Division 6




D-6 Clerbrook 21, Stonecrest 12

On a beautiful early March morning, Clerbrook was able to avenge their loss earlier in the week to host Stonecrest. As the host team today, Clerbrook got back into the win column with a 21-12 victory.

JC Tremblay led the way for Clerbrook with 4 hits, with Bill Campbell and Steve Fitzherbert each chipping in 3 hits. Larry Cagle blasted two doubles.

True Burns (3 hits, 2 triples, 3 RBI’s), Jim Brian, and Don Goerlich paced the Stonecrest attack with 3 hits apiece. Dick Willete had 2 hits with a home run.

Plate Umpire: Tim Hockstad  Base Umpire: Steve Licotta



Umpires   HOME PLATE-- Galen Friend First Base--       Jim Lower.

Holiday Village jumped out to 5 runs in the first inning  and pennbrooke led the game after 5 innings by a score of 17 to 6.  Holoday Village came bach to score 11 runs in the next 3 innings but could not pull it out. Losing to Pennbrooke by a score of 19 to 17.

For Holiday Village---David Westbrooke-- Dick Reed had 4 hit Nadine Spada-- Dave Walter& Mel Curran each had 3 hits. Joe Buttlieri & Pat Curran each had 2 hits.

For Pennbrooke--     Curt Johnson had 4 hits with a double. Wayne Hyde had 4 hits.  Allan Chandler had 4 hits with a double. Woody Davis had 3 hits. Zeke Zilka had 3 hits. Everett Powell had 3 hits with a double.  Tom Mysliwice& Gill Volling each had 2 hits.


Today's game was won by Water Oak 23 to 6.

For Water Oak Sam Miller was 4 for 4 with a Home Run,   Ed Altman was 4 for 4 with a triple. Dan Kemp and Kurt Neudeck both had triples. Also Randy Lawson and Carl Cromwell were 3 for 3.

For Plantation Mary Grace was 3 for 3, John Mohler was 2 for 3 with a double, and Bill Earle was also 2 for 3.

The umpires were Bob Witkes at the plate and Donna Pioli on the bases.



Spruce Creek 4    Sun Lake 11

Umpire behind the place was Fred Cooper Umpire in the field was Paul Martz

They both Umpired a good game. Sun Lake stats: Giulio Garfi did a excellent job with 4/4 and an rbi

David Dean 1 rbi, Mark Campbell 2 rbi's and Steve McDonald 2 rbi's weren't to shabby either, with 3/4.

Art Dickens and Chuck Hazelbaker were 2/3. I can see why they are in first place with there short stop, Mark Campbells glove.

Spruce Creek stats: the only person to talk about was Mike Perry, our left center. He was 2/3 with a home run.I don't know if it was we were that bad today that we should have been in the 8th division if we had one or they should be in the 4th division because they out classed us from about the 3rd inning on.   


Hawthorne beat Continental 17 to 2. In 6 innings Mercy rule

Umpires Home plate Keith Kittle basses Jim Herbert

For CCC Scott Groh went 3 for 3 Frank Snyder Barry Brook. Roberto Mator had 2 hits each They had two pitches that only had pitch two games this year

For Hawthorne Dave Bowers had 3 hits Mark Baierlipp had a double and triple Butch Lichtenberg Chuck Dhonndt Nick Kissling Bill jones. John Perez all had 2 hits each






Tuesday  3--2--21  Game Time  11:30

D6 Sunlake (Home) against  Semper Fi Cooling and Heating, Holiday Village RV Park (Away)

Score: Sunlake 19  Holiday Village 8

Umpires: Home Plate: Jim Milligan Bases: Dave Brown

Another great game under partly sunny skies between two good teams. It was anybody's game up until the 6th inning with the lead going back and forth, but, Sunlake bats came through in the later innings to solidify the victory. For Holiday Village, Joe Buttlieri and Cindy Thompson went 3for4 with some great hits! Nadine Spada, Dick Reed, Mike Brauch and Ray Wnuck all went 2for4 with some solid hits and Dave Walter had a clean double. For Sunlake, Steve McDonald went 4for4 with a double. Giulio Garfi went 3for4 with a double and 3RBIs. Dave Froehlich went 3for4 with a double and Sandy Wurst, on her birthday today had a few good hits and 2RBIs. Don Rust went 2for3 and the winning pitcher, Mark Weaver, went 3for3 with 3RBIs.



Spruce Creek  19 vs Hawthorne 3

Umpire behind the plate was Fred Cooper Umpire in the field was Gary Richardson

Spruce Creek won the game against Hawthorne.

Hawthorne stats: Bill Jones was 2/2 with 2 RBI's, Dave Bowers had 1 RBI. Ron Brink and Butch Lichtenberger were also 2-2. Hawthorne was a good team and we only had 1 mishap that there coach was right and it will never happen again.

Spruce Creek stats:

Jim Wallace, Tony Harris, Wayne Wright were 3-4. Gary Desjardin and Bruce Beatty were 3-3. Pete Morden, Kurt Weygant, Kevin Thompson and Tim Stewart were 2-3. Billy Licatovich, who is 74, and can still move pretty fast and did a great job protecting the middle. Our older guys time and again keep showing us up. It is a pleasure being on and off the field with them.


Pennbrooke v/s Continental at Pennbrooke  

UMPIRES -- 1st Base-----    Joe Grumski & Home plate-- John Martucci.

Continental came out swinging and scored 5 runs in the first inning. 

Pennbrooke came back to win by a score of 25 to 10 in the 7 th inning.

For Continental---  Leo Dorsey& Barry Brooks had 4 hits each. Bob Skidmore had 3 hits  followed by 2 hits each from Lori Story--Frank Snyder--Ray Calvin--Roberto Martir & Tom Hoesch.

Congratulations to Bob McVay & Bob Skidmore for doing a good job at pitching in a game for the first time ever.

For Pennbrooke---Curt Johnson had 2  hits with a triple--- Zeke Zilka had 2 hits with a home run-- Everett Powell had 2 hits with a double and a triple. Anthony Joseph also had 2 hits with a triple.  Woody Davis-- Marian Milham-- Rich Marshall --Jerry Gilkey  & Allan Chandler each had 2 hits


Today's game was won by Water Oak 25 to 9.

For Water Oak Mike Reboulet, Frank Fuentes, Sam Miller, and Kevin Brady hit Home Runs.

Mike Downey had a triple, and Ron Drewa was 5 for 5.  Fuentes and Constable had doubles.

For Plantation Dianne Mehn and John Mohler were 3 for 4.  Mohler had a double.

Lois Witkes and Joan James were both 2 for 3.

The umpires were Cheryl Cook at the plate and Dave Lanier on the bases.


D6 Stonecrest hosted 1130 game  against Clerbrook final score  22/21 ST winner .

Umpires were Clancy Kaiser Homeplate/Ed Mattheis field  

Jim Campbell has 4 hits 3 RBIs  Larry Cagle had 3 hits 5 RBIs  For ST Jim Brian went 3 for  5 Jim Nuccetelli 5 for 5 5 RBIs a HR powered by Jim B runner in the 2nd Pam Kemp went 5 for 5 Dick Willette went 5 for 5 Wally Tatomir  4 for 4 double in the 6 th John Basso went 3 for 4 has a triple in the 7th  scored x 3 Don Goerlich went 4 for 4 4 RBIs scored x 3  Was a exciting nail-biting game to the end  both team played a great game.





