Division 3


Del Webb 28.   SUNLAKE  10

PLATE UMPIRE: LeLand McGonigal,  Base Umpire Danny Martinez 

Cold day down here on Lake Yale.  It was a close game until the the first pitch then Del Webb A opened up a can of Whoop Ass !!!!!!

Del Webb A:  Phil Woodward 3 Hits, Tony Gove 3 Hits, John Walter 3 Hits, Bill Schumacher 5 Hits, Rick Vielhak 4 Hits, Mitch Abbott 3 Hits, Kurt Schmucker 4 Hits and Pete Knoth 3 Hits.

SUNLAKE: DAVE ( PotRoast  ) DeKilder 2 Hits 1RBI, Darrel ( Minnesota  ) 3 Hits (3Dbls 2RBIs),  Roy ( The Dude ) 2 Hits (1 Inside the Park HR, GQ LOGAN ran for me, 3RBIs), Rob (PizzaMan) McNicholas 3 Hits, Gene ( Archery Master ) Halcom 2 Hits 1 RBI, Rick (GQ) Logan, Bryan (Birthday Boy) Brown, Bob (Hokie) Dumas, Wayne (Mr. CheeseCurd) Steinberg and Doug (Pissin Frog) Pierce all with 1 Hit.

Continental Country Club sponsored by West Financial 16 Del Webb Remax 15

For Del Webb: Ralph Reiman went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and a triple, he scored 3 times Don O'Leary was 3 for 4 and scored 3 times.Greg Carpenter went 2 for 3 with a home run. Jack Dimagistris was 3 for 4 and scored twice. Cal Allison went 4 for 4 and scored 3 times.

For Continental: Steve Jones was 3 for 5 with both a double and a home run, scoring 3 times.

Kevin Cullen went 3 for 5 with a double and scored 3 times.Ed Leech was 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and scored 3 times.Mark LaPlante went 3 for 4 with 2 home runs and 5 RBI's. Tom Benel was 3 for 4.

Behind the plate: Barry Smith on the bases: Rick Urso


Sun Lake    11            Del Webb Belleview Eagles   12

Umpires Jim Davis Plate - Sheila Lofland  Bases   

Another hard-fought game between Sun Lake and Del Webb.  Sun Lake was led by Dave Dekilder and Darrell Nielson each had 3 hits.

Del Webb was led by: Tony Gove 4 hits, John Walter, Rick Vielhak and Pete Knoth each had 3 hits with Del Webb winning in the bottom of the 8th inning.   Winning Pitcher for Del Webb Kurt Schmucker         

Sprucecreek (Docs Restorations ) 16 Del Webb B ( Remax ) 14

Another windy day at Sprucecreek But still better than being up north.

the score was 14 -3 after 4 innings but DW made it close with a good comeback.

For SC Vail 4 hits, 4 players had 3hits

For DW Grimes and Payne both 4 hits, Egresics 3hits.

Plate umpire Jim Roosa Field Umpire Gary Richardson







Del Webb-B ReMax 17 vs Continental West Financial Group 18

Umpires     Home Plate-Jim Macfarland, Bases Kevin Cheeks

Del Webb started out very slow and gave up 9 runs in two innings! CCC scored 2 Runs in the 6th and 7 Runs in the 8th for 18 Runs.

Del Webb-B 3 runs at mid point then 6 in the 7th and 8 in the 8th but one shy of tying the Game!

For CCC:  Mike Athey Tripled, Rich Cataldo 2-Doubles, & Tom Benel 3 singles were 3/4

For DW ReMax: Ken Grimes 4/5 and a Triple  Craig Egrisics and Bob Falzon were 2/3 Rick Gebhard was 2/4 w a single and a triple.

Sprucecreek 10 At Sunlake 14

Home Plate Umpire: Leland Mcgonigal, Bases: Danny Martinez 

Beautiful Day Down By The Lake Here At Sunlake.

Sprucecreek: Jim Patterson 3-4 (With A Injured Finger), Mike Duggan 2-4 (Triple 1 Rbi), Tom Maxwell 2-4 (2 Rbi) And Gomer Morgan 2-3 ( 2 Rbi , 1 Bb)

Sunlake:  D. Brown (Speedy) 2-3 1 Bb, Mean Gene Halcom 2-4 (1 Rbi), D.Dekilder (Potroast) 1-4, D.Nielson (Minnesota) 3-4 (1 Triple), B.Brown (Crackhead) 2-4 (1 Dbl 2 Rbi), Rick (Gq) Logan 3-3 (1 Hr, 1triple 5rbi), Bob (Hokie) Dumas 2-3, Rob (Pizza Man) Mcnicholas 2-3 ( 1 Rbi), Roy (Fluffy) Lawhorn 1-3 ( 1 Hr  3 Rbi ), Wayne (Cheesehead) Steinberg 2 -3 ( 1 Rbi) And Doug (Pissin Frog) Pierce  1-3.  1 Rbi


Del Webb 29 Continental 15

For Del Webb: John Walter was 2 for 3 with a home run and scored 3 times.

