††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Division 5




Holiday Village  15  Plantation USB  7

For Holiday Village, Dave Watt and Paul Brindamour  were 3 for 3. Jeff Beltz had two hits including a grand slam home run.  Pat Funch was the winning pitcher.

For the Plantation United Southern Bank, Tom Joaquin, Russ Roberson, Keith Kimble, Tom Smith, and BJ McNamera all had two hits.

Umpires: Danny Smith- home, Cheryl Cook - Bases.


Legacy 4 Stonecrest Remax     5

In a well played game--not much hitting--Stonecrest squeaked by Legacy  by 5-4.

Legacy was led by Byron Craig, Paul Kelly and Drew Skare with 3 hits.  Skare added a double .Gary Minor had a triple.

Three players for Stonecrest had 3 hits:  Stan Smith, Andy Erlick and Hank Tribu.  Bob Hein added 2 hits and 2 rbi.  

John Sanner was the winning pitcher.  Home plate umpire was Ed Mathias and Clancy Kaiser was in the field. Game time 1 hr 30 minutes.

3/5 Div 5:  Recreation Plantation at Hawthorne

HP umpire: Keith Kittle Base Umpire: George Lucia


Recreation Plantation 10 Hawthorne 11

Visiting Recreation Plantation jumped out to an early lead as Hawthorne's bats were sluggish.  Then in the late innings Hawthorne's bats came alive and they scored 9 of their 11 runs in the last 3 innings, pulling out an exciting 11-10 win.  Tom Green was 3-4 with 4 RBI and Jim Herbert and Larry Auer also had three hits for Hawthorne.  For Rec Plantation, Jim Wright had 4 hits and 3 RBI, Roger Pohl and Jerry Daniels added three hits apiece.


Royal Highlands 19-4 over Del Webb Mercy 5 innings

Home umpire Rome Marble Field Umpire- Kevin Kittle

Del Webb scored first to make it 2-0 Royal Highlands made it 5-2 Del webb made it 5-3 Royal Highlands made it 10-3 Royal Highlands made it 13-3 Royal Highlands made it 18-3 Del Webb made it 18-4 Royal highlands made it 19-4 in 5 innings.




Holiday 22 Legacy 7 in 7 innings

Fred Webb was winning pitcher, Bud Harburn had a in the park home run with many players with multiple hits.

For LegacyBrian Craig, Paul Kelly andMike Arimis were 2 for 3


Final Score Del webb Orthpedic Institube 26 Hawthore 25

Umpires Buck Strain Bases Bob Markey H/P

Hawthore John Watts 5./4 Hits 5 Rbi's Grand Slam H/R, Tom Green 5/4 Hits 1 Rbi's, Larry Auct 4/4 Hits 3 Rbi's

Del Webb Jack King 5 Hits 2 H/R 5 Rbi's. Fred Willman 5 Hits, Ron Newman 4 Hits 2 Rbi's, Jerry Williams 3 Hits 4 Rbi's, Warren Farina 4 Hits. 


Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 16, Plantation 5 (United Southern Bank) 3

On a perfect Tuesday morning for senior softball manager Greg Alms and his Plantation 5 (United Southern Bank) squad traveled north to Sacks Field to play Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales). The only problem Plantation ran into is they forgot their bats for the better part of the game. The final score was Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 16, Plantation 5 (United Southern Bank) 3. Leading hitters for Plantation 5 were Tom Joaquin, Ken Ochs and Phil Ekern with 2 hits each. Losing pitcher was Keith Kimble. For victorious Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) leading the way were Mike Luptowski 4 hits, Jim Wright 3 hits including two triples driving in 5 rbi's, Mark Graham 3 hits with 3 rbi's and Pat Quail with 3 hits. Winning pitcher for Recreation Plantation was Ditch Hill. Umpires for today's game were John Lytle behind the plate and Sally Guerette on the bases.


Royal Highlands beat Stonecrest 20-12

Field umpire -Tim Hockstad Plate Umpire-Rome Marble

Stonecrest went up 5-0 Royal Highlands tied it 5-5 Stonecrest went up 9-5 Royal Highlands made it 9-7 Royal Highlands made it 12-9 Stonecrest made it 12-10 Royal highlands made it 16-10 Stonecrest made it 16-12 Royal highlands made it 20-12






Royal Highlands 28      Plantation United Southern Bank 14

For Royal Highlands: no report.   For Plantation USB: Tom Joaquin was 4 for 4 with a double.  Russ Roberson was also 4 for 4.  Denis Ibey was 3 for 3.  Phil Ekern and Keith Kimble were both 3 for 4. Ken Ochs was 2 for 3 with a home run.


Stonecrest steineman 22  del webb orthopedic  2 


3 hits jon sanner 3hitsd 3 rbi's mike sherbine 3 hits 3 rbi's, dave richards 3hits 3 rbi's

Del webb steve angelo  2 hits , steve abel 2 hits 1 rbi


2/26/21: Holiday Village 20 at Hawthorne 13

HP Ump: Keith Kittle Base Ump: Kevin Kittle

Visiting Holiday Village jumped out to a big early lead and Hawthorne was not able to keep pace.  Trailing 20-6 going into the bottom of the 8th, Hawthorne rallied for 7 runs but it wasn't enough to overtake the juggernaut from Holiday Village who won 20-13.  Leading hitters for Hawthorne were George Mann and Rick LeVasseur both 3-3, and Howard Morgan with 4 RBI.  For the winning HV team, Rodger Dotson was 4-5 with 3 doubles, Dave Watt and Paul Brindamour were both 4-4.  Jack Barnes and Mike Langermann each had 3 RBI and winning pitcher Pat Funch had 4.


