clancy Kaiser (hp) Ed Mathias (b)


In another barn burner between two evenly matched teams

Stonecrest (4) defeated Del Web (4) 28 to 17.

The game was close until the eigth inning when Mike Nicoletti hit a granslam home run over the center field score board to give Stonecrest a cusion to put the game away.

Leading hitters for Del Web were Daniel Marple and Scott Bitner with 3 hits each.

Stonecrest was lead by Jack Peffer, Rich Rusher,  Mike Nicoletti with 4 hits,Don Huntington,Butch Plummer,Rick Mclucas and Lynnie Colello had 3 hits and the rest of the team with 2 hits apiece.


Continental 16 - Royal Highland 11

Umpires: Marty Konantz and Frank Urso

It was a wonderful day to play softball as the weather was the best this year. Both teams played a good defensive game with plays being made by both sides that stopped big innings.

Highland was lead by Willie Adams with 4 hits and Mike Gris with 3 hits, one was a long homer.  Continental’s attack was a team effort with 24 hits and was lead by Joe Deecher 4-4.





Continental 4 13 - Dell Webb 18                                                            

Umpires Marty Konantz and Frank Urso

Another cool clear day at the CCC.  Both teams played hard with Dell Webb wining 18-13.  For Dell Webb Rick Veihak had 4 hits and Continental was lead by Nancy Lee with 4 hits.


S&F DIV.4.  RH 20.  STC 2

Umpires: Mike Reilly ( bases) Phil Martin (home plate)

Royal Highlands 4 played well in the field and belted 31 hits to easily defeat Stonecrest 4 by the score of 20 to 2.Leading hitters for RH4 were Tom Church with 4 hits and Keith Beile,Mike Gris,Steve Debroeck and Willie Adams 3 hits each.Stonecrest had two players with 3 hits, Rich Rusher and Jack Peffer.

Charly Mathews,Don Huntington,Joel Muniz and Rich Gyger had 2 hits apiece.




Clerbrook-4 defeated Stonecrest-4 Cynthia Stienman realty 25-13,

hitting stars for Stonecrest were Charly Matthews, Mike Nicoletti and Joe Muniz. Leading Clerbrook was Mark Dufour with four hits and Jessie Allison with two home runs. Are umpires were Kevin Kittle and Rome Marble. Happy 

D 4 Del Webb ( Counts Roofing) 17 Continental 16

Umpires: Plate: Jim Davis Bases: Carl Herr What a game! Continental took the lead in the 2nd inning and held onto it leading 16-9 going into the bottom of the 8th. Del Webb came back with 8 runs in the 8th to win the game. John Morelli was the hero with bases loaded and 2 outs to have the winning hit and 2 RBI’s to score the winning run. Big hitters for Del Webb were Rick Vielhak with 4 hits and Kathy Harriman and Daniel Marple 3 each. Big hitters for Continental were Rick Duvall 4 hits and Gene Underwood, George Russell, Nancy Lee and Shelly Stephanson 3 each.


Royal Highlands 8 Pennbrooke 0 Forfeit


Division 4 Del Webb Counts Roofing 20 Penbrooke 5 Mercy Rule 5 innings.

Umpires: Plate Sue Pandak Bases Sheldon Guss Del Webb was at the top of their game and brought their hitting shoes along with a no error defense to win by 15. Penbrooke players played with a lot of heart but, it wasn’t their day. Del Webb big hitters were: Bob Markey and Rick Vielhak with 3 hits, Jim Houtz, Jim Linkenback, Kurt Schmucker, Buck Strain, Scott Bitner, Dave Scafide, Daniel Marple all with 2 hits. Phil Woodward had a great game with a triple, home run and 5 RBI’s.



Results of 10 AM game @ Royal Highland's field Clerbrook 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4 - Jan 12, 2021

Umpires:  Keith Kittle, Kevin Kittle

Final score:  9-7 with Clerbrook as the winning team

It was the first meeting of the season for these two teams and it looked like it was going to be a blowout as Clerbrook took a lead of 8-0 after two innings.  Royal Highland's pitcher Dick Reimer  and the defense settled down and the offense started chipping away, but came up a bit short.  Steve DeBroeck, left center fielder for Royal Highlands made a couple great catches to keep the game close.  It was a tension filled but very fun game, especially over the last four innings with the score staying close and either team could have been the victor.