RickVielhak went 4 for 5 and scored 3 times. Mitch Abbott was 2 for 2 and scored 3 times.

Dan Warner went 2 for 4 and scored twice.

For Continental: Brian Leyser was 3 for 4 with a double and scored 3 times. Mike Florence went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and scored 3 times. Mike Athey was 2 for 4 with 2 doubles. Rick Cataldo went 4 for 4.

Don Sprout was behind the plate. Barry Smith was on the bases. 

Sprucecreek (Docs Restorations) 18  Sun lake 11

Another Windy day at Sprucecreek makes for more errors than normal.

Sprucecreek led from the first inning getting 5 runs in the first and second innings.

Sunlake made a comeback scoring 7 runs, but thats as close as they got.

For Sprucecreek leading hitters were Maxwell ,Burke, Beatty all with 4 hits. Burke and Beatty also had 4 rbis each.

for Sunlake Brown,DeKilder, McNicholas,Lawhorn all with 2 hits.

Plate umpire Paul Poole, Bases Gary Richardson





Division 3 Del Webb ReMax 27 vs CCC West Finacial Group 26

Home Plate Umpire was Bruce Reavely and Bases was Jim MacFarlane

Del Webb had 23 Hits and multiple Walks CCC had 32 Hits, 2 Dbls ! HR

CCC-Rick Cataldo was 5/6 JT Valle was 4/5, Steve Jones 2-Triples,Kevin Cullen, Ed Leech-a HR ,were all 3/6

Del Webb Eagles- Ralph Reiman was 4/6 w/HR Rick Gebhard 3/3 1-Triple 6 RBIs,& @ walks     Ryan Payne 3/5 & 6 RBIs Johnathon Barnett was 2/4 & 4 RBIs It was an up and down Lead by both teams taking the Game into the 9th Inning and DW persevered!




Del Webb Remax   24   -  Del Webb Belleview Eagles   10

Umpires Jim MacFarlane  Plate  -  Kevin Cheeks  Bases   For Remax:  Ralph Reiman, Ken Grimes, Ryan Payne and Jack Demagistris each had 4 hits,  Dave Scafide had 3 hits

Winning Pitcher was Don O'Leary   

Spruce Creek 13, Continental 11

A well played game by both teams, For Spruce Creek Tom Maxwell scored three times and Gomer Morgan scored twice.

For Continental Steve Jones, Kevin Cullen and Ed Leech each scored three times. 

Umpires: Behind the plate Don Sprout and Barry Smith on the bases. 



Continental Softball sponsored by West Financial 17 Del Webb A 7

For Del Webb John Walter went 2 for 4 Rick Vielbak was 1 for 2 with a walk James Dixon went 1 for 1 with a triple

For Continental Ed Leech went 4 for 4 with 2 home runs Mark LaPlante was 3 for 4 with a home run

Mike Florence was 4 for 4 with a double and a triple Mke Athey went 3 for 4 and scored twice

Brian Leyser was 3 for 4 with a double and scored twice Scott Groh went 3 for 4 with a double 

Umpires Don Sprout behind the plate Barry Smith on the bases. 


Del Webb-B ReMax vs Spruce Creek Doc's Restoration      Dw 10 Runs to Spruce Creek 19

Home Plate Umpire Umpire Bill Casteel and Base Umpire DJ Jones


Spruce Creek hitting Will Vail 4/5 Tom Maxwell, LeRoy Burke 3/5 Jim Patterson was 3/4

Mike Neidbalski2/4 with a HR

DW ReMax hitting Rick Gabhard  and Don O'Leary ¾ Kenny Grimes 2/4 with a Triple



Spruce Creek Doc Restoration   10      Del Webb Belleview Eagles      11

Umpires Berni Schyvinch   Plate  -   Kathy Campbell  Bases    Another tight game between Spruce Creek and Del Webb.  Spruce Creek: Tom Maxwell, Leroy Burke and Tom Patterson each had 3 hits, Wil Vail and Kel Bray had 2 hits each.

Del Webb:  Al Fritzgerald led the way with 3 hits, Followed by Steve Amgelo, John Walter, Mitch Abbott, Bill Schumacher and James Dixon with 2 hits each.  Winning Pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker




ONE OF THE SUNLAKE PLAYERs ( Wayne Steinberg) was hit in the head while running to first) AT THIS TIME BEING LOOKED AT THE ER. PRAYERS ALL AROUND !!!!!

STATS: CONTINENTAL alot of Hits!!!!!

Sunlake:Darrel 1 hr, Dave D 3-4, Bob 2-3







Division 3 Del Webb-B ReMax vs CCC West Finacial Group played at Del WebbDel Webb ReMax lost by a score of 22 by CCC to 19 by DW-B

Umpires Home-Bruce Reavely and Bases DJ Jones thru 6 and Tom Gimili finish the game

Errors plagued Del Webb, 9 at a critical time! CCC had 29 Hits, DW had 19.

Continental Country Club hitters were:Mike Florence & Kevin Cullen were 4/5 Steve Jones 3/5 with a Home Run Ed Leech 3/5 with aDouble and Triple Mike Athney 3/5 Rick Catalldo 3/5 Brian Leyser 3/5 with 2-Doubles & a Home Run

Del Webb-B hitters were Mark Barnett 4/5 with a Triple John Barnett 3/5 Rick Gebhard ¾ Ralph Reiman 3/5 Armando Llugano ¾ Craig Egresics ¾  Close Game went to CCC


Del Webb A 15 Spruce creek (Docs Restoration) 14

Another close game with DW and SC, Even with being outhit 27 to 20 Del Webb hung on to get the victory.

For Del Webb  Angelo, Johnson ,Schumacher, Knoth all with 3 hits.

For Sprucecreek Maxwell, Burke, Patterson all with 4Hits.

Plate umpire Jim Roosa Field umpire Gary Richardson














Division 3 Del Webb-B-ReMax vs Del Webb-A Eagles

Umpires were Bernie Schvinch-Home Plate, John Morelli-Bases

Hitting for both Teams was light for the Game, with    the Eagles having 20 hits and ReMax having 18 hits. Eagles had Rick Vielhak at 3/4, Bill Schumaker 2/3 and several others at 2/4 Al Fitzpatrich with a Triple, Tony Gove, John Walter a Triple,&  Steve Angelo

ReMax had Rick Gebhard at 4/4 and 2-Doubles, Dave Scafide-a Double      Ken Grimes and Craig Egresics were 3/2     Final Score--DW Eagles 13 to DW ReMax 12



Spruce Creek Doc's Restoration  9   Del Webb Belleview Eagles 10

Umpires Jim McFarland Plate  Jim Davis Bases. For Spruce Creek Mike Niedbalski had 3 hits, Leroy Burke, Will Vail, Kel Bray, and Terri Fisher each had 2 hits 

for Del Webb Tony Gove, John Walter, Mitch Abbott, Bill Schumacher and Dave Fields each had 3 hits Winning pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker. 

Continental Softball Club 17 Sunlake 10

For Sunlake: Dave Brown scored twice Darrell Nielson went 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and a triple, scoring 3 times

For Continental: Ed Leech was 3 for 4 with a double and scored 2 times

Mike Florence went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and scoring 3 times

TJ Valle was 3 for 4 with a double and scored 2 times

Nancy Lee went 2 for 3 and scored 2 times

Umpires: Behind the Plate: Don Sprout on the Bases: Barry Smith


Sprucecreek (Doc's Restoration) Sunlake 5

In a rain shortened  windy game, 6 complete innings Sprucecreek, came out on top, before the field was flooded out and unplayable.

Maxwell and Duggan both  with 3/3. 4 players also had 2hits each. 

For Sunlake Brown and Dumas both 2 hits.

Home plate umpire Gary Richardson Field umpire Jim Rossa 

CC DW rain rescheduled to 2/28/2023






Continental West Financial 11   Del Webb Belleview Eagles Club 6

Umpire at the Plate Ken Grimes Umpire at the Bases Jack DeMagistris

Today’s game was a beautiful day for softball. The sun came out and the weather turned hot. Unfortunately for Del Webb their bats were cold. However, Continental came ready to play and their hitting and defense paved the way for a solid win. Bats for Del Webb were: Pete Knoth 3/3, Bill Schumacher 3/4, Rick Vielhak 2/2, John Walter 2/3, and Terry Johnson 2/4. Bats that carried the day for Continental were: Mike Florence 3/4, Mike Atney 3/4, T Valle 3/4, Rick Cateldo 2/4, Mark LaPlante 2/4, and Steve Jones 2/5.

Division 3 Game Between Del Webb-B ReMax & Spruce Creek Doc's

      DW ReMax won 14 to 12 vs Spruce Creek Doc's

 Home Plate Umpire Tom Gimili, Bases John Walter

Spruce Creek had a total of 20 hits:

Will Vail was2/2 Tom Maxwell was ¾ Bruce Beatty, Wayne McDougall, Chuck Arpin, were 2/3

Mike Dugan & Leroy Burke were 2/4

DW ReMax had a total of 21 Hits     

Rick Gebhard was 4/4 Ken Grimes was ¾ Ralph Reimen, John Barnett, Jack Demagistris, & Cal Allison were 2/4

Spruce Creek started the first 5 Innings scoring 12 Runs then their bats went  cold, did not score any runs after that!