Spruce Creek 15 Holiday Villages 5

Umpire behind the plate was Fred Cooper and the umpire in the field was Paul Martz

Holiday Villages Dave Walter, Chet Arthur and Dave Westbrook went 2/4.

Two of there players that really impressed me were, the first basemen, Joe Buttlieri, I never seen a person jump so high to catch a ball that would have been over most peoples head. Then when he landed and grabbed his belly saying he didn't know his belly would let him jump that high. Then in the next inning he reached out and snagged a ball that made us think his glove was 4 foot long. 2nd, there pitcher, he had a good since of humor joking with whoever was at bat and he even had a good arm.

Spruce Creek Stats:  Gary desjardins, Wayne Wright, Billy Licatovich were 3/4. Bruce Beatty and Kurt Weygant were 4/4. Kevin Thompson and Tony Harris were 2/3.  One person that stood out on our team was Tony Harris. He is our pitcher and Another one over 80. His pitching was so on that he had one batter that Tony pitched 3 balls to and the batter just stood there thinking he will never throw 3 strikes. After the third strike the batter stood there in disbelief. He also had 1 other strike out

Today's game ended with PL 21 AND CCC18.

The umpires were Dennis Anderson at the plate and Dan Lyall on the bases.

For Continental Leo Dorsey, Mike McHugh, and Roberto Matie had 4 hits each and Leo had a double.

Scott Croh, Peggy Voll, Bob McVay and Bob Saveski had 3 hits.

For Plantation John Mohler was 5/5 w/dbl, Glen Sharp was 4/5  w/dbl & 2 tpl, Jack Segura was 3/5 w/dbl & tpl, Dianne Mehn was 3/5 w/dbl, and Frank Pioli and Bill Earle were 3/5, Lois Witkes was ¾ And our pitcher, Joan James was 2/3 while holding back the opposition.


Sunlake 23 v/s Pennbrooke 9

Umpires-   1B -- Gary Luber HP-- Galen Friend.

It was a beautiful day for a ballgame. Sunlake bats were alive as they scored 13 runs in the first 3 innings to Pennbrooke 8. Ending up winning by a score of 23 to 9 .

For Sunlake---    PerryMilliman had 4 hits with a double.  Art Dickens & Mark Weaver each had 3 hits. David Dean-- Mark Mccaull-- Steve Mc Donald & Art Struemph each had 2 hits.

For Pennbrooke---Zeke Zilka had a great day with the bat getting 2 home runs in his 3 hits . He also had some very good catches in left field.

Allan Chandler had 3 hits with a double. Curt Johnson & Darby Walbon each had 2 hits. 


D6 Hawthorne15 and Stonecrest 10

Umpires home plate Rommie Marble bases Jim Herbert

Hawthorne beat Stonecrest 15 to 10

For Stonecrest Jim Brian went 3 for 5 Jim Nuccetelll and John Basso had 3 hits each True Burns and Wally Tatomir had 2 hits each

For Hawthorne Butch Litchtenberger Dave Bowersjohn Shelton Mark Baierlipp had 3 hits each the rest of the team had 18. hits between them for the win


Clerbrook 6 Water Oak 6 No report

Water Oak defeated Clerbrook on Friday, February 26th, 16 to 9. For Clerbrook, Bill Campbell had 3 hits and Tom Heaney had 2 hits. Clerbrook's Short Stop and Left Center fielder made some excellent defensive plays.  Jose Colon went 3 for 3 with a triple. There were 7 players on Water Oak with 2 or more hits. 




Water Oak 9, Pennbrooke 8

 Water Oak was behind 8 to 7 going into the bottom of the eighth and scored 2 runs to pull out a victory. Pennbrooke led in every inning except for the last one. For Pennbrooke, Curt Johnson made several great catches in Left Center field. Joe Spada had 4 hits and six other Pennbrooke hitters had two hits each.

For Water Oak, Mike Downey and Dan Kemp each had three hits. Ron Drewa had a couple of great plays at third base. Six Water Oak hitters had two hits apiece. 

Hawthorne beat Clearbrook 10 to 7

Umpires Home plate Jim Herbert Basses Rommie Marble 
For ClearBrook Lisa Brass went 3 for. 3 Dale Price had 3 hits Earl Brass Steve Fish bert and T0m Hegner had 2 hits each

For Hawthorne Ron Brink and John Perez had 3hits each 6 other s had 2hits each to lead Hawthorne attack the game was well played 0n both sides very few ears


Tuesday  2--23--21  Game Time: 11:30

D6 Sunlake (Home) against Heritage Corp. Spruce Creek South

Score: Sunlake 17  Spruce Creek 12

Umpires: Home Plate: Forest Humbles   Bases: Dan Post

Just another beautiful day for a ball game between 2 competitive teams. A well played game for both teams that held the score close throughout all the innings, but, Spruce Creek fell short on catching up the runs needed in the 7th and 8th innings. For Spruce Creek, Pete Morden went 3for4 with a double and a triple. Jim Wallace, Wayne Wright, Paula Stewart and Tony Harris all had 3 great hits each with other players on that team coming up with some nice hits.

For Sunlake, Joe Bittner, David Dean and Don Rust all had 3 hits each with RBIs. Mark MacCaull had 2 hits and Art Dickens also had 2 hits along with other team players that had a number of good hits which contributed to the win.


ST D 6 hosted 130 game against Plantation -final score 17/5 -ST  winner.

Umpires home plate Hank Tribu/field

Clancy Kaiser Dianne Mehr went 3 for 4 with a triple John Mohler went 4 for 4 with a double Bill Earle went 2 for 3 Grace went 2 for 4 Segura went 2 for 3

For ST  Jim Erwin had double play in 4th, 4 for 4 ,2 RBIs  Jim Nuccetelli has a good out in the 8th@ 3rd base went 3 for 4  Pam Kemp had a double play in the 6th  went 3 for 4 Kelli Ditty had a double play in the 4th went 3 for 3  Jim Brian  had double & 2 RBIs ,Don Benedetti went 3 for 4  5 RBIs Dick Willete  went 3 for 3 2 RBIs Tito Vasquez went 3 for 4 True Burns had a homerun in the 6 th went 3 for 4  4RBIs  Good game played by both teams

Holiday Village 8 Continemtal 0 forfeit covid



Pennbrooke 0 Holiday Village 0

At the end of 3 innings of play, in a rain shortened game Pennbrook 7, Holiday RV Semper Fi 5.  Umpires Pat Funch home plate, Bob Thompson bases. For Pennbrook, Allan Chandler 2 hits, and /curt Johnson 2 hits.  For Holiday RV Chet Arthur with a Home Run.


Spruce Creek vs Clerbrooke Rain Out


Hawthorne Water Oak Rain Out


Continental 0 Sun Lake 8 Covid Forfeit


Plantation Stonecrest Rain out





Spruce Creek 10  Pennbrooke  6

Umpire behind the plate: Jim Roosa Umpire in the field: Paul Martz

Pennbrooke Stats: Zeke Zilka and Curt Johnson both were 3 for 4 and a 1 double each. Darby Walbon and Marian Milham were 2 for 4.

Spruce Creek Stats:Finally at game time we got the field to dry out to play this game with a great team.  The thing I most wanted to point out is our short stop, Wayne Wright. He is 80 years young and plays short stop, can run great, throw great, but most of all, he is our best batter. He went 3-4. All I can say is I hope I can look this good and be this active at 80.