Game Report Legacy 51vs. Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 10

Visitors Legacy 5 scored their lone run in the top of the first inning and their bats went silent for the remainder of the game. Host Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) went on to defeat Legacy by a score of 10-1. Leading hitters for Legacy were Jim Cleary, Paul Kelly, Gary Minar and Dennis Beck each with 2 hits. Leading the way for Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) Mike Luptowski, Pete Basinger, Pat Quail and Mark Graham with 2 hits each. Umpires for today's game were George Mathews behind the plate and John Lytle on the bases.




Del webb orthopedic 22 plantation 7 

Umpires marty goldman h/p john morelli bases

Plantation russ roberson 3hits, kieth kimble 3hits

Del webb ron newman 4 hits , mitch abbott 4 hits 3 rbi;s, jack king 3 hits 4 rbi;s h/r


2/23/21 Div. 5: (Home) Hawthorne 18, (Visiting) Legacy 8. 

HP Ump: George Lucia, Base Ump: Keith Kittle

Hawthorne nickeled visiting Legacy the first two innings and cruised to an 18-8 win.  For Legacy, Ken Height was 3-3 and 7 other hitters had 2 hits apiece.   

For Hawthorne, Bill Bibler was 4-4 with 2 doubles; Tom Green 3-4 with a double, triple, & 3 RBI; John Watts 3-4 with 2 doubles & 4 RBI; and four batters went 3-3: Roddy Blackburn, Bob East, Rick LeVasseur, & George Mann.  Larry Auer pitched the entire game for the win. 


Royal Highlands        17 Stonecrest Remas       2

In a mercy rule game RH defeated Stonecrest in 5 innings.

Royal Highlands was led by Mike Griffin, Jim Lash and Mike Behling with 3 hits each.  Lash had a 2 run home run.

Larry Lalik and Bob Hein had 2 hits each for Stonecrest.

Rex Smith was the winning pitcher.

Phil Martin was plate umpire and Mike Reilly did the bases.

Game time 1 hour 5 minutes.


Holiday Village 13 vs. Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 10

Inrare back to back games Holiday Village traveled to Sacks Field to play Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales). And as in the previous two games between these teams Holiday Village defeated Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) by three runs. This time the final score was Holiday Village 13 Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 10. Leading the way for Holiday Village were Randy Teter and Pat Funch with4-4 batting performances. The winning pitcher for Holiday Village was Fred Webb. Recreation Plantation was lead by Mike Luptowski with 3 hits and 2 rbi's while four other players had two hits each. Umpires for today's game were John Lytle behind the plate and Sally Guerett on the bases.



Holiday 12 Recreation Plantation 9

After a rain delay Holiday hitters managed to fend off Rec Plantation for the win.

Winning pitcher was Pat Funch, Jeff Beltz was 3 for 4 as was Bud Harburn. For rec Plantation Pete Bobinger had 4 hits, Mark Graham had 3 hits and George Olivero had 2 hits

Home plate umpire was Mel Curran Field umpire was Butch Tanner


Hawthorne Royal Highlands Rain out


Stonecrest Del Webb Rain out


Plantation Legacy Rain Out




Holiday Village 15Plantation 11

A tough fought battle between Holiday Village and Plantation today. Winning pitcher was Fred Webb. Larry Harmeyer was 4 for 4. And Jack Barnes with an in the park home run. For Plantation Ken Ochs and Tom McNamara were 3 for 3

Home plate umpire was Sally Gurrette and field umpire was Butch Tanner


Div 5Rec Plantation 24 Legacy 17

On beautiful Tuesday afternoon Rec Plant defeated Legacy 24 to 17. Leading hitters fir Rec Plant Pete Basinger and George Olivero both had 4 hits. Jerry Daniels HR with 5 rbi's. Mike Luptowski had 3hits and was the winning pitcher in relief. For Legacy Drew Snare and Steve Kiriluk both had 4 hits. Jim Cleary, Byron Craig, Gary Minar and Marv Rockenbock all had 3 hits.               

Umpire HP Chad Baldwin  Bases Ken Mahoney.

Div. 5 Game 

(Home team) Hawthorne 19, (Visitors) Stonecrest 9.

HP Umpire: Kevin KittleBase Umpire: George Lucia

In Stonecrest's only visit to Hawthorne this season, they came out on the short end of a 19-9 score.  Hawthorne scored in every inning and had 36 hits. Leading the way for Hawthorne with 4 hits each were: Rich Morgan, Howard Bray, & John Watts (triple & 3 runs).  Howard Morgan, Tom Green, Bob East, Roddy Blackburn, Rich Uzzilia (3 RBI) & Larry Auer (4 RBI) all had three hits.

For Stonecrest, Ed Hancock's 4 RBI came on a bases-loaded triple & a single.  Jim Burgess, Hank Tribu, &  Mike Sherbine each had 3 hits.