Del Webb scored only 4 Runs in the first 5 Innings, then scored 13 Runs in the remaining innings to win the Game! 


Sun Lake 3    16       Del Webb Belleview Eagles 3A  14

Umpires: Kevin Cheeks  Plate -  Jim MacFarlane  Bases   A hard fought game that went 9 innings with Sun Lake coming out on top.  Sun Lake was lead by Darrell Nielson with 5 hits, Dave Brown, Rick Logan

Billy Lyle had 4 hits each, Roy Lawhorn, Bob Dumas chipped in 3 hits apiece.  Del Webb:  Mitch Abbott has 4 hits, Terry Johnson, John Walter, Rick Vielhak, Dan Warner, Kurt Schmucker all had 3 hits.        

DelWebb B (Remax) Sprucecreek (Docs Restoration) 7

In a game of good defence from both teams, Delwebb had a little better hitting.

For DW Ralph Reiman 4 hits Greg Carpenter 3 hits Kenny Grimes, Ryan Payne, Mark Barrnett and Berni Schvinch all had 2 hits.

For SC Leroy Burke , and Mike Niedbalski both had 3 hits.

Five SC players had 0 hits. you can't expect to win if you don`t hit.

plate ump. Paul Poole field ump Jim Roosa



Continental Softball Club sponsored by West Financial 14 Del Webb sponsored by Remax 13

For Del Webb: Don O'Leary had two hits and scored twice Dave Scafide had two hits including a home run

Ken Grimes, Bob Falzone, and Cal Allison each scored twice.

For Continental: Steve Jones went 2 for 2 with a walk and a home run and scored 3 times Ed Leech went 3 for 3 with a home run and scored twice Nancy Lee and Tom Bennel each had two hits and scored twice. 

Umpires: Behind the plate: Don Sprout On the Bases: Barry Smith

Del Webb A.  25.     Sunlake.   20

Plate Umpire Jimmy Milligan, 2nd Base Tom Kuhn and 3rd Base Umpire Paul Kessler.

Beautiful Day for a game here beside Lake Yale.

Del Webb A : Alan Fitzpatrick 4 Hits, Tony Gove 3 Hits, Terry Johnson 5 hits, John Walter 3 hits, Mitch Abbott 2 hrs and Rick Vielhak 3 hits.

Bryan Brown 5 - 5  3Rbis, Rick Logan. 5 - 6, Dave Brown 4 - 6 2Rbis, Darrell Nielson 4 - 6  1Dbl, Jeff Boros 4 - 6. 2Rbi, Rob McNicholas  3 - 5. 2Rbi, Billy Lyle 3- 5. 2Rbi and Dave (Rare POT ROAST) DeKilder 3 - 6. 2 Rbis.






Today’s game between Del Webb 3A Belleview Eagles Club and Del Webb 3B Remax had the 3A Eagles winning 14 – 13 over 3B Remax.

Umpires were Bruce Reavely at Home Plate and Jim Davis at the Bases.

Today’s game gave fans a very exciting game to watch. It featured two evenly matched teams of friends playing friends. But, only one team could win today and the 3A Eagles  came on top by a run. The Eagles led the entire game until the 6th inning where the bats got hot for 3B Remax and the game tied at 9 – 9. The Eagles scored 5 in the bottom of the 6th to take the lead again. But, Remax wasn’t done and scored 4 in the last 2 innings and came up just short for a tough loss.

Big bats for Del Webb Eagles were Al Fitzpatrick and Terry Johnson with 4 hits and an inside the park home run by Al. Bill Schumacher, John Walter, Mitch Abbott, Rick Vielhak, and Kurt Schmucker all with 2 hits. Remax big hitters were Armando Llaguno 4 hits, Craig Egresics 3 hits, Rick Gebhard, Jack DeMagistris, Ryan Payne, Ken Grimes, and Bob Falzone 2 hits each.

Spruce Creek 18 Continental Softball Club 15

For Spruce Creek: Wil Vail went 3 for 4 and scored twice,  Mike Buggan was 2 for 3 with a home run and scored twice, Wayne MacDougall and Tony Harris both scored twice.

For Continental: Steve Jones and Kevin Cullen both went 3 for 5, Ed Leech was 3 for 4 with a home run and scored 3 times, Mark LaPlante went 4 for 4 and scored 3 times.