  Kurt weygant went 4-4 with 2 doubles, Billy Licatovich went 3-4, Pete Morden went 2-4 with a double, Gary Desjardin, Tim Stewart, Bruce Beatty went 2-3.


Holiday RV Semper Fi 20, Water Oak 14. 

Umpires Bob Thompson Home Plate, Pat Funch bases.  For Holiday RV Semper Fi, Bob Warner and Dick Reed, 2/5, Dave Walter 4/5, with a HR, Chet Arthur 4/5 with a dbl, Cindy Thompson 4/5 with a trpl, Mike Brauch 4/5, Ray Wnuck 3/4.  Ed Radtke winning pitcher.  Water Oak left without leaving any stats.


SCORE:  Stonecrest 20  CCC 1

Umpires: Marty Koblanz and Frank Urso

For CCC, Scott Groh went 3 for 3 with a double. Leo Dorsey Contributed 2 hits in our Loss.

For Stonecrest, Jim Nuccetelli went 5 for 5 with a double.  Kelly Ditty and Tito Vasque each went 4 for 4, including a double from Kelly. Kelly had a tremendous day in the field, as well.  Rounding out the top hitters was WallyTatomir who contributed 3 hits and 2 RBI’s .


Tuesday  2--16--21  Game Time  10am D6

Sunlake against Clerbrook Golf&R.V. Resort ( Clerbrook )

Score: Sunlake 21   Clerbrook 13

Umpires: Home Plate: Leland McGonigal  Bases: Dan Post

It was another nail biter for Sunlake early in this game when Clerbrook jumped out to a 10 to 3 lead in just 2 innings, but, they would be held to only 3 more runs by the time the game would end, with Sunlake adding 7 runs in the 3rd, 4 more in the 5th and 5 more in the 7th to take the win. For Clerbrook, Earl Brass went 3for5 with 4RBIs and an I.T.P.H.R.. J.C. Trembly was 4for5 with some huge hits and Jim Campbell went 3for4 with more great hits. For Sunlake, Mark Campbell and Perry Milliman went 4for4 with 4RBIs each. Mark MacCaull went 3for3 with 2RBIs, and Art Dickens went 2for2 and other Sunlake players had some good hits to help in this victory. Great sportsmanship from team Clerbrook!!

Hawthorne beat Planntaion 19 to 4. In. 6 inning s. The mercy rule
For Hawthorne Bill Jones Mark Baierlipp John Shelton And Ron Brink all had 3 hits each Chuck Dhonndt Nick Kissing Dave Bowers Joe Tierney Terry Stevenson and Mike Maxwell had 2 hits each. Hawthorne had 24 hits

Plantation gave no reports

They had some problems in the field but played their hearts out

There sportsmanship was the best have seen all year great job



D-6 Pennbrooke 11, Clerbrook 10

On a beautiful mid-February day, Pennbrooke, down 8-7 going into the top of the eighth inning, scored 4 runs as host Clerbrook was only able to rally two runs in their last at bat. The 11-10 win was special for starting pitcher Richard Smith, as he celebrated his 78th birthday.

Curt Johnson led the Pennbrooke offense with 3 hits, including a triple and 4 RBI’s. Everett Powell added 3 more including a double, and Zeke Zilka went 3 for 3, while Woody Davis was 3 for 4. Tom Mysliwiec was 2 for 3 for the visitors.

Clerbrook’s bats hit the ball hard, but Pennbrooke responded with some great defense. Bill Campbell’s 4 hits led the way for the home team, followed by 2 hits each from JC Tremblay, Dale Price, Larry Cagle, and Earl Brass.

Plate Ump: Steve Licatta Base Ump: Tim Hockstad


Friday  2--12--22  Game Time  11:30

D6 Sunlake (Home)  Stonecrest (Away) Score: Sunlake 13  Stonecrest  6

Umpires: Home Plate: Dan Martinez  Bases: Jim Milligan

Another nice day for a softball game between 2 competitive teams where the score was very close for many innings. Both teams had many double plays in the game to keep the score low with great fielding, but Sunlake added some runs in the later innings to push them to the win. For Stonecrest, Jim Brian, Pam Kemp and Dick Willette all went 3for3 with terrific hits. Don Benedetti did a great job in the outfield catching anything that came near him. John Basso was 2for2 with a nice triple in the 6th. Lou Torresin had a double in the 3rd. For Sunlake, Chuck Hazelbaker and Giulio Garfi went 3for3 with 3RBIs and Giulio had a triple and Chuck had an I.P. H.R...Don Rust went 2for3, one RBI, and an I.P.H.R....Steve McDonald and Mark Campbell went 2for3. Other Sunlake players had some nice hits when needed that added some RBIs.


Water Oak beat Hawthorne 14 to 7 

Umpires Keith' Kittle Home plate. Jim Herbert basse

Water Oak and hawthone were  tied after 8 inning s 7 to 7. In the 9 inning Water Oak scored 7 runs in the top   Hawthorne was held score less in the bottom For Watet Oak Frank Fuentes Mike Downey had 4 hits each Sam Miller Mike Reboulet Ron Drewa And Randy lawson had 2 hits each For Hawthorne Nick Kissing Dave Bowers Mark Baierlipp and John Shelton. had 2 hits each


Holiday Village 16 Continental 5 late  score reported

Holiday RV Semper FI, beat CCC 16-5. Great sportsmanship from CCC.





D6 Sunlake( Away ) against Pennbrooke ( Home )

Score: Sunlake 14    Pennbrooke 11

Umpires: Home Plate: Rick Bracken and Bases: Joe Trotz.

The game was very balanced up to the 5th inning but Sunlake scored 5 runs in the 6th inning to pull ahead.   For Sunlake --- Mark Campbell 2 hits, David Dean 2 hits, Giulio Garfi 2 hits, Mark McCaull 2 hits.

For Pennbrooke--  Zeke Zilka 4 hits, Everett 3 hits with a triple, Curt Johnson 2 hits with a double. Woody Davis 2 hits with a double.


Stonecrest 25, Holiday RV Semper Fi 10. 

Umpires Bob Thompson Home plate, Pat Funch bases.  For Stonecrest Jim Brian 4//5 with a trpl, Jim Erwin 4/5 with a trpl, Jim Nuccetellid dbl, Pam Kemp with a trpl, Dick Willette a

lso with a trpl, Tony Brock 5/5, and Tito Vazquez with a dbl.  For Holiday RV Semper Fi, Karen Kelpin 2/4 with a dbl, Chet Arthur 2/4 with 2 dbls, Cindy Thompson 2/4, Mike Brauch 2/4 with a trpl, Dick Reed 2/4, Jim Beehler 2/4, Ed Radtke and Pam Curran


Score: water Oaks 21- CCC6 mercy rule 7th inning

Umpires: Marty Koblanz and Frank Urso

For CCC, Scott Groh had 3 Hits. Dennis Nantt, Leo Dorsey and Bob Skidmore all contributed 2 hits each in our loss.

For Water Oaks, Sam Miller and Mike Reboult had 4 hits each, Including a triple for Sam. Mike Downey, Kurt Neudeck and John Constable contributed 3 hits each, including a triple for John. Frank Fuentis had 2 doubles with 2 intenscional walks. Rounding out the day, Ron Drewa, Dan Kemp and Randy Lawson had 2 hits each, including a double each for Ron and Randy.