Royal Highlands 13-6 over Del Webb

home plate umpire- Tim Hockstad field umpire- Rome Marble

Del Webb jumped out to a 2-0 lead Royal highlands made it 5-2 Royal highlands made it 10-2 Del Webb made it 10-3 Royal highlands made it 13-3 Del Webb made it 13-6For Del Webb Mitch Abbott- 3 hits 2RBI's Steve Angelo-3 hits 1 RBI Ron Newman-3 hits 2 RBI's Gino Torarek-2 hits, walk, RBI




Recreation plantation 16 del webb orthopedic 8

Unpires joe diana h/p carl herr bases

Rec plantation pat quill 3 hits 6 rbi;s, pete basinger 3 hits, dave furnival 3 hits, ron hendrix 4 hits, roger pohl 3 hits

Del webb ron newman 3 hits 1 rbi, steve angelo 2 hits i walk, steve abel 2 hits 2 rbi;s, warren farina 3 walks


Legacy                      5 Stonecrest Remax  14

Stonecrest was victorious in the game today.  

Legacy was led by Ken Height's 4 hits.  Paul Kelly chipped in with 3 hits.

John Cosenza and Jim Burgess led Stonecrest's attack with 4 hits each.  Burgess knocked in 5 runs.  Stan Smith added 3 hits and Andy Erlick contributed a 2 run home run for the winners. John Sanner was the winning pitcher.

Ed Matthias was home plate umpire and Phil Martin did the field.

Game time 1hr 40 minutes.


Holiday 11 Royal Highlands 10

Another hard fought battle between two tough teams, but Holiday hitters power through in the bottom of the 8th inning to come from behind for the victory. Duane Dagostino was 4 for 4 and Jim Lash was 3for 4 with a triple. The winning pitcher was Pat Funch, Dave Watt and Wayne Sok were 4 for 4 as well as the game winning hit by Rodger Dotson.

Home Base umpire was Sally Guerrette Butch Tanner was field umpire


Plantation 8Hawthorne 0Hawthorne forfeit




Del webb orthopedic institute 20 legacy highland lakes dental10

Umpires h/p john morelli bases shelton gus scorer bill crafts

Legacy paul kelly 5 hits, perry harold 4hits

Del webb rich brodala 3 hits 1 rbi, mitch abbott 3 hits 5 rbi's,gino tokarek 3 hits 1 rbi, bob wright 3 hits 2 rbi's, jack morris 3 hits.


Holiday 13 Royal Highlands12

It was a huge battle back and forth but Holiday came back in the 8th inning to win the game against the undefeated Highlands team! The winning pitcher was Pat Funch. Holiday hitters were Paul Brindamour, Jack Barnes and Pat Funch! For Royal Highlands Mike Griffen was 3 for 4 Rick Smith was the pitcher and was 2 for 4 The umpires were Ray Wynuck on home plate and Mel Curan was field umpire


Game Report Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 14 vs Stonecrest 5

A well played defensive game host Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) defeated visitors Stonecrest 5 by a score of 14-5. Leading hitters for the visiting Stonecrest 5 team were Jim Burgess with 3 hits and Larry Lalik with 2 hits. Bob Hein chipped in with 2 rbi's. Leading hitters for host team Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) were Mike Luptowski with 3 hits, Dave Furnivall with 3 hits and four rbi's, and five other players with 2 hits each. Umpires for today's game were John Lytle, home plate and Sally Guerette on the bases.






Royal Highlands beat Holiday Village 24-23

Home umpire Kevin kittle field umpire Rome Marble

Holiday made it 3-0 holiday made it 7-0 Royal highlands made it 7-1 Royal highlands made it 7-7 Holiday made it 10-7 Royal highlands made it 12-10 holiday made it 15-12royal highlands made it 16-15 holiday made it 20-16 royal highlands made it 22-16

holiday made it 22-20 royal highlands made it 24-20 Holiday made it 24-23


D-5 game of 2/5/21, Visiting Harvey's RV Sales (Recreation Plantation) 16, Hawthorne 13.

Home Plate Umpire: Keith Kittle,  Base Umpire: Kevin Kittle

Recreation Plantation scored 5 in the first, 5 in the third, and 3 in the 4th, leading 10-1 in the third but Hawthorne tied it at 13 all in the bottom of the 5th.  RP added 3 in the top of the 6th and held Hawthorne scoreless over the last three innings.  For RP, Pete Basinger was 4-4, winning pitcher Mike Luptowski had 3 hits and 3 RBIs, and Mark Graham and Jim Wright added three hits each.  Hawthorne was lead by Larry Auer's 3 hits and 3 RBIs.   Jim Herbert, John Watts, Rich Morgan, & Rich Uzzilia had 3 hits apiece. 

del webb orthopedic 23 platation united southern institute 22

umpires bernie schvinch h/p buck strain bases

plantation gary beul 3hits, rudy carreno 3 hits, ken ochs 4 hits, phil ekern 5 hits,tom joaquin 4 hits, ray jordan 4 hits, tom smith 3 hits greg alms 3 hits

del webb jack king 4hits 2 h/r 5 rbi's, mitch abbott 4 hits,steve angelo 5 hits 2 rbi's, bob wright 4 hits 1 rbi,dean peterson 3 hits h/r  6 rbi's


Stonecrest 16 Legacy 1 No further report



No Games



Legacy 8             Plantation United Southern Bank    15       in 7.5 innings.