Home Plate Umpire Don Sprout and on the bases Barry Smith





Today's Game 01/13 between Del Webb ReMax vs Del Webb Eagles   Remax 13 runs Eagles 31

Home Plate Umpire was Jim Macfarland Bases was Kevin Cheeks

Eagles came out scoring from the first inning with 5 Runs and    kept the lead the whole game.ReMax Did not hit well at all.

For the Eagles:  John Walter was 4 for 5 Bill Schumacher, Tony Gove, Ric Vielhalk, and Dan Warner were all 4/6

For ReMax:  Ryan Payne was 3/3 Greg Carpenter, Jack Demagistris were 4/3  ReMax did not play very well Defensive,but Eagles had a very good Day in the field and from the bench.


Sunlake 6 Sprucecreek 5

Not much action,and not much to report .

For Sunlake Wayne Steinberg 3/3. Dumas,Halcom,and Brown. All 2/3

For Sprucecreek 4 players 2/3

Home plate umpire Jim Rossa Field Gary Richardson




Division 3 Game between Del Webb-B ReMav and Spruce Creek Doc's Restoration

Home Plate Umpire was Bernie Schyvinch and Base Ump was Fred Wilman

Spruce Creek Hitting: Will Vail was 5/5 with Homer and Triple Gomer Morgan,& Mike Niedbalski 4 hits ea Tony Harris Wayne MacDougal 3 Hits Terri Fisher 2b & Homer

Del Webb had sporadic Hitting by:Dennis Burke & Cal Allison 3/4

Spruce Creek scored 12 Runs in the top of the 8th to win 31 to13



CONTINENTAL ED LEECH (  4-4, 3 HRS, 6RBIs. )Kevin Collins, Mike Florence and Tom Benall all went 3 - 4


Dave Dekilder 2- 4, 1 HR, 2 RBIs Billy Lyle 2-4,   Rick Logan 1HR, 1 DBL  3 RBIs Roy Lawhorn 2-3 , 2 RBIs,  Darrel Nielson 2-3 1 DBL, 1 Rbi,  Dave Brown 2-3 and Doug Pierce 2-3 1


Continental Softball Club sponsored by West Financial 18 Del Webb B sponsored by Remax 3

Game ended after 7 innings

For Del Webb Rich Atkinson went 2 for 3 Bob Falzone went 2 for 2 with a triple and scored once

For Continental Ed Leech went 3 for 5 with a home run and scored 3 times TJ Valle went 2 for 4 and scored twice Mike Athey went 2 for 4 with a home run and scored twice Rick Cataldo went 3 for 4 and scored once Brian Leyser went 2 for 4 and scored twice

Umpires: Behind the plate: Don Sprout On the bases:     Barry Smith


Del Webb Belleview Eagles   14      -     Spruce Creek Doc's Restoration    11

Umpires:  Dick Geitgey  Plate  Kathy Campbell  Bases    For Spruce Creek:  Leroy Burke had 3 hits, Chuck Arpin had 3 hits, Tom Maxwell, Mike Dugan, Gomer Morgan and Bruce Beatty each had 2 hits

For Del Webb:  Terry Johnson had 4 hits, Tony Gove, Mitch Abbott and Kurt Schmucker each had 3 hits.  Winning Pitcher for Del Webb was Kurt Schmucker


SunLake won 19 to 18

Umpires at the Plate was Bruce Reavely  on the Bases was carl Herr

There was a lot of controversy with some of the Umpiring! so much that one of the players was ejected from the Field!

The Game was close with SunLake waking out ass the winner

SunLake won 19 to 18

SunLake's hitting Billy Lyle & Rob McNichols were 4 for 4 Rick Logan, Darrel Nielson & Bryan Brown all were 3 for 4 Dave Brown Doug Pierce, & Roy Lawhorn were 2 for 4

Del Webb's Hitting:

Don O'Leary was 4 for 5 Johnathon Barnett, Armando LLugano 3 for 5 Cal Allison was 3 for 4


Continental Softball Club sponsored by West Financial – 10 Del Webb 3A - 9

For Del Webb - James Dixon scored twice, John Walter went 2 for 4 and scored twice, Rick Vielhak went 1 for 2 and scored twice he also had two walks

For Continental- Ed Leech went 3 for 4 with two doubles and scored twice. TJ Valle went 2 for 4 and scored once. Brian Leyser went 3 for 4 and scored once. Nancy Lee had three singles and drove in the winning run.

Continental played fantastic defense. 

umpires: home plate - Marty K.bases - Don Sprout






Del Webb-B ReMax had Sun Lake playing at 11:30 today.