Hawthorne  8 plantation 0 covid


Spruce Creek 0 Clerbrook 8 forfeit covid




D6 game, February 5, 2021 at Water Oak 

D6 Water Oak 14, vs. Stonecrest 13

Umpires: Home Plate: Taylor  Bases: Van Mol

 The game was a thriller down to the last out. With the bases loaded, Pam Kemp hit a ball to short right field and John Constable was playing in exactly the right spot to field the hit and throw Pam out at first for the final out of the game. Stonecrest got extra base hits from Jim Brian, Jim Erwin, Jim Nuccetelli, Tito Burns, and True Burns. It wasn’t enough to overcome Water Oak’s 25 hits. Both teams flashed some impressive leather. Randy Lawson made two spectacular plays at Second and Mike Reboulet, Frank Fuentes, Mike Downey, and Jose Colon made key defensive plays. 


A great day for a ballgame.

The Score was tied at 13-13 in the 8th inning when things fell apart for Pennbrooke. Spruce Creek batted around in the 9th scoring 11 runs  and beating Pennbrooke by a score of 24 to 13.


For Spruce Creek--- Jim Wallace--Bob Bouchard & Bruce Beatty each had 5 hits.

Kurt Wygant--Wayne Wright--Paula Stewart--Tony Harris--Tim Stewart & Paul Poole each had 4 hits.  Kevin Thompson & Mike Perry  each had 3 hits .

For Pennbrooke---   Allan Chandler had 4 hits with a double. Curt Johnson had 4 hits with 2 doubles.Zeke Zilka had 3 hits with a triple/ home run and a double. Bob Williams had 3 hits with a double. Woody Davis --Anthony Joseph-Dick Smith-Jerry Gilkey each had 2 hits.Everett Powell also had 2 hits with a double.


Friday  2--5--21   Game Time 11:30

D6 Sunlake( Home ) against Hawthorne ( Away )

Score: Hawthorne 20  Sunlake 18

Umpires: Home Plate: Bob Dumas Bases: Jim Milligan

Eventually, one team would beat Sunlake and hand them their first loss of the season, and Hawthorne did just that ! They brought their bats and gloves and it was a tough battle from start to finish, with the lead going back and forth, but, Sunlake could not get the last 2 runs to tie it up. Great sportsmanship between both teams!! For Hawthorne, Chuck D'Hondt, Dave Bowers, and Mark Baierlipp all had 3 hits with 2 RBIs. Butch Lichtenberger had 2 hits and 2 RBIs. Johnny Shelton, Joe Tierney, Mike Maxwell, Terry Stevenson, and Mike Kelley all had 2 hits with RBIs. For Sunlake, Perry Milliman had 4 hits and 3 RBIs, Giulio Garfi had 3 hits and a walk and 3 RBIs. Steve McDonald and Joe Bittner had 3 hits each. Great game and win, Hawthorne !!

Clerbrook 27, Holiday RV Semper Fi 14.  Umpires Home plate Sally Gurette, bases Bob Thompson.  In an extra inning game Clerbrook scored 15 runs in the top of the ninth inning, Larry Cagle 5 hits 3dbls, Steve Fitzhubert 5 hits 3 dbls, Jake Elzy 4 hits, Dale Price 4 hits and Bill Campbell 4 hits.  For Holiday RV Semper Fi, Bob Warner 3/3, Karen Kelpin 3/4, Chet Arthur 4/4 with a trpl, Cindy Thompson 2/4, with a trpl, Dick Reed  2/4, and Mike Brauch had a dbl.


Score CCC 15  Plantation 9

Umpires Frank Urso  and Marty Koblanz

For CCC,  Frank Snyder went 4 for 4 with a triple, Scott Groh also went 4 for 4 . Peggy Voll, Dennis Nantt, And Ray Calvin went 3 for 4. Roberto Matir and Barry Brooks went 3 for 3. To round out our action, Mike Murphy went 2 for 4 with an inside the park home run.

Plantation had Jack Segura go 4 For 4, with Diane Mehn and Gene Merdian both hitting 3 for 4, Including a triple for Gene. John Shemenski went 2 for 2 .





No Games



Div 6 Spruce Creek vs Plantation

Spruce Creek - 20         Plantation- 9

Umpire behind the plate was Fred Cooper.  Umpire in the field was Jim Roosa

Plantation Results: Hansel 3-3, Mohler 4-4 with 2 doubles, Earle with 3-4, 

Lois Witkes came though again with with her great glove and a 3-4 bat.

The one person that stays in my mind is the short stop, Karen James, she was 2-3. I hit the ball and was rounding 2nd base. She had the ball and was ready to throw. She looked at me and said, " I dare you." I backed down and went back to 2nd.

Spruce Creek results:  

It took Jimmy Wallace a few games to get is bat back in shape with 3-4 and a tripe and a home run. Billy Licatovich 3-4, Jon Wood 2-4 with a triple, Bob Bouchard 3-4 with a triple, Kevin Thompson found a new bat that helped him get 4-4 with a double and a triple. kevin, Please don't let that bat out of your sight. Tony Harris 2-4 with a triple and a outstanding job at the mound. 

  We had a special appearance from Paula Stewart and we thank you for helping out. You are a asset to our team and the womens


Sun Lake 18, Holiday RV Semper Fi, 4.  Umpires Pat Funch home plate, Butch Tanner bases.  For Sun Lake, Mark Campbell 3/4 with 2 RBI"s, DAvid Dean 3/4, 1 RBI, Mark McCaull 3/4 3RBI's, and Mark Weaver 3/3, 2RBI's.  For Holiday RV Semper Fi there were 8 players that had hits.


Thanks to Clerbrook for allowing us to play our home game at their field.

Umpires Steve Licata and Tim Hickstad.

The game was very balanced up to the 7th inning  with Clearbrook leading 12 to 8 but they blew it apart scoring 11 runs in the 8 inning. Pennbrook lost by a score of 23  to 14.

For Clerbrook ---Steve King & Jim Campbell each had 4 hits.

                           JC Tremblay-- Tom Hearney-- Earl Brass & Jan Corliss each had 3 hits.

For Pennbrook--  Curt Johnson 4 hits with a triple.  Zike Zilka 4 hits with a home run and a double. Allan Chandler Also had 4 hits.

Woody Davis had 3 hits with a triple.Marian Milham 3 hits.

Everett 2 hits with a double. Chuck Crain & Joe Walker had 2 hits.

Pennbrook had a good display of fielding at third base by Zike saving many runs.

Stonecrest 7 Hawthorne 12

Score Hawthorne 12 to 7. Hawthorne wone

Umpires Jim Herbert plate Rommie Marble bases 

For Stonecrest Jim Nuccetelli  Tito Vasquez and Don Goerlich went 3 for 3 Jim Brian had a triple 

For Hawthorne Bill Jones. Dave Bowers had 3 hits each 5 other had 2hits each. Mike kelley had a



D6 game Hawthone 10and Pennbrooke 8

Umpires home plate Kevin Kittle Basses George Lucas

Pennbrock was led by Everett Powell with a triple and 2 singles and 2 hits each by Bob Smith Allan Chandler and Anthony Joseph

For Hawthorne who trail until the 6 inning then went ahead in 

The7 inning to win. Gary Karos had 3 hits Joe Tierney and

Ron Brink had 2 hits each and 4 others had1 hit for the win


D-6 Sunlake Scrubjays 16 Clerbrook Golf and RV 8

Sunlake remained undefeated in Division 6 softball. The visitors jumped out to an 8-2 lead after 4 innings and never looked back, beating Clerbrook 16-8.