Byron Craig lead all hitters for Legacy by going 4 for 4.  Ken Height, Lou Altomari, and Steve Kirlicukle were all 3 for 4.   For the Plantation USB team, Ken Ochs was 3 for 4.   Gary Beul, Russ Roberson, Dan Lyall, Phil Ekern, Rudy Carreno, Tom Joaquin, BJ McNamera, Tom Smith and winning pitcher Ray Jordan all had 2 hits.

Umpires:  Karl Mehn - home, Cheryl Cook- bases.


Umpires Sally Guerrette and Mel Curan

Holiday 28 Stonecrest 25

Another exciting game between Holiday and Stonecrest. Top hitters for Stonecrest were Hank Tribu, Dave Richards, and Mike Shurbinewith 3 hits each.

Winning pitcher was Pat Funch, Paul Brindamour had two triples and a double, Wyane Sok was 5 for 5 Sent from my iPad


(visitors) Royal Highlands 14, )Home) Hawthorne 13

Umpires, Home plate: Romie Marble,  Bases: Keith Kittle

In their one and only trip to Hawthorne this season, Royal Highlands emerged victorious again 14-13 as Hawthorne failed to score in the bottom of the eighth.  Hawthorne's leading hitters were Rich Uzzilia and Howard Bray, both 4-4.  Rich Morgan, Larry Auer, Tom Green, Howard Morgan, and John Watts (bases loaded triple) were all 3-4.

For Royal Highlands, Jim Lash was 4-4 with a double, triple, and 3 RBI.  Mike Griffin (homer), Mike Behling, Warren Linder, & Terry Charland all were 3-4 with 2 RBI and Duane Dagostino, Ed Bryant, Brad Danse, & Keith Pierson were also 3-4.


On a sunny but cold Friday morning Del Webb (Orthopedic Institute) traveled to Harry Sacks Field to play Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales). The final score was Recreation Plantation 9 Del Webb 4. Leading hitters for Del Webb were Gino Tokarek 3-3 with 1 rbi and Jerry Williams 3-3. Leading hitters for Recreation Plantation were Ron Burrill 3 hits, Jay McClain 3 hits, Mark Graham, Ron Jackson and Jack Butler with 2 hits each. Umpires for today's game were John Lytle and George Mathews.[mb1] 






Royal Highlands 2 over Legacy    18-3

Royal Highlands led 5-0 Royal Highlands led 8-0 Legacy made it 8-1Legacy made it 8-2 Royal Highlands made it 13-2 Legacy made it 13-3 Royal Highlands made it 18-3 Div 5 Royal Highlands18Legacy3

Umpires HP Ron Pearson  Bases Roger After 7 innings Royal Highlands 18 Legacy 3.


Plantation USB      12 Stonecrest Remax  14

In a well played game Stonecrest came back from five runs down to score 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to get the win.

Plantation was led by Denis Ibey's 4hits.  Phil Ekern and Keith Kimble added 3 hits each and Ken Ochs had a 3 run home run.

Three players from Stonecrest had 3 hits:  Larry Lalik, Bob Hein and John SannerSanner had 2 doubles.  Jim Burgess knocked in 3 runs.

Umpires were Phil Martin at the plate and Mike Reilly in the field.  Game time 1 hour 30 minutes


Holiday Village 16 Del Webb 18 9 innings.

RayWynuck base umpire and Sally Guerrette was home plate umpire

In extra innings Del Webb hung on to take the day. The winning pitcher Bob Wright; Mitch Abbot had a home run and 3 hits, Ron Newman had 4 hits, for Holiday Yvon Trembly pitched while Bud Harburn was 3 for 5 as well as Larry Harmeyer.


Hawthorne 5 vs. Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales).

Final score Hawthorne 5 15 Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) 12.

Leading hitters for Hawthorne 5 were Tom Green 3-3, John Watts 2-3 with 3 rbi's. Larry Auer 4-4 with 2 rbi's and Rich Morgan 3-4 with 2 rbi's.

For Recreation Plantation Jim Wright had 3 hits with six other players with 2 hits each.

Umpires: George Mathews, plate and John Lytle bases.





Holiday Villlage 23Stonecrest†† 21 It took 9 innings

Winning pitcher was John Sanner who also had 4 hits with inside the park home run. Other hitters for Stonecrest were John Cosenza with 3 hits, Danny Reyes 3 hits, Hank Tribu 3 hits. holiday had 2 players hit home runs Dave Watt and Wyane Sok. Rodger Dotson was 4 for 5

Umpires were Butch Tanner and Mel Curran


Div. 5  1/22/21

Visitors: Plantation,   Home: Hawthorne Plate umpire: Keith Kittle Base umpire: Romie Marble

Final score: Plantation 21, Hawthorne 18 (11 innings)

Hawthorne tied the score at 14 in the bottom of the 8th inning.  Then each team scored 1 run in the 9th and 10th innings before Plantation put up 5 in the top of the 11th and Hawthorne countered with just 2.  Plantation's leading hitters with 4 each were B.J. McNamara, Rudy Carreno, & Phil Ekern.  Steve Morgan & Ray Jordan had 3 RBI apiece.  For Hawthorne, Jim Herbert was 6-6, Howard Morgan 5-6, and George Mann & Rich Uzzilia had 4 hits each.


Del Webb orthopedic 24 legacy highland lakes dental 9

Umpires dj jones h/p, carl herr bases

Legacy jane mckinzie had 2 hits & played a outstanding shortstop, steve kirlick had 2 hits

Del Webb mitch abbott 4 hits h/r 3 rbi;s, ron newman 4 hits 4 rbi;s, dean peterson 4 hits 3 rbi;s, bob wright 4 hits h/r 4 rbi's, jack king 3 hits h/r 3 rbi's


Royal Highlands 5 continued their dominance of Division 5 with a convincing win over Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) by a score of 23-12.

Umpires for today's game were: Sally Guerette, plate and John Lytle, bases.

No information was provided by Royal Highlands 5.

Leading hitters for Recreation Plantation (Harvey's RV Sales) were Ron Burrill, Mark Graham, Pat Quail and Jerry Daniels with three hits each. Jerry Daniels also had an inside the park home run.








Royal Highlands Beat Stonecrest 22-18

Home umpire-D Anderson Field Umpire-Bob Young

Stonecrest went up 5-0 Royal Highlands tied it 5-5 Royal Highlands went 10-5 Royal Highlands went up 11-5 Stonecrest tied it 11-11 Stonecrest went up 15-11 Royal highlands made it 15-12 Stonecrest made it 17-12 Royal Highlands made it 17-17 Stonecrest made it 18-17 Royal Highlands made it 22-18

For Stonecrest Ed Hancock 3 hits Lary Lalik 3 rbi Clay Russell 4 hits John Sanner 3 RBI Danny Reyes 4 hits Bob Hein 3 RBI


Div 5 Legacy 14Plantation 13

Legacy scored 9 runs in the last 3 innings to pull out q 14 to 13 win against Plantation.Leading hitter for Plantation was Dan Lyall with 4 hits. Gary Beul, Russ Roberson, Tom Joaquin and Steve Morgan all had 3 hits. For Legacy Paul Kelly and Ken Height both had 4 hits. Paul drove in the winning run. Perry Harold and Marve Rockenback chipped in with 3 hits a piece.                                                                                             

Umpires  HP Roger Raymond   Bases Scott Mckinley


D5 - (Home) Hawthorne 13, (Visitors) Orthopedic Institute (Del Webb) 12.

Home plate umpire: Romie Marble,  Base umpire: Keith Kittle

In just their 4th home game of the season, Hawthorne used a 5-run 6th and a 5-run 8th to score a walk-off win over visiting Del Webb.   Leading hitters for Hawthorne were: Jim Herbert 4-4, 2 RBI; Howard Morgan, Bill Bibler, & George Mann 3 hits & 2 RBI each; and John Watts with a HR and 3 RBI.  For Del Webb: Jack King had 4 hits & 3 RBI and 3 hits each for Dean Peterson, Jack Morris, Rich Brodala, & Jerry Williams.


On a cold Tuesday morning Holiday Village rallied from a 5-0 deficit and went on to defeat Recreation Plantation (Harveyís RV Sales) by a score of 10-7.

 The winning pitcher for Holiday Village was Pat Funch who also went 4-4 at the plate. Roger Dotson was also 4-4. Chipping in with a 3-3 hitting performance was Jeff Beltz. Managing today for Holiday Village was Fred Webb.

Leading hitters for Recreation Plantation (Harveyís RV Sales) were Ron Burrill, Jim Wright, Jay McClain, Mark Graham and Ron Hendrix with 2 hits each.

Umpires for todayís game were: John Lytle, home plate and Sally Guerette, bases.





Div 5Rec Plantation19Legacy5

Umpires HP Dale Dickey  Bases Jim Clerly                                                                                                     

Final score Rec Plantation 19 Legacy 5. Leading hitters for Rec Plan were Jerry Daniels with 4 hits and Ron Burrill, Pete Bassinger,Pat Quail all with 3 hits. Marvelous Marve Rockenbuck continued his hot hitting for Legacy going 3/3 with a HR


Holiday Village    26             Plantation United Southern Bank 24 in 8 innings

Holiday Village scored 10 runs in the top of the eighth inning for the come from behind win.  For Holiday Village, Paul Brindamour, winning pitcher Fred Webb, and Randy Teter ( Including a single, double, triple and inside the park home run) all went 5 for 5.  For the Plantation United southern Bank team, Steve Morgan went 5 for 5 including two doubles.  Russ Roberson had 4 hits.  Phil Ekern, Ken Ochs, Gary Beul, Tom Joaquin, and Dan Lyall all had 3 hits.  Rudy Carreno, Keith Kimble, BJ McNamara, Denis Ibey, Paul Carfagna and Greg Alms all had 2 hits.