Sun Lake won 19 to 17 over DW B ReMax

The Home Plate Umpire, and the Bases by Bill Casteel  Kevin Cheeks

Sun Lake 25 Hits: Dave Brown was 4 for 4 & Jeff Boros ¾ Billy Lyle 3/5 Rick Logan 3/5 & a Triple Rob McNichholas 3/5 Triples by Bryan Brown, Bob Dumas, Wayne Steinburg, & Darrell Nielson

Del Webb had 26 Hits: Jack Demagistris 4/4 1-Double Ken Grimes 3/3 Craig Egresics3/2 Rick Gebhard 3/5 w-Dbl and Triple Don O'Leary 3/5 Dave Fields 3/4

TheGame was fairly close in it's entirety but good PLACE Hitting by Sun Lake

 helped them take the lead after the 6th inning and held it for the Win.

Continental 23 Sprucecreek ( doc`s restorations ) 16

The real Continental softball team showed up and were a hitting machine, 5 HR. look out the rest of the season.Steve Jones went 4 for 5 with 4 runs scored. Ed Leech went 5 for 5 with 3 homers. Mark LaPlante went 5 for 6 and hit for the cycle. Rick Cataldo went 4 for   5 and scored twice.

for Screekcreek Leroy burke 4 hits, Maxwell, Niedbalski, Vail, Morgan, Desjardin, all with 3 hits.

Plate ump Jim Rossa Field ump Paul Pool


Continental Softball Club sponsored by West Financial – 10  SunLake Softball Club - 5

For Sunlake: Bryan Brown had two hits including a solo homerun.Billy Lyle had two hits. 

For Continental: Mike Athey had three hits and scored twice. Kevin Cullen, Mark LaPlante, Rick Cataldo, Tom Bennel, and Nancy Lee all had two hits.

Continental played great defense in attaining our first win of the season. 

Home plate umpire: Don Sprout on the bases umpiring : Marty K.

Del Webb-ReMax vs Del Webb-A Eagles--Division 3          ReMax won 19 to Eagles 17

 Home Plate Ump-DJ Jones, Bases Cindy Pletch

Johnathon Barnett led the Hitting with 5 Hits, and six others each had 3 Hits:   Rick Gebhard, Don O'Leary, Armando Llugano, Dennis Burke, Craig Egresics    and Jack Demagistris-All for the ReMax Team.

Eagles had Terry Johnson & Greg Carpenter each had 4 Hits, and five others had    3 hits each. Tony Gove, John Walter, Dan Warner, Bill Schumacher & Pete Knoth.

Close Game in the last few innings, and played 2 additional innings for a win in the tenth! 



Continental   14.     SUNLAKE. 15


It was a beautiful day at Sunlake.  Today's game was a back in -forth affair with Sunlake scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th to squeak out the win.



SUNLAKE: Darrell  Nielson 4-4 (2 Dbls 2 RBIs), Billy Lyle 4-4 (1Dbl 1 RBI), Bryan Brown 3-4, Jeff Bores 3-4 (1 Dbl), Wayne Steinberg 3-4, Doug Pierce 3-4 (2 RBIs), Bob Dumas 3-5 (2 RBIs), Rick Logan 2-4 (1 Dbl 2 RBIs), Rob McNicholas  2-4 ( 1 Dbl 2 RBIs), Dave Brown 1-4 (2 RBIs), Gene Halcome (1 RBI)

Del Webb 3a (Bellview Eagles) 8 Sprucecreek 3(Doc`s Restoration) 7

With neither team hitting Del Webb managed to edge out Sprucecreek by 1.

hitters for DW John Walter, Rick Vielhak both with 3 hits. Mitch Abbott had a HR.

for Sprucecreek Niedbalski 3/3 BB, Vail and Beatty both 3/4.

home plate ump. Jim Rossa field Paul Poole




Division 3 softball game at Continental Country Club.       Sun Lake 20, Continental 13

Umpires Home Plate: Don Sprout, Bases: Marty K.

For Sun Lake: Darell Nielson went 3 for 4, Bryan Brown went 4 for 4, Rick Logan went 2 for 4 with a Home Run and 2 RBI's, Roy Lawhorn was 2 for 5 with a Homer and 3 RBI's

For Continental: Mike Athey went 4 for 5, Ed Leech, Mike Florence and Rick Cataldo all had 3 hits. 

Del Webb3B (remax) 24 Sprucecreek (doc`s restorations) 9

Armando LLugano was 5/5 Johnathon Barnet & Dennis Burke  were 4/5 (Triple by John)

Kenny Grimes was 4/4 with a Double Don O'Leary 3/4 with a Double Bob Falzone, Ralph Reimen, & Rick Gabhard 3/4 (Rick w/Triple) Ryan Payne 3/5 Dave Scafide 2/5 Craig Egresics & Cal Allison 2/4

Total of 40 Hits

for Sprucecreek Mike Duggan and Kel Bray had 3 hits Sprucecreek was no match today against Del Webb,a couple of errors by Sprucecreek when the score was 8-7 didn`t help. 