 Art Dickens, Giulio Garfi, and Perry Milliman led the winner's offense going 4 for 4 at the plate. Jeff Bores, Dave Froehlich, and Mark McCaull each chipped in 3.

The host team was paced by Steve Fitzherbert (2 doubles), Jim Campbell (triple), Tom Buchanon, and Dale Price with 3 hits apiece.

Officials: Steve Licatta, Tim Hockstad


Stonecrest Division 6 hosted 130  game against Spruce Creek ,final score 14:7 with Spruce Creek winning. Umpires were Stan Smith home plate Ed Mattheis  field. For Spruce Creek Kurt Weygant  went 3 for 4 Bill Licatovich went 3 for 4 Bob Bouchard went 3 for 4 and homerun Kevin Thompson went 3 for 4 Tony Harris went 4 for 4 Mike Perry went 3 for 4 Dave Scopino had a  homerun  For Stonecrest Jim Brian went 3 for 3 had a double Jim Erwin went 1 for 3 scored twice Don Belland went 1 for 3 Jim Nuccetelli went 2 for 3 2RBIs Pam Kemp had a double  play in 5th inning with SS Don Belland Tony Brock went 3 for 3Tito Vazquez went 3 for 3 1 RBIs In second inning  Lou Torresin and Wally Tatomir good  play with  Lou 1 for 2 2 RBIs and Wally 2 RBIs.

Holiday RV (Semper Fi) 8, Continental 0.  Continental forfeit, not enough players.




Stonecrest D 6 hosted 130 games against Sunlake D6 -finals score 22-16-Sunlake winning.

Umpires were Al Smith home plate /Clancy Kiser field.

For Sunlake  34 Joe Bittner went 3 for 4 3RBIs 18 Mark Campbell went 4 for 5 1 RBIs  38 Dave Froehlich went 3 for 413 Art Dickens went 2 for 2 25 Mark McCaull went 4 for 4  4 RBIs

14 Perry Milliman went 2 for 4 2 RBIs  40 Don Rust went 3 for 4 2 RBIs 42 Mark Weaver went 3 for 4 2 RBIs

For Stonecrest 13 Jim Brian went 4 for 4 ,double 1RBIs great catch in the 8th inning 87 Jim Erwin went 4 for 4 ,3double ,3 RBIs  17 Don Belland went 3 for 4 2 RBIs 38 Jim Nuccetelli went 3 for 4 1RBIs nice catch in 8th inning 11 Pam Kemp went 1 for 4 2 RBIs Don Benedetti went 4 for 4 .


Spruce Creek 16  Continental 6

Umpire behind the plate was Gary Richardson and in the field was Paul Martz.

They did a great job and what I could tell they made do mistakes. This was    disappointing because we had no one to argue with. Great job guys.

Continental Manager, Tom Hoesch was really good to work with. As we talked before the game we both had the same problems of having enough players because of the injuries. The players need to remember to stretch before they get out there to play. We might think we are 31 in our minds but our bodies are 65 and older.

Continental results:   John Wilson was 4-4, Scott Groh and Bob McVay was 3-4 with a double each, Rick Ramsack did his part with 3-4. Scott Groh had a great glove. He stop everything that came his way.

Spruce Creek results: Mike Perry was our outstanding player today with 4-4. He is our left fielder and one catch he had, the ball was sitting on the top of the web of his glove and it reminded you of a ice cream cone, but he managed to keep the ball in control. Kurt Weygant, Billy Licatovich and Wayne Wright were 3-4. Tony Harris, Bob Bouchard and Tim Stewart were 2-3. Tim Stewart did a good job at second base with two of his throws to get someone out, were on his knees. could you imagine what he could do if he stayed on his feet?  


D6 game, January 22, 2021 at Water Oak D6 Water Oak 22, vs Pennbrooke 7

Umpires: Home Plate: John Pannucci, Bases: Jim Sisko
Water Oak had their hitting shoes on and rapped out 23 hits. Sam Miller went 3 for 4 with a home run, Frank Fuentes was 3 for 3 with 2 doubles, Ed Altman and Mike Downey were 3 for 4, each with a double, and Ron Drewa went 2 for 3 with a double. For Pennbrooke, Woody Davis was 2 for 3 with a triple, Zeke Zilka was 2 for 2 with a double, and Allan Chandler had 2 hits.D6 game, January 22, 2021 at Water Oak


Plantation Hampton's Auto Service 16, Holiday Rv Semper Fi 13. 

Umpires Sally Geurette bases, Butch Tanner Home Plate. 

For Plantation Max Hansel 2/3, Diane Mehn 3/5 with a Trpl, John Mohler 3/5, Lois Witkes 4/5 with a dbl,Gene Merdian 3/4, Mary Grace 5/5, Frank Pioli 1/4 trpl, John Shemenski 2/4, Joan James 2/3, Bill MacDonald 2/4. For Holiday RV Semper Fi, Bobby Warner 3/4, Dave Walter 3/4, Chet Arthur 4/4, 2HR"s plus a trpl, Cindy Thompson 3/4,Karen Kelpin 3/4 with a HR, Mel Curran 2/4, fun game.


Clerbrook 14 Hawthorne 4

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort hosted Hawthorne in a Division 6 contest on this sunny January morning. Hawthorne jumped out to a 2-0 lead after the first half inning, only to have Clerbrook roar back to lead 7-2 after two. The hosts went on to finish with a 14-4 victory.

Clerbrook was led by JC Trembley’s 4 hits, followed by Steve King, Jan Corliss, and winning pitcher Dale Price, each with 3 hits.

Nick Kissling and Dave Bowers led the Hawthorne attack with 2 hits apiece.

Umpires: apologies, but I did not keep the book.




A big thank you to Stonecrest for letting us play our home game at their field.

 Pennbrooke led the game 11 to3 by the end of 4th in, but  Stonecrest battled back but it was not enough.

Pennbrooke won by a score of 21 to 16.

For Stonecrest---Lou Torresin went 4 for 4 -- Jim Brian went 3 for 4 with 2 triples.-- Tony Brock-- Don Goerlich--True Burns each had 3 hits. TitoVazquez went 2 for 4.

For Pennbrooke--  Everett Powell went 4 for 4.  Curt Johnson had 3 hits with a home run and a triple. Zeke Zilk  had 3 hits with a triple. Chuck Crain had 2 hits with an inside the park home run. Anthony Joseph-- Allan Chandler-Bob Williams-Woody Davis & Joe Walker each had 2 hits. Zike made some 3 GREAT plays in 7th inning to help nail this game down.


Tuesday  1--19--21  Game Time 11:30 D6 Sunlake ( home ) against Hampton's Auto Service, Plantation ( away )Sunlake--20  Plantation-- 5    6 innings

Umpires: Home Plate : Dave Brown Bases : Dan Post

A very bright sunny day to have a nice game together with great sportsmanship from both teams! It's always a pleasure playing team Plantation! 

For Plantation, Gene Meridan went 3for3 with a couple of doubles and an RBI. John Mohler had a couple of hits with a double and an RBI. Frank Pioli had 2 doubles. Max Hansel and Dianne Mehn had a few hits and RBI's and Joan James pitched a great game.