Clerbrook was lead by third baseman Mark Dufour, who went 4 for 4 and Jessie Allison who went 3 for 4.  Clerbrook's winning pitcher was Paul Stienman who tossed a fine game.  Royal Highlands attack of 15 hits were scattered throughout the lineup but Dean Woodley went 3 for 3 while knocking in a couple runs.  Darren Cavanaugh did a great job going 2 for 2 while playing just 4 innings. 


Stonecrest 28- Continental 21

Umpires: Frank Urso & Mary Konantz

Another cloudy cold day at Continental for a division 4 slugfest between the 2 clubs.

Stonecrest was lead by Jack Peffer and Butch Plummer with 5 hits.  Continental was lead by Shelley Stephanson with a grand slam and a 5 for 5 day. 





Division 4 Counts Roofing Del Webb 26 and Cynthia Steinmann Realty Stonecrest 22.

Umpires: Home Joe Diana Bases Carl Herr

Del Webb led most of the game but, Stonecrest came back to score 12 runs in the top of the 7th to tie the game at 21. Del Webb scored 5 more in the bottom of the inning to go ahead. Stonecrest scored 1 more run in the 8th but, it wasn’t enough.

Leading hitters fo Stonecrest were: Charly Mathews, Joel Munis, and Rich Rusher all with 3 hits. Rick Smith 4 hits and Mike Nicolletti with 5 hits.

Del Webb sluggers were John Morelli, Kurt Schmucker, Dennis Burke and Rick Vielhak with 3 hits plus Bob Markey and James Dixon with 4 hits each.



Clerbrook 4 29- Continental 4 28

Umpires: Frank Urso and Marty Konantz

On an overcast cold day at Continental the bats were hot. The triple header was a slugfest with a 151 runs scored by the six teams.

The middle game was won by Clerbrook 29-28 in nine innings featuring Clerbrook’s 5 home runs.  Continental had 34 hits and was featured by George Russell’s 3 run homer in the 8th. 



Pennbrooke 4   8  Royal Highlands 0  Forfeit Covid




Div 4 - Stonecrest Cynthia Steinmann Realty 17,  Pennbrooke   1

Home Plate Umpire -Stan Smith,  Base Umpire - Ed Matthies

Stonecrest was led by Mike Nicolletti with 3 hits.  Jack Peffer, Joel Munis, and Rich Rusher had 2 hits each.

Bobby Defelice had 2 hits for Pennbrooke.


Results for 9:30 AM game on January 5, 2021 at Royal Highlands field

Del Webb 4 vs. Royal Highlands 4 (home team) Final score was 20-12 with Royal Highlands 4 winning

Umpires:  Romie Marble & Kevin Kittle

Game Summary:  Royal Highlands outlasted Del Webb in a scoring battle.   After the long holiday vacation, both teams struggled some times of defense.  But then there were some catches and plays that were fantastic.  Royal Highlands was led on a 24 hit attack by Ken Cashmore, Mike Gris, Tom Church and Steve DeBroeck with 4 hits each and Willie Adams collecting two hits. 

Del Webb was led by Bob Markey with four hits plus Rick Vielhak and John Morelli with three hits.  James Dixon, Dave Scafide, Scott Bitner and Kathy Harriman had two hits each.  

There were a couple controversial plays, but all the players from both teams played with very good sportsmanship!


Clerbrook defeats continental 4.  13 to 4

umpires Tim Hockstad and Bob Young
Jessie Allison hit a home run and Paul Stienman pitched a great game 



Stonecrest 4 defeated Recreation Plantation(4) 18 to 3 with Stonecrest

having its best hitting game of the year so far. Leading hitters for Recreation Plantation were Ron Burrill  and Pete Basinger with 2hits each.

Stonecrest was lead by Jack Peffer ,Joel Arnowitz and Butch Plummer 3 hits each.Don Huntington,Charly Mathews,Rich Gyger,Rich Rusher and Rick Smith with 2 hit apiece in a shorten 5 inning game.

 Umpires Phil Martin HP    Ed Mattheis Field





Royal Highlands vs Spruce Creek not played lack of players

Rec Plantation  Del Webb not played COVID




Stonecrest 4 Cynthia Steinmann Realty vs. Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales

A well played game. Stonecrest 4 Cynthia Steinmann Realty scored a single run in the top of  inning number eight and Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales could not answer in their half of inning number eight. Final score was Stonecrest 4 Cynthia Steinmann Realty 11 Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales 10.