Plate Ump. Gary Richardson Field, Paul Poole




Del Webb Belleview Eagles   21           Continental West Financial Group     9

Umpires:  Kevin Cheeks   Bases   -  Jim MacFarlane 

For Continental:  Kevin Cullen had 4 hits,  Steve Jones, Ed Leech, Tony Pomales each had 2 hits; they weren't enough to offset

Del Webb's hot bats. For Del Webb  Mitch Abbott, James Dixon and Pete Knoth led the way with 4 hits each, Steve Angelo, Tony Gove, John Walter, Terry Johnson, Bill Schumacher chipped in with 3 hits a piece.  Winning pitcher for Del Webb Kurt Schmucker.

Del Webb (B) 16.  SUNLAKE. 8

Umpires:  Home Plate: Jimmy Milligan,  Field:  Tom Kuhn.

On a beautiful day down at the Lake.  Del Webb (B) came to play both at the plate and especially in the field. Del Webb had some timely hitting and Sunlake could not put any hits together.

Del Webb was led by Falzone, Gebhard  and O'Leary ( 2 Doubles ) with 3 hits, 4 others with 2 hits an 3 others with 1 hit.  Sunlake was led by Dave Dean 4-4 (1 RBI), Roy Lawhorn 4-4, Gene Halcom 3-4 ( 1 RBI ), Darrel Nielson 2-4, Billy Lyle 2-4 ( 2 RBIs ), Jeff Boros 2-4 ( 1 RBI ), Doug Pierce 2-4 ( 2 RBIs ) and Wayne Steinberg 2-4 ( 2 DBLs and 1 RBI )



SpruceCreek - 21.    Sunlake  - 14

Umpires: Home - Tom Kuhn.   Field - Dennis Martinez. 

On a cold morning by the Lake Yale, SpruceCreek heated up field with their bats and their gloves.  SpruceCreek jumped out to 9 - 0 lead and never looked back.  Sunlake did manage to close the gap to 14 - 11 in the  bottom of the 6th. But SpruceCreek outscored Sunlake 7 - 3 in the 8th inning to win the game 21 - 14.

SpruceCreek was had 26 hits with Maxwell 4 for 4, Vaillancourt 3 for 4 and the winning pitcher Harris going 3 for 4.   Sunlake was led by Rob McNicholas 4- 5 2 RBIs, Bob Dumas 4-5, Dave Brown 3-4 RBi, Dave Dekilder 3-5 RBI,  the following were all 2 - 4, Boros 2 RBIs, Nielson 3RBIs, Lawhorn 2 RBIs and Steinberg  RBI. The rest all had 1 hit, Lyle 1 triple 3RBIs, Halcom, B. Brown and Pierce.

Division 3 ReMax Del Webb-B vs Del Webb Eagles-A played 11/18/22.

Del Webb ReMax-B won 10-5 against DW Eagles-A

Home Plate Umpire was Sheila Loftland, and the Base Umpire was Kevin Cheeks

The Game was mostly Defense for both Teams, Del Webb ReMax had      Rob Volks had a 3-Run Home Run to tie the Game in the 2nd Inning 3 to3      Craig Egresics (double) & Rick Gebhard were 2 for 4, Armando LLugano 2 for 3       with a Double, Dennis Burke 2 for 3 with a Triple, and Bob Falzone 2 for 3.

Del Webb Eagles had:      John Walter 2/4 Phil Woodward 2/4, Bill Schumacher 2/4 with Triple.

The Game was favored by the Defensive plays by both Teams.







SUNLAKE - 16.     DEL WEBB (B)  -  15

Umpires: Home Plate: Dennis Martinez, Field:  Tom Kuhn.

It was a great day here at SUNLAKE : Jimmy Milligan Field. Both teams fought back and forth on both sides on the ball. There were a many lead changes. But in the end SUNLAKE came out ahead in this very close game..

DEL WEBB (B) was led by Grimes 3 hits (Double), Gerhard 3 hits, Payne and Ryman with 2 hits. 

SUNLAKE: Billy Lyle 4-4, 2 RBIs, Bryan Brown 3-3 (Double & HR ) 5 RBIs, Wayne Steinberg 3-3, Jeff Bores 2-3, Darrel Nielson  2-3 (Double) 1 RBi, Rick Logan 2-4, 2 RBis, Bob Dumas 2-4, McNicholas 1-3, (Double) 2 RBIs, Halcom 1-3, 1 RBi, Dave Brown 1-3 and Dave DeKilder 1-4, 3 RBis


Continental Country Club Softball game Division 3 sponsored by West Financial

Spruce Creek 16 Continental Country Club 13 in 9 innings. Home plate umpire Don Sprout, bases Marty K.