For Sunlake, Joe Bittner, Don Jurs and Al Struemph went 3for3 with 2 RBI's each. Mark Campbell and Dave Froehloch went 3for3 with 4 RBI's each. Perry Milliman went 3for3 with 3 RBI's and David Dean had 5 hits.

Hawthorne beat holiday Village 12 to 11 in a hard fort game. Holiday led all the way till the bottom 0ff the 8th inning when Hawthorne scored 7 runs to win the game for Holiday Chet Arther had 2 double and single. Clndy Thompson's had 3 single Dally and Walter and Reed and Curran and P Curran had 2 hits each
 For Hawthorne.  John Shelton And Gary karos had 3 hits each 5 others had 2 hits each. It was awesome the games was well played on both side's


Umpires - Tim Hockstad (Plate) and Steve Licata (Field)

Jan 19, 2021 Tuesday D6 Softball Game  Cerbrook (H) - 14 vs. Continental (V) - 10

Clerbrook had 20 hits including 18 singles, 1 doubles, and a triple.  Steve King led the team hitting 3 for 3 with 3 singles; Steve Fitzherbert, Tom Heaney, Cindy Lowman, Tom Buchann, and Doug Jones went 2 for 3 with 2 singles each. Continental also had 20 hits including 2 doubles and 18 singles.  Josh Wilson went 4 for 4 while Peggy Voll, Scott Groh, and Frank Snyder were 3 for 4 hitting.  Scott Groh and Bob McVay both contributed doubles in their at bats.





D6 Clerbrook 17 vs. HV (Semper Fi) 11

Umpires - Home Plate: Tim Hockstad, Field: Rome Marble 

Clerbrook had 24 hits including 18 singles, 4 doubles, a triple, and an in the park home run.  Larry Cagle led the team with 4 for 4 hitting including a single, 2 doubles, and a triple; Bill Campbell went 2 for 4 with an in the park home run and double while Tom Heaney and Steve Fitzherbert each contributed 3 singles for 4 at bats.  Jim Campbell had an outstanding fielding day at 3rd base for Clerbrook.  HV (Semper Fi) had 23 hits including 3 doubles and 20 singles.  Chet Arthur went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles, Cindy Thompson went 3 for 4 with 1 double and Dave Walter contributed 4 singles for 4 at bats.   


Results from the Spruce Creek South vs Plantation. Spruce Creek 16, Plantation 0 

Ump behind the plate- Fred Cooper ump in the field- Paul Martz

Plantation Manager- Mike Cirigliano was really good to work with.  His Left center fielder, Lois Witkes, did a real good job with no ball getting through. Paul Pioli hit a double in the 5th inning.

Spruce Creek results- Wayne Wright went 2-3 with a home run in the 3rd. Kurt Weygant and Bill Licatovich were 3-4, Bob Bouchard, Mike Perry, Jon Wood, Kevin Thompson, Tony Harris, Dave Scopino all went for 2-3. Our first game with no errors.


On 1-15-21 Sun Lake 12- CCC 4

Umpires Marty Koblanz and Frank Urso

For CCC, Scott Groh went 4 for 4 and John Wilson went 3 for 4 with a double. Victor Bell, Peggy Voll and  Rich McVay contributed 3 hits each.

For Sun Lake, David Dean and Perry Milliman went 4 for 4. Mark Campbell and Mark McCaul contributed 3 hits and 4 RBI’s each in their win.


Stonecrest D6 hosted 130 game against Hawthorne . Final score 10/8 Hawthorne winner.

Umpires were Bobby Heinz @ plate Stan Smith in field.

For Hawthorne Dave Paradise 4 hits 1 RBI Nick Kissling 2hits  1 RBI Dave Bowers 2 hits 2RBIs Chuck Dhondt 2 hits 1RBIs Ron Brink 2 hits 1RBI Johnny Shelton 2 hits  1 RBIs John Perez ,Mike Maxwell ,Joe Tierney, Terry Stevenson all had 1 hit 1 RBI. For Stonecrest Don Belland had double play in 3rd inning Pam Kemp had 2 great catches in the 5 & 7 inning , Don Benedetti had a great catch ending 7 inning Don Goerlich had a great catch in the 8th inning Pam Kemp & Jim Erwin had double play in 8th inning  Good game played by both teams.


Thanks to Water Oaks for having us play our home game at their field.

We were totally out matched,but put up a good fight.

For Water Oaks--

Frank Fuentes had a good day going 4 for 5 with 2 doubles and a home run out of the park.Carl Cromwell-Sam Miller-- Ron Drew-- Kurt Neudeck--  each had 3 hits. nike Rebouulet   also had 3 hits with an inside the park home run. Four other players had 2 hits each 

For Pennbrooke-- Everett Powell had 3 hits ,with a double .triple and a blast over the fence. Woody Davis -- Curt Johnson and Anthony Joseph each had 3 hits.

Too many errors and walks  cost us the game.

Water Oaks won by a score of 22 to 15.




Score Pennbrooke 18 CCC 16

Umpires- Marty Konantz and Frank Urso

For CCC, Scott Groh was 5 for 5 with a double and Rich McVay had 4 hits including a triple. Peggy Voll, Mike McHugh, Darrell Carney, Larry Gerdy and Frank Snyder contributed 4 hits each in our loss.

For Pennbrooke, Bob Williams had 4 hits including a HR. Woody Davis went 5 fof 5. Richard Smith also had 4 hits with a HR. Curt Johnson added 3 hits with a triple in this hard fought game. Congratulations to both teams for their efforts


Spruce Creek 14, Stone Crest 7

Ump behind the plate was Gary Richardson. In the field was Fred Cooper. Both umps did a great job with no questionable calls.

Stone Crest results: Pam Kemp had a great glove. Nothing got past her. Don Belland had a double in the 1st. Jim Nuccettelli had a nice catch in the 2nd to end the inning. Jim Brian had a nice catch in the 2nd also.

Spruce Creek results: Jim Wallace  3-4 Bob Bouchard 3-3 with a double. Bob's bat was working will for him today. Wayne Wright 3-4 Kevin Thompson 2-4 with a double Tim Stewart had a great game on the field and at bat with a double. It seems his wife Paula ( who is on the women team) has been teaching him something.

It was nice playing with Stone Crest at a different level because we play intramural with each other so it makes it easy to


Today's game between SunLake and Plantation Div.6 was won by SL 26 to 10

For SunLake: Joe Bittner, Perry Milliman, Don Rust, Giulio Garfi, and Don Jurs had 3 hits.    Mark Campbell, David Dean, Chuck Hazelbaker, and Mark McCaull had 4 hits.    Jeff Bores, Chuck Hazelbaker, Mark McCaull had HRs    David Dean, Giulio Garfi, Mark McCaull, and Al Struemph had triples.

For the Plantation: Frank Pioli, Jack Segura, and John Mohler had 3 hits. Jack Segura had a triple.

The Umpires were: Steve Licata at the plate, and Dennis Anderson on the bases.


D6 Clerbrook 9 - Hawthorne 8

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort recorded their third win of the season in a tight game with Hawthorne. With the score knotted at 8-8 through the final two and a half innings, Clerbrook scored in the bottom of the eighth inning to win the close-fought contest 9-8.

Larry Cagle and Bill Campbell led the Clerbrook bats with three hits apiece, followed by winning pitcher Dale Price, Tom Heaney, Tom Johnson, and Tom Buchanon, each with two hits.