Leading the way for Stonecrest 4 were Don Huntington with 4 hits, Rick McLucas with four hits and a towering home run and Rich Gyger with a home run.

Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales leading hitters were Mike Luptowski with 3 hits and Ray Sheffield with 3 hits.

Umpires: George Mathews, home plate John Lytle, bases


Del Webb, Division 4 home game tomorrow at 9:30 with Spruce Creek South, has been cancelled.



Division 4 Royal Highlands Four Location Real Estate 15 Del Webb Counts Roofing 10

Umpires: Cal Allison Home and Shiela Lofland Bases

Royal Highlands led the entire game with great hitting and a tough defense. Del Webb made a comeback in the 7th but 3rd baseman Keith Beile made a nice inning ending catch to stop the rally. Royal Highlands big hitters were Ken Cashmore 4 hits, Steve Debroeck, Tom Church, Keith Beile and Don Steffen with 3 hits. Del Webb’s best hitters were Bob Markey, Scott Bitner, and Dave Scafide all collecting 3 hits.


StoneCrest 18   StoneCrest wins  Spruce Creek 10.  

StoneCrest Jake Peffer  4 hits Joel Aronowitz  3hits Butch Plummer 3 hits Rich Gyger 2 hits Don Huntington2 hits Lynnie Colello 1 hit

Spruce Creek Al Debois 3 hits Bruce Beaty Home Run and one hit Rick Web 4 hits Kurt Weygant 2 hits







Del Webb 4 Counts Roofing vs. Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales.

Umpires: Home Plate, Sally Guerette Bases, John Lytle

Del Webb 4 Counts Roofing improved their record to 6-0 with a convincing win over Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales. The final score was 21-8. Del Webb scored five runs in the top of the first inning and never looked back. Leading hitters for Del Webb 4 were Dave Scafide 4-4 with a homerun, Scott Bitner 3 hits, Phil Woodward 3 hits and Jim Houtz 3 hits.

Recreation Plantation's record fell to 1-5. Leading hitters for RP were Jerry Daniels with 4 hits, Ron Burrill 3 hits, Ditch Hill 3 hits and Jay McClain 3 hits.

Thank you to the Del Webb squad for loaning RP a player as Recreation Plantation was forced to play the second game in a row with only 10 players.


Home game for Spruce Creek Results Division 4 resulted in a 4-1 win for Royal Highlands

Home plate umpire was Jay Kredo  First base umpire was Gary Richardson

Here are some highlights for scoring

It was mostly a pitchers duel until the 7th inning until Spruce Creek Scored one run.

Royal Highlands came back and scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th including a home run.

Bill Glisson 2-3 Steve Hunter 2-3 Jerry Hatmaker 3-3 Andy Beausoleil 2-3 Tim Stewart 2-3 Bruce Beatly1-3






Royal Highlands 4 Lokation Real Estate vs. Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales

On a day more suited for a football game than senior softball visitors Royal Highlands 4 Lokation Real Estate defeated an outmanned and player shortened Recreation Plantation 4 Harvey's RV Sales by a score of 22-8. Royal Highlands was in control of this game from the very first inning. Leading the way for Royal Highlands were Darren Cavanagh and Mike Gris with 5 hits each. Wayne Skaawp and Steve DeBrock added 4 hits each. Leading hitters for the losing team Recreation Plantation Harvey's RV Sales were Ron Burrill and Mike Luptowski with 4 hits and Pat Quail with 3 hits.


Umpires: John Lytle, home plate Sally Guerette, bases




Division 4 Del Webb Counts Roofing 16 Spruce Creek South Central Florida Kitchen 11

Umpires: Bill Casteel at Home and Jack DeMagistris on the Bases

Both teams played well on a cold windy day. Del Webb led the entire game but Spruce Creek kept the game close with good defense. Del Webb sluggers were Rick Vielhak with 5 hits, Kathy Harriman, Buck Strain and Dennis Burke all recording 4 hits. Good sportsmanship was exhibited by all on a fun day at the ball park.

Score: Del Web 16 and Spruce Creek 11.

Marty Schuck, Rick Webb were 3-5, while Bob Jones was 4-5. Austin Wetherell 3-4, Butch Lamotte 4-4 and Al De Bois was 3-3.

Al De Bois did a real good job as the short stop. snagging everything that came near him. I was impressed for what these 2 teams did today.

Division 4 Del Webb Counts Roofing 16 Spruce Creek South Central Florida Kitchen 11