Royal Highlands 2 beat Hawthorne 19-18

Home Umpire-Keith Kittle Field Umpire-Bob Young

Hawthorne scored first to make it 2-0 Royal highlands tied it up at 2-2 Royal Highlands went up 3-2 Hawthorne made it 7-3 Royal Highlands made it 8-7 Hawthorne made it 10-8 Royal highlands made it 10-9 Hawthorne made it 14-9 Royal Highlands made it 14-11 Hawthorne made it 18-11 Royal highlands scored 8 in the last of the 8th to make it 19-18

For Hawthorne Howard Morgan went 4 for 5 Tom Green went 4-4 Rich Uzzilia  went 3 for 4 with a home and 5RBI


DW Orthopedic Institute      7 Stonecrest Remax    9

Del Webb's rally fell a little short in the 8th inning as Stonecrest held on for the win.  Mitch Abbott led DW with 4 hits and 3 RBI.  Steve Angelo and Ron Newman added 3 hits each.

Stonecrest was led by Clay Russell's 3 hits and he was the winning pitcher.  Five other players had 2 hits each.

Home plate umpire was Ed Mathias and Phil Martin did the bases.  Time of game  1 hour 20 minutes.







Div 5 Hawthrone20Legacy13

Umpires Home Plate Dale Dickey  Bases Chad Baldwin                                                            

Leading hitters for Hawthrone were John Wats with 5 hits and Howard Morgan with 4 hits one a triple. For Legacy Dennis Beck was 3/3. Final score Hawthrone 20 Legacy 13.



Royal highlands-lokation real eastate 33 del webb orthopedic institute 19

Umpires john morelli h/p buck strain bases

Royal highlands dale blanton 5 out of 6, jim lashy 5 ot of 6

Del webb jack  3 hits 2 rbi, jack morris 4 hits, rich brodala 3 hits 4 rbi, mitch abbott 3 hits 2 rbi


Holiday Village           20†††† Stonecrest Remax        8

Holiday broke open the game with 8 runs in the eighth inning to win going away.  They were led by Jeff Bentz' 4 hits and 4 rbi.  Bud Harburn and Mark McCallen added 4 hits each.  Pat Funch was the winning pitcher Stan Smith continued his hot hitting with 3 hits  Andy Erlick and John Sanner also had 3 hits for Stonecrest.

Mike Reilly was behind the plate and Ed Matthias did the base umpiring.  Game time1 hour 35 minutes.


Recreation Plantation    11      Plantation United Southern Bank 15        in 7.5 innnings

For Recreation Plantation, six players had 3 hits: Jim Wright, Jay McClain, Pat Quail, Mike Luptowski, Jerry Daniels and Ron Burrill. Pete Bashinger and Denny DeBouche had 2 hits each For Plantation United Southern Bank, Rudy Carreno went 4 for 4 including a double.  Winning pitcher Ray Jordan was 3 for 3 including a double and triple.  Ken Ochs had three hits including two doubles.

Gary Beul had three hits including a triple.   BJ McNamera went 3 for 3.  Phil Ekern had two hits and a walk.  Tom Smith had two hits including a double.  Dan Lyall and Denis Ibey were both 2 for 3.

Umpires:  Tim Hockstad (Home, then Bases), Joan James (Bases, then Home)





Holiday 23††† Hawthorne 8

A cold windy day was the forecast but the bats of Holiday were red hot! Fred Webb and Dave watt were 4 for 4. Watt hit his first ever OTF home run while Fred Webb was the winning pitcher. Hawthorneís ace pitcher had a good game and he chipped in with 3 for 3 with his bat. Tom Greene and John Watts had doubles.

Butch Tanner and Bob Thompson were the umpires.


Stonecrest    31            Plantation    15     in 8 innings

For Stonecrest, Stan Smith led all batters with 6 hits!  Ed Hancock had

4 hits and 4 RBIs.  John Cosenza had a triple, double, and 5 RBIs. Larry Lalik, Jim Burgess, John Sanner, and winning pitcher Clay Russell all had four hits.  Dave Richards had 3 hits.  For the Plantation, Steve Morgan, Ken Ochs, Phil Ekern, and Tom Smith had three hits.  Rudy Carreno , Gary Beul, Keith Kimble, BJ McNamara, and Denis Ibey all had 2 hits.

Umpires: Darrell Cook (home), Cheryl Cook (bases)


Royal Highlands 2 beat Recreation Plantation 15-9

Umpires Home Plate-Kevin Kittle Field Umpire- Rome Marble

Recreation Plantation jumped out to a 2-0 lead Royal Highlands answered back to make it 4-2 Royal Highlands made it 5-2 Plantation made it 5-5 Royal Highlands made it 8-5 Plantation made it 8-8 Royal Highlands made it 10-8 Royal Highlands made it 15-8 Plantation made it 15-9

For Plantation Mike Luptowski had 2 hits Pete Basinger had 2 hits Ray Mcclain had 2 hits Ron Jackson had 3 hits Jim Wright had 3 Hits


Div 5††† Del Webb17Legacy1

On cool Friday morning Del Webb defeated Legacy 17 to 1. Leading hitters for Del Webb were Mitch Abbott with 5 hits and Jack King and Dean Petterson both with 4 hits. Dennis Beck and Steve Kirilcikboth had 2 hits for Legacy.

Umpire  Dale Dickey.



Holiday Village 29Legacy 17†† Div 5

The return of softball brought a slug feast to Legacy ball park--Holiday Travel 29 Legacy 17. Holiday Travel recorded 46 hits while Legacy batters recorded 30. Umpires Chad Baldwin 

Plate  Roger Raymond  Bases.