Nick Kissling paced Hawthorne’s attack with 3 hits, including a triple. Dave Paradise, Dave Bowers, and Bill Jones each chipped in 2 hits apiece.

Plate Umpire: Bob Young





On 1-8-21 CCC6 lost to Hawthorne 6  24 to 20.

For CCC, Scott Groh was 5 for 5 with a triple. Rich McVay and Mike McHugh Had 3 hits including a triple each. Roberto Matir and Larry Gerdy added triples as well. Ray Calvin, Barry Brooks and Darrell Carney contributed 3 hits in our loss.

For Hawthorne, Ron Brink had 2 his and 3 RBI’s. Dave Paradise, Chuck O’Hondt and Mark Baierlipp Contributed 2 hits and 2 RBI’s each in their win.

Congratulations to both teams for a  hard fought game.


Holiday RV (Semoer Fi) 11, Spruce Creek South, 9. 

For Holiday RV (Semper Fi) Chet Arthur went 4/4 with 2 dbls, Jim Beehler 2/2, Bob Warner and Dave Walter each went 2/3, Ray Wnuck 3/4, Cindy Thompson, Dick Reed, Nadine Spada, and Mel Curran all went 2/4.  Ed Radtke winning pitcher.  For Spruce Creek, Kevin Thompson tripled, Jon Wood and Bruce Beattyeach had dbls, Wayne Wright and Kurt Weygant each went 3/4.

Sally Guerette umpired home plate, Pat Funch did the bases.


D6 Clerbrook 16, Plantation Hampton Auto Service 6

On a nippy January Friday morning, the host Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort recorded their second win of the season. They pulled away with a 16-6 victory over the team from the Plantation.

JC Trembly led the way for the winners with 4 hits, including a double. Bill Campbell powered in 5 RBI’s with 3 hits, including a home run and a triple. Steve Fitzherbert chipped in 3 hits with a double and 2 RBI’s. Tom Heaney’s 2 hits included a double and 3 RBI’s. Doug Jones and Tim Meiberg each had 2 hits.

The Plantation was led by Jack Segura’s 3 hits with 2 doubles, and John Shemenski’s 3 hits and 2 RBI’s.

Umpire: Steve Licotta Bases: Tim Hockstad


Stonecrest D6 hosted game against Pennbrooke with Pennbrooke the winner -final score 22:8.

For Pennbrooke Everett Powell  3 hits  with a triple Adam Chandler went 4 for 5 Gil Volling 5 walks leading SFF, Bob Williams & Dick Smith -each had 2 hits. Good game  of pitching for Dick Smith .For Stonecrest  Don Belland had a triple & 1 RBIs Pam Kemp has a triple & 2 RBIs in the 3rd inning. Umpires were Ed Mattis /field and Clancy Kiser home plate .





Today's game ended with Clerbrook winning 18 to 14.

For Clerbrook, Cagle was 4-5 with 4 runs scored; Campbell was 4-5 with a double and 3 runs; Johnson was 4-5; Fitzherbert, Price,  Jones, Heaney, Buchanan, and Nyberg all had 3 hits.

For Plantation, Hansel was 3-3 with 3 runs, Mohler was 4-4 with 3 doubles and 3 runs Witkes was 3-4, Segura was 2-3 with a triple.

The umpires were Dan Smith at the plate and Cheryl Cook on the bases


Hawthorne 15 Pennbrooke11

First we want to thank Hawthorne for allowing us to play at their field due to our lock down.  Thanks to Galen Friend for umpiring the game.

It was a very entertaining  and hard fought game. Hawthone played better defence and came out on top beating Pennbrooke by a score of 15 to 11.

For Pennbrooke-- bob Williams went 4 for 4 with 3 singles and a triple. Woody Davis 3 hits.Everett Powell 3 hits with a double.Allan Chandler had 3 hits, single ,double & triple. Curt Johnson had 2 hits,a double & homerun.Mariam Milham had 2 hits

For Hawthorne....Jerry Patrick had 3 hits.  David Paradise-Chuck D' Hondt--& Curtis Shafer each had 2 hits. 


Stonecrest D6  hosted game against Continental D6 on 1/05 /2021 @130. Game ended in 7th inning, with Stonecrest winning  using Mercy Rule final score  23/8 . Umpires were Hank Tribu @homeplate & Bobby Hein in the field. For Continental Scott Groh and Bob McVay had four hits. Vic Bell, Peggy Voll, Rich Scott McVay had 3 hits . Scott Groh & Rich McVay had triples. For Stonecrest Jim Brian went 5 for 5 with 6 RBIs Jim Erwin went 3 for 5  5 RBIs & home run Don Belland 4 for 5  2 RBIs Jim Nuccetelli had a double  4 for 5 with 3 RBIS Pam Kemp went 3 for 4 2 RBIs Don Benedetti had   double,3 for 5 4 RBIS  Dick Willette had a homerun went 2 for 4  1 RBIS Tony Brock went  2 for 4  Don Goerlich went 2 for 3 with 1 RBIS  Lou Torresin went 3 for 4 Wally Tamori  went 2 for 4  True Burns went 3 for 4 Double plays by Pam Kemp , Don Belland , Jim Erwin    Great 1st game for 2021


Tuesday 1--5--21 Game Time, 10am

D6 Sunlake(home) against Semper Fi heating&cooling, Holiday Village Sunlake --22  Holiday Village -- 10

Home plate ump. Dan Martinez  Bases ump. Dan Post  7.5 innings

It was a cool weather start to the game but warmed up nicely. Sunlake scored 5 runs in the 1st inning. Holiday Village had a hard time getting anything going, while Sunlake kept hitting and scoring. Then, in the 4th inning, Holidays bats  and runs arrived and kept going into the 7th inning but fell short on catching up. It was a great team effort and great sportsmanship on their part. For Holiday Village, Bob Warner&Chet Arthur went 3for4. Diane Daily was 2for4. Ray Wnuck went 2for4 with a double and Dave Walter was 2for3 with a double and Cindy Thompson had a terrific triple. Great hit Cindy !! For Sunlake, Jeff Bores went 3for4 with 3RBIs. Mark MacCaull went 2for4 with 3 RBIs. David Dean was 3for4 with 2RBIs. Al Struemph went 3for3 with 2RBIs.Mark Weaver was 2for3 with 2RBIs.Sandy Wurst went 3for3 with 2 RBIs, and Giulio Garfi went 2for2 plus 2 walks and scored 3 runs.





Stonecrest D 6 hosted game against Sunlake D6 .Final score 14/5  with Sunlake the winner. Umpires were Mike Riley homeplate /Clancy Kiser field .For Sunlake Mark Campbell went 4/4 with 5 RBIs David Dean went 3 /4 Mark McCaul went  3 /4 Steve McDonald went 3 /4 For Stonecrest Jim Brian went 4/4 Lester Johnson 2/3  3 RBIS& 2 doubles  Pam Kemp 2/3 2 RBIs Lou Torresin great catch  ended inning with bases loaded  . Exciting end of year game – happy holidays  to all


Umpires home plate Sunny Scott. Bases Rommie Marble
For Holiday Ray Wnuck went 3 for 3 Chet Arther had 2 doubles and pull of a triple play started by Dick Read.   

Hawthorne beat Holiday 9 to8

In a very closely fought game.  