Spruce Creek had Kel Bray go 3 for 3. Willie Vail was 3 for 4, 6 other players had two hits each.

Continental's Mike Florence had 3 hits and scored twice, Ed Leech had 4 hits and scored 3 times.

Mike Athey had 3 hits and scored 3 times. 





Sprucecreek (Doc's Restoration)10 Continental 9

More defense than hitting today, what started out with a 7-6 score after 2 innings both teams bats went cold. Sprucecreek had just enough hits to score 2 runs in the 6th and 2 runs in the 7th. 

Hitters for SC Bruce Beatty 3/3, 4 players with 2 hits. The big hit in the 7th a triple from Willie Vail to drive in 2 runs.

For Continental 2hits and 2runs scored for Mike Florence. Ed Leech was kept in the park and only scored twice. See you next Tuesday at your field.

DEL WEBB (A)  13.    SUNLAKE.  9


IT WAS A GREAT DAY FOR A BALLGAME!!! DEL WEBB A outplayed Sunlake today.  For Del Webb A:

Tony Gove 4 for 4, John Walter 4 for 4, Steve Angelo 3 for 4, Terry Johnson 3 for 4 and Dan Warner 3 for 4. Winning Pitcher Kurt Schmucker.


For SUNLAKE: Dave Brown 3 for 3 with a stand up triple.  Bob Dumas and Billy Lyle were 3 for 4 and Dave DeKilder, Jeff Boros, Bryan Brown, Wayne Steinberg and Darrel Nielson all with 2 hits.




Del Webb 3A Belleview Eagles    21      Continental West Financial Group     9

Umpires   Jim MacFarlane Plate       Kevin Cheeks Bases    Ed Leech led a short handed Continental Team with 4 hits , one being a 3 run homer . 

Nancy Lee, Scott Groh, Mike Athey chipped in with 3 hits a piece . Del Webb was led by Tony Gove ,John Walter and Mitch Abbott with 4 hits . Steve Angelo ,

Rick Vielhak, Kurt Schmucker had 3 hits in the victory .

Kurt Schmucker was the winning pitcher for Del Webb .


Tuesday 7 Nov SUNLAKE - 8.         DEL WEBB B  - 4

Game was played at Jimmy Milligan field here at SUNLAKE. 

Plate Umpire: Danny Martinez and in the field Tom Kuhn.

It was a windy day here at the lake.  DEL WEBB had cold bats (Poor Production : Del Webb Manager Words) They were led by Armando Llugano, Jack Demagistris and Don O'Leary with 3 hits apiece.  SUNLAKE: RICK LOGAN 3 for 3, 1 HR, Rob McNicholas 3 for 3 and Gene Halcolm

,( who made a hell of a catch to end game) Bryan Brown, Wayne Steinberg and Darrel Nielson all were 2 for 3.






Del Webb ReMax-B vs Sun Lake 

Umpires-Plate, Jimmy Davis Base Umpire Bill Casteel & Karen Gebhard

Score DW 26-Sun Lake 25

Cal Allison 4 for 5 Don O'Leary 4 for 5 Rick Gebhard 3 for 6 w/single triple, home run to win the Game


Div.3 Spruce Creek 14 Delwebb 2

(Doc's restoration) Spruce Creek 14  Delwebb (Belleview eagle's) 2

Leading hitters for Sprucecreek  Kel Bray 3/3, Mike Niedbalski,Gomer Morgan,Terry Fisher,all 3/4.

Delwebb bats we're cold (13 hits) and Sprucecreeks defense was very solid and shut down the few base runner's from Delwebb.

Umpires Paul Poole plate, Paul Martz field.


Sun Lake   25     -    Del Webb Belleview Eagles 3A   22

Umpires Joe Diana Plate,  Kathy Campbell  Bases  Well fort game with Sun Lake holding off a late charge by Del Webb for an 8th inning victory.  For Del Webb -   Mitch Abbott led the way with 5 hits, Steve Angelo and Kurt Schmucker chipped in  4 hits each.  For Sun Lake - Bob Dumas, Rich Logan, Gene Halcom, Jeff Boros, Dave Brown all had 4 hits each, Dave Dekilder, Billy Lyle, Darrell Neilson each had 3 hits.  Winning Pitcher for Sun Lake was Bob Dumas    


 D3 Doc`s restorations (Sprucecreek) 17 Continental 13

Hitters for Sprucecreek Leroy Burke 3/4, Mike Niedbalski, Terry Fisher, Wayne cDougall, Chuck Arpin, Tony Harris, all 2/3.

Home plate Paul Martz Field Gary Richardson

No  report from Continental.