Royal Highlands 17 Plantation 9

Home plate Steve Licata Field Umpire Rome Marble

Plantation started with a 2-0 lead over Royal Highlands Royal highlands answered and made it 4-2 Royal highlands scored again and made it 10-2 Plantation answered back and made it 10-6 Royal Highlands made it 12-6 Royal highlands made it 16-6 Plantation made it 16-9 Royal Highlands made it 17-9

For Plantation Russ Roberson was 3 for 4 Phil Ekern was 3 for 4 Tom McNamara was 3 for 3 Keith Kimble was 3 for 3

It was a good competitive game enjoyed by all.



Umpires rick gepheart hp kathy cambell bases bill crafts scorer

Hawthorne john watts 5 hits 3 rbi;s, howars morgan 3 hits 4 rbi's, tom green 3 hits 3 rbi's, larry auer 3 hits 2 rbi's

Del webb jack king 4 hits 3 hr 7 rbi;s, gino tokarek 5 hits 1 rbi, fred william 4 hits 1 rbi, ron newman 4 hits 1 rbi, mitch abbott 3 hits hr 6 rbi, steve angelo 3 hits hr 1 rbi


Rec. Plant. Harvey's RVSales    20 Stonecrest Remax  Realty 15   

Stonecrest' s rally fell short in the 8th inning and Rec. Plantation held on for the win.

Ron Burrill led the winners with 5 hits including a triple.  Mike Luptowski added 4 hits and a triple.  Jim Wright had 4 hits as well. 

Jerry Daniels made a great catch in left field to rob Bob Hein of a sure hit. Ditch Hill was the winning pitcher.

Larry Lalik led Stonecrest with 4hits-one a triple and 3 rbi.  John Sanner had 3 hits along wiPlath Stan Smith.  Ed Hancock had 2 triples--one that cleared the bases for 3 rbi

Plate umpire was Mike Reilly and field was  Ed Mattheis.  Game time 1 hour 45 minutes.



Stonecrest    6 Plantation    7     in 7.5 innings

Umpires:  Home - John Vain,  Bases - Bill Magley The Plantation's field this afternoon was in bright sun. Unfortunately by the third inning, it was also in the batter's eyes obscuring the pitches.    For Stonecrest, John Cosenza had 3 hits, Danny Reyes had 2 hits including a triple.  Bob Hein and Dave Richards had 2 hits.

For the Plantation, Rudy Carreno, Dan Lyall, Ken Ochs, Paul Carfagna, BJ MaNamara,  and winning pitcher Russ King all had two hits.


Div. 5 game 12-18-2020 Field Umpire" Romie Marble Plate Umpire: George Lucia

Visiting team: Legacy Home team: Hawthorne 

Hawthorne 20, Legacy 5 (7 innings , mercy rule)

On a very chilly morning, Hawthorne's bats were red hot leading to a mercy rule win over visiting Legacy.  Legacy was lead by Ken Height with 3 hits & 2 RBIs and Ron Okoren with 3 hits & 1 RBI. For Hawthorne, WP Bill Bibler was 5-5 with 5 runs scored.  Chipping in with four hits apiece were: Jim Herbert, Howard Morgan, Tom Green, John Watts, Larry Auer, & Johnny Shelton.   





D-5 Royal Highlands 23 Clerbrook 5

Opening the gameís first inning with a 5-3 lead, Royal Highlands never looked back, defeating the host Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort, 23-5.


Duane Dagastino (4 hits, 5 RBIís) and Mike Griffin (4 hits, 3 RBIís, 2 doubles) led the visitorís hitting onslaught, while Warren Linder (3 hits, 2 RBIís, triple), Dale Blenton (3 hits, 2 RBIís, triple), Mike Behling (3 hits, 2 RBIís), and Jim Lash (2 triples, 3 RBIís) each chipped in.


Clerbrook pushed the game to 6 innings with 3 hits from Steve Fitzherbert, 2 from JC Tremblay, a home run by Joe Strauss, and a triple by Bill Campbell.


Officials: plate-Steve Licata; bases-Romy Marble.


Hawthorne           10†† Stonecrest Remax 11

In a rematch from last week Stonecrest came out on top by one one this time.

Hawthorne was led by Rich Uzzilia and John Watts with 4 hits each.  Tom Green and George Mann added 3 hits each.  Bob East had 3 rbis.

John Sanner led Stonecrest with 3 hits and was the winning pitcher.

Danny Reyes drove in 3 runs with a triple as did Hank Tribu with a 2 run triple.  Bob Hein chipped in 2 hits for the winners.

Clancy Kaiser was home plate umpire and Mike Reilly was field.

Time of game 1 hour 20 minutes

Plantation Del Webb not played COVID




Del Webb  14    Plantation United Southern Bank  9        ( 8 innings)

Umpires:  Home - Joan James, Bases - Dennis Anderson

For Del Webb, Ron Newman had 5 hits and 1 RBI, Jerry Williams had 4 hits and 2 RBIs,  Mitch Abbott had 3 hits including a grand slam HR and 7 RBIs, Jack Morris had 3 hits and 1 RBI.  Steve Angelo had 3 hits.

For Plantation USB, Phil Ekern was 4 for 4, Dan Lyall was 3 for 4, Ken Ochs was 3 for 4, Denis Ibey was 3 for 4.