For hawthone 5 players had 2 hits each



Tuesday, 12-15-20 game time 11:30

Div.6 Sunlake,(home) Hampton's Auto Service, Plantation, away

Sunlake - 16  Plantation -1,  5 innings

Umpires,  Home plate, Dave Brown  Based, Bob Dumas

It was a sunny game day at Sunlake. Great sportsmanship from both teams. Never expect anything less from team Plantation and Manager Mike Cirigliano.

Sunlake had 5 runs in the 1st inning. Plantation gave it their best shot with quite a few good hits and some great fielding but fell short on making a come back. For Plantation, John Mohler went 2 for2 with a double and a run. Dianne Mehn went 2for2. Max Hansel had a hit and Gene Meridan a double and RBI. For Sunlake, Steve McDonald went 3for3 with 4RBIs, David Dean went 3for3 with 2 RBIs, Mark MacCaull, Jeff Bores, James West and Sandy Wurst all had 2 hits with Mark MacCaull getting 3 RBIs.

Pennbrook 13 Holiday Village 3 No further report

Stonecrest Continental not played COVID



Holiday RV ( Semper Fi) 13, Plantation (Hampton's Auto Service) 8.  For Plantation, Dianne Mehn 3/4 with a double, John Mohler 2/4 with a double & triple, Lois Witkes 2/4 with a double.  For Holiday RV (Semper Fi)  Diane Daily 3/4, Chet Arthur 4/4, Dick Reed 2/3, winning pitcher Ed Radtke.  Umpires Butch tanner home plate, Pat Funch bases. Fun game with 2 fairly evenly matched teams.




Stonecrest played  Pennbrooke @Stonecrest –final score 25-14 Stonecrest winning.

Umpires Clancy Kaiser /field & Hank Tribu plate

For Pennbrooke Woody Davis 3 singles ,1 RBIs Curt Johnson 3 singles 3 RBIs Everett Powell had a single ,double HOME RUN &5  RBIs Joe Walker had 2 RBIs For Stonecrest Jim Brian 4 for 5 with 1RBI, another good of hitting Don Belland nice job @ SS a scoop catch1 st inning,3rd sweet catch,hit a double 2 RBIs Pam Kemp had a heck of a game went 4 for 5  6 RBIS home run in 7th  Tony Brock hit double scored twice Dick Willette hit 2 doubles ,2RBIs and scored 3 runs Don Goerlich went 4 for 5 with 2RBIsLou Torresion went 4 for 4 with 4 RBIS Wally Tatomir nice catch in 7 inning & went 1 for1  Despite the cold both teams power thru and played a exciting game. 


Tuesday, 12-8-20 Game time 12:30 Div.6   Home Team - Sunlake  22  Away Team - Hawthorne  12

Umpires: Home Plate - Bob Dumas Bases - Dave Brown   8 Inning Game

It was a bright, cool day and it was a close game between two good teams that showed excellent sportsmanship and a good competition, but Sunlake added some runs past the 6th inning and Hawthorne could not catch up.

For Hawthorne, Bill Jones, Mark Baierlipp, and Nick Kissling had 2 hits with 2 RBIs. Dave Paradise, Butch Lichtenberger, Dave Bowers and Johnny Shelton all had 2 hits.

For Sunlake, Perry Milliman went 4for4 with 4 RBIs, Mark MacCaull went 4for4 with 3 RBIs. Jeff Bores went 3for3 with 3 RBIs. Steve McDonald was 3for4 with 2 RBIs, David Dean also went 3for4 with 1 RBI and Don Rust went 2for3 with 2 RBIs.


The 1:30 game today between Continental and Plantation Div.6

has been cancelled by Continental due to Covid.





Visitor: Sun Lake 6   23 runs     Home: Continental 6   8 runs  

8 inning Game

Umpires: Home: Frank U.    Bases: Marty K.  GREAT JOB!!!


Good competition and Outstanding camaraderie! Excellent sportsmanship between teams. However; Sun Lake 6 brought their “Hot Bats” .  Notable hitting exhibition put on by Sun Lake players:  Perry Milliman 4-4; Don Rust 3-3; Steve McDonald 3-4; Joe Bitner, Mark McCall and Mark Weaver 2-3. McCall with 3 RBIs and Rust with 2 RBIs.  For Continental: Vic Bell and John Wilson 4-4; Ray Calvin 3-3; and Rich McVay 3-4.


Division # 6 12/4/2020  Stonecrest versus Hawthorne hosted by Stonecrest Final score 16 /6 Stonecrest winning . Umpires were Hank Tribu @homeplate & Mike Reilly in the field.For Stonecrest  Jim Brian went 3 for 4 Jim Erwin went 3 for 4& 1 RBI  Jim Nuccetelli 3 for 3  5 RBIs Pam Kemp went 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs Tony Brock went 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs Jim Brian & Don Belland great fielding & catching .For Hawthorne Dave Paradise has 2 hits Curtis Shaffer had 2 hits Dave Bowers 1 hit &1 RBI Mark Baierlipp had 2 hits Gary Karos had 2 RBIs Turk Therkildsen had 1 hit 1 RBI Joe Tierney had1 hit 1 RBI Mark Drew had 1 hit John Cina had 1 hit  

Today's game between Pennbrooke and Plantation div.6 (Hampton's) was won by Pennbrooke 23 to 5.

For Pennbrooke, Miriam Milham and Allan Chandler had 3 hits each. Curt Johnson had 2 hits with a triple.

Everett Powell, Joe Walker, Bruce Setler, Chuck Crain, Stan Milan, and Rich Marshall all had 2 hits.

And great defense held Plantation hitless from the third thru the sixth innings.

For Plantation, Gene Merdian had 2 hits with a triple, and Lois Witkes had 2 hits.

The umpires were Cheryl Cook at the plate and Bill Magley on the bases.



 Pennbrooke entertained Hawthorne at home  It was a fun game in nice cool weather.

First  base umpire was Don Droske and Home plate was Ted Kowynia.


Pennbrooke won by a nail bitter score of 13 to 12. Hawthorne scored 4 in the eighth to make it closer.

For Hawthorne --  Butch Lichtenberger --David Bowers & Bill Jones each had 3 hits.  Nick Kissling-Gary Karos-Mike axwell & Terry Stevenson each had 2 hits.

For Pennbrooke--- Bob Smith & Curt Johnson each had 3 hits,Curt had a triple.

Wayne Hyde- Everett Powell--Allan Chandler each had 2 hits.   Woody Davis  had 2 doubles.Darby also had two hits with a long triple.

 Like to commend Darby and Marrian for their fine plays at third and second base.


 The game between Stonecrest and Plantation Div.6 (Hampton's) was won by Stonecrest 24-1 in 5 innings.

For Stonecrest Brian had a triple and 2 RBIs, Erwin had 2 RBIs, Belland a double and 3 RBIs

     Johnson had 4 RBIs, Nuccetelli had a double and an RBI, Kemp had a double and 2 RBIs

     Benedetti and Brock had 1 RBI, Willette had 3  RBIs, Goerlich had 1 RBI

     Vazquez had 4 RBIs, and Torresin scored all 3 times up.......

For Plantation Mehn had 2 hits with a double, Earle, Witkes, and Mohler had 1 hit each.

     Merdian knocked in the only run.

The umpires were Alms at the plate and Lyall on the infield.


Continental Vs Holiday Village 6 We did not play do to cold. Game will be made up later.