Sun and Fun September 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting at Continental, 1:00 PM



President Jim Maguire

Vice President Don Sprout

Secretary - Greg Alms

Treasurer - Bryan Carmack


Park Representatives:

Clerbrook RV Jerry Hodge

Continental - Mike Dineen

Del Webb - Jim DeLucia

Hawthorne - Bill Bibler

Holiday Travel- John Parkhurst

Lakes at Leesburg Austin Wetherell

Legacy - Paul Maddox

Pennbrooke - Don Droske

Plantation - Greg Alms

Recreation Plantation Pete

Spruce Creek Not represented

Stonecrest Walt Golebiewski

Summer Glen Dennis Johnson

Sunlake - Russ Couch

Water Oak - Mick Shaffer representing Frank Van Mol


Division Representatives

Division 2 Rep Bob Flazone.

Division 3 Rep Jim Milligan

Division 5 Rep - Roger Murray


Maryann Bubelnik - Webmaster



1.    The meeting was called to order by President Jim Maguire.

2.    The minutes of the 4-8-2014 meeting were reviewed by Greg Alms and approved.

3.    Treasurer Bryan Carmack reported that we have $716.02 in the checking account.

4.    Old Business: Division alignment for the 2014-2015 season was discussed.

a.      Pennbrooke will not have a division 2 and 4 teams this season; these teams will stay in the Lakes league.

b.      Clerbrooke will not have a division 2 team this season.

c.       Plantation will have a new team in Division 5.

d.      Hot Zone has drop out of the S&F league.

e.      Holiday Travel requested moving down to division 3 due a loss in players.

f.        Summer Glen requested moving down to division 2 due to a loss in players.

g.      Stonecrest will have only one team in the top division. There top team has four players who will not be playing for this team. They are required to list these players at the next meeting.

h.      This reduce the possible teams for division 1 teams and 2 from 12 down to 8.

Motion - A motion to have a Super Two division instead of a division 1 and 2 along with divisions 3, 4, 5, and 6 was made. This motion was seconded and passed by voice vote with no dissensions.

i.        Motion - A motion that: The S&F League require that the winning team (based on season records and tie breakers) in a division move up one division, and the last place team (based on season records and tie breakers) in a division move down one division for the next season. If a team wins the top division two consecutive years, that team will split into additional team and these teams will play in the top division. Communities will not be able to make a case on why the above actions this should not happen. These changes will occurs regardless of players missing or injured for the new season. This motion was seconded and passed by voice vote with no dissensions. This motion will be in effect for the 2015-2016 season.

j.        Super Two Division:

4.j.1       Del Webb will have three team in Super Two (subject to community approval), there remaining teams will be in division 4, 5 & 6. They have issue with Stonecrest not having two teams in the top division.

4.j.2       Water Oak stated that they would play in a Super Two, but wants a resolution on the Del Webb and Stonecrest issue.

4.j.3       Summer Glen will stay in Super Two.

4.j.4       Legacy was asked if they would a team in Super Two. Paul Maddox will see if Legacy has sufficient players for a team.

k.       Motion - A motion to have 7 teams in Div 4 and 5 and have byes instead of making an even number of teams without byes was made. This motion was seconded and passed 8-6.

l.        Motion - A motion to accept the division alignment shown on the chart below be accepted for the 2014-2015 season. This motion was seconded and passed by voice vote with no dissensions.

5.    New Business

a.      A roster form will be sent in Word format to the park reps. The reps should give the form to all managers in their community.

b.      Jim Maguire proposed that the first game on October 31, 2014. After discussion this was replaced by a start date of Nov. 4, 2015.

c.       Motion: The dates below were approved for the 2014-2015 season. This motion was seconded and passed by voice vote with no dessentions.

5.c.1     First game on November 4th. (Tuesday)

5.c.2     Thanksgiving break 11/22 to 12/1. (2 games)

5.c.3     Christmas break 12/18 to 1/5. (5 games)

5.c.4     Playoffs start the week of March 16th. (Subject to Del Webb approval.)

5.c.5     The All Star game will be February 15, 2015 most likely at Continental.



d. 2014-2015 Division Reps:

Division Super Two. Bob Falzone

Division 3. Jim Milligan

Division 4. Jim Spaulding

Division 5. Need Candidate

Division 6. Bil Lemon

e. S&F dues are to paid at the next meeting. The dues are $25 per team.

f. The next meeting will be October 21st at Continental at 1 pm.


Division Alignment Chart


Super Two










Del Webb A


Del Webb



Del Webb B

Holiday Travel


Del Webb

Del Webb

Del Webb C


Holiday Travel




Recreation Plantation

Lakes at Leesburg



Spruce Creek

Spruce Creek






Summer Glen

Summer Glen

Spruce Creek

Summer Glen

Summer Glen

Water Oak

Water Oak

Summer Glen

Water Oak

Sun Lake



Sun Lake