IN A VERY TIGHTLY CONTESTED game Hawthorne scored 2 runs in the 8th inning to win by one run.  Jim Herbert, John Watts, and Bob East led Hawthorne with 4 hits each.  Bill Bibber hsd 3 hits and 3 RBI as did Howard Morgan.  Bibber was the winning pitcher.  Rich Uzzilia had a 2 run home run and triple in his 3 hits.

Stonecrest had 5 players with 3 hits each:  Stan Smith, Ed Hancock,Jim Burgess, Larry Lalik, and Bob Hein.  Burgess drove in 5 runs with his hits.

Mike Reilly was home plate umpire and Ed Mattheis was field.  Game time 1 hr 45 minutes.


D5 Legacy 7, Clerbrook 6

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort hosted Legacy on a sunny mid-December morning. Legacy notched their second win of the season in a close 7-6 win over Clerbrook.

Clerbrook led 6-2 through 5 innings before Legacy exploded for 4 runs to tie the game in the sixth. Ron Dkorenís singled in the top of the seventh to score the go ahead run.

Paul Kelly, Gary Minar, and Perry Harold led the winners as each contributed 2 hits, and Lou Altimari chipped in 2 RBIís.

Clerbrook was led by Bill Campbellís 3 hits, including a triple, double, and a single. Dale Price helped his own cause with a pair of singles, while Steve Fitzherbert came up with 2 more hits and 2 RBIís.

Plate umpire: Steve Licata. Bases: Romy Marble.








Legacy 10 Del Webb 15

Game Between Legacy And Home Team Del Webb

Legacy Gary Mirar 3/3 Jane Mckinzie Made Outstanding Plays On Defense

Umpires Bob Markey And Marty Goldman





Clerbrook              12†† Stonecrest Remax   19

In a closely contested game Stonecrest came out on top by the final score.

 Clerbrook was led by Bill Campbell who had 4 hits--all triples- and 4 rbis.  Lisa Brass, Dewey Tabbert, and JC Trembly each added three hits.   

Stan(the Man) Smith led Stonecrest's attack with 4 hits.  John Cosenza, Andy Erlick, Jim Burgess and Ed Hancock all added 3 hits.  One of Hancock,s hits was a grand slam hr and he had 6 RBI.  John Sanner was the winning pitcher and he plated 4 runs.

Home plate umpire was Ed Matthias and Phil Martin was field ump.  Game time 1 hr. 50 minutes.


 Joan James - field umpire Did not catch his name- Home umpire

Royal Highlands 2 won over Plantation   16-11

Royal highlands went up 2-0 over Plantation. Plantation came back at 3-2. Royal Highlands went up 8-3. then 13-3 and 16-6in the last inning Plantation battled back to make it 16-11.







Today's softball game with Plantation &Stonecrest is canceled


12/4/2020 Division 5 game report:

Plate Umpire: Steve Licata†† Field Umpire: Romie Marble

Visiting Team: Del Webb Home Team:  Hawthorne

Hawthorne 14, Del Webb 9

Hawthorne jumped out to a 10-1 lead after 3 innings but the losing Del Webb team continued hitting & didn't give up with the final score a respectable 5 run margin.  For Del Webb, Dean Peterson had 4 hits, Steve Angelo 3 hits & 3 RBIs, and Bob Wright, Fred Willman, & Steve Abel each had two hits.    For Hawthorne, John Watts was 3-3 with 2 doubles and 3 RBIs, Howard Morgan had 4 RBIs, and Tom Green, Jim Herbert, Roddy Blackburn, and winning pitcher Bill Bibler each had 3 hits.




Hawthorne   12 Plantation United Southern Bank  14        (7.5 innings)

The leading hitters for Hawthorne were Jim Herbert (5 for 5), Rich Uzzilia (4 for 5), and Roddy Blackburn (4 for 4).   For the Plantation USB team, Tom Smith led all hitters going 4 for 4.  Dan Lyall had 3 hits including a double.  Tom Joaqiun, Denis Ibey and Gary Beul all were 3 for 4.  Russ King was the winning pitcher. Umpires: Home - Darryl Cook, Bases - Cheryl Cook

Del Webb19Legacy8

Umpires   Plate Jim Cleary     Bases  DaleDickey

Del Webb scored 11 in the seventh and eighth innings to pull out a 19 to 8 victory over Legacy. Leading hitters for Del Webb were Steve Angelo, Gino Tokarek, Mary Jambor and Ron Newman all with 3 hits. Leading hitters for Legacy were Gary Minar and Dennis Beck 3/3.

D-5 Stonecrest 18 Clerbrook 3

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort hosted Stonecrest ReMax under sunny blue skies, laced with sub-50 degree winds. After jumping ahead 5-2 after one inning, Stonecrest continued with their hitting barrage, concluding with an 18-3 win.


Jim Burgess led the visitors with a triple and 2 more hits with 3 RBIís, while Clay Russell, the winning pitcher, contributed 3 hits to his cause. Larry Lalik chipped in 3 RBIís with his 2 hits, and Danny Reyes was the long ball hitter with a home run and a double, adding 2 RBIís.


The home team, Clerbrook, was lead by Joe Strauss with 2 hits, including a double, and Lisa Brass with 2 hits.


Plate Ump: Steve LacataBase Ump: Joan James