Division 6B


Plate Umpire:  Joe Bono Base Umpire:  Dan Fortunato

Clerbrook 6B and Pennbrook 6B met for the last time this regular season.  Clerbrook defeated Pennbrook by a final score of 21 - 6 in 7 innings.  Curt Johnson led Pennbrooke's challenge going 2/2 with a double and an inside the park home run.  Five others contributed to Pennbrook hitting with each having a hit.  Clerbrook was led by Brian Carroll who was 4/4 hits, 4 RBIs, and 3 runs scored.  He was followed by Joe Long and Dale Price which both were 3/3 hitting. 

On behalf of Clerbrook players and coaches, we had an outstanding time playing against the teams in D2 and D6B.  We know that D6B will most likely move up a level next year but wanted to mention the great sportsmanship and comradery that all teams demonstrated throughout the year. 

Thank you to all the teams and the league for a FUN Time this year.  Looking forward to next year!  Now, for the Del Webb Tourney.





The D-6 game was played on Mar 14th and won by Plantation 15 -7

Plantation was led by McKay and Devine at 3-4 while Smith, Earlle, and Segura added 2 hits apiece

Summerglen had Teo R., Chuck D., Ron A, Jeff G., Ken Q., Mark G., and Chuck C. all with 3 hits




Sunlake jumped out to a big lead and didn't look back. A great defense game by M. McCall at 3 base. For Pennbrooke 

G. Volling and J. Johnson 4 - 4 and M. Johnson 2 - 4 with a double. For Sunlake S. McDonald, C. Hazelbaker 4 hits and A. Dickens 3 hits.

Holiday RV Semper Fi 26, Hawthorn 25.  Umpires, Debbie Wiener Home plate, Ray Schmitt bases. For Hawthorn, Tom Durfee, Mike French, Dick Kissling, Mike Maxwell, and Dan Cutcriff all had 3 hits each, Dave Paradise, Curtis Shaffer, Mark Baierlipp, Chuck DeHondt, and Wayne Hoffman all had 2 hits each.  For Holiday RV Semper Fi, Robin McMullen, and Bob Frank went 5/5, Randy Isbell and BJ Sedletzeck went 4/5, Jim Montcalm and John Engle had 3 hits each, and Steve Orchard, Dan Knight, Tom Tennyson and Ray Wnuck all had 2 hts each.

Pennbrooke (6A) hosted Continental (6B) in a mid-afternoon game in which Pennbrooke won 18-12.

 Pennbrooke (6A)-18 / Continental (6B)- 12

 Continental (6B) was led by Howie Andy & Leo Dorsey who hit monster Homeruns. Brian Grover & Darleen Barney each had (2) hits apiece & Mike Murphy had a Single, Double & Triple.

Pennbrooke (6A) was led by Brad Carpenter (4) hits & a Triple/ Anthony Joseph (4) hits & a Double, Mike Wantuck & Zeke Zilka (3) hits apiece, Lynn Hagerich had 2 doubles & Joe Walker had the go-ahead RBI. Joe Spada was the Winning Pitcher. 

 Home Plate-Jerry Hopcus Bases-John Smith


D6A Holiday Travel (Semper Fi Heating) 16 at Pennbrooke D6B (TCI Financial Inc. ) 11

Umpires:  Plate – Matt Palmer -   Bases – Gary Lubert

Holiday RV was led by Bob Frank who was 3 for 4, Dick Reed and Dan Knight 3 – 3 in the 24 hit win.

Pennbrooke was led by Woody Davis who was 4 – 4, Darby Walbon was 3 for 3 with a double, Marjorie Johnson and Dick Smith both 3-4 in the loss.

Final score:  Holiday RV 16  Pennbrooke 11.

Bob McClug and Pete Synder umpired the D6 game between SummerGlen and Hawthorne.

A hard fought exciting game for the first 5 innings before Hawthorne exploded for 13 runs in the last 3 innings for a 24 to 11 victory for Hawthorne

Almost all players for both teams had either a hit or an RBI.

Hawthorne was led by Mike French who made the most of his 2 hits with 10 RBIs. Mark Baierlipp had 3 hits with 2 RBIs, John Perez had 3 hits, and Nick Kissling had 2 hits with 4 RBIs.

For SummerGlen Ron Adams was 4 for 4 with 2 RBIs, Jeff Garteiser had 3 hits with 2 RBIs, and Mark G. had 2 hits with 2 RBIs. 

Plate Umpire:  Joe Bono Base Umpire:  Andy Vain

In another hard fought battle, on a beautiful Florida day, between Clerbrook D6B and Sun Lake D6A, Clerbrook over came a 10 run inning by Sun Lake to win by a score of 26-11 in 6 inningsClerbrook was led by Dennis Wilson and JC Tremblay who were 4 for 4 from the plate with 3 RBIs each while John Lascos was 3 for 3 with 5 RBIs.  Sun Lake had David Dean and Dave Froehlich leading the team with 2 for 3 at bats while Allen Martin and Steve Brandt were 2 for 2.  

Pennbrooke (6A) hosted Plantation (6B) in a mid-afternoon game in which Pennbrooke bats were Frozen. 

and 2 R  Plantation (6B)-10 / Pennbrooke (6A)- 3

 Plantation (6B) was led by Glen Sharp & Tom Christine with (3) hits apiece & Gerry Devenu, Mike Devine & John Cliffor each had (2) hits apiece.

Pennbrooke (6A) was led by Brian Miller with (3) hits and (4) players with (2) hits apiece.

 Home Plate-Jim Bragdon  Bases-John Smith

Final game of the season played at Russell field March 10th, 2023

Final Score Continental 24, Water Oak “Phillips Buick GMC” 19

UmpiresSandy Starner at home plate, Dave Belvkin field.

Best players for Continental Joe Barney 2 home runs, 7 RBI’s,Howie Andy 3 hits, 4 RBI’s, Peggy Voll 3 hits, 2 RBI’s,Leo Dorsey tripple, 2 doubles and a single and an RBI, Kim Vining 2 hits BI’s,

For Water Oak, Al Volkmar, Rick Fender and John Bowser each had 3 hits. Jim Salisbury had 2  hits with 4 RBI’s



West Financial Group (CCC) 14             D6A  -  Phillips Buick (Water Oak) 16

Umpires:    Home Plate:  Frank Urso Bases:  Carl Abrams

Game Highlights

It was a hot, sunny day as Continental Country Club hosted D6A  -  Phillips Buick (Water Oak).  D6A  -  Phillips Buick (Water Oak) was led by Rick Fender and Harvey Mehes with 5 hits/5 RBIs each and Dale Smith with 5 hits/3 RBIs.  Continental’s Howie Andy and Frank Snyder each scored HOME runs, Brian Grover scored 3 runs, Billy with 2 and Bob C, Howie, Larry, Kim, Mike, Rich and Bob S scoring a run each. 

Plantation/Summerglen was a mercy after 7 innings

It was a fine day, Summer Glen traveled to plantation Summer glen 3 Dennis p  ! hit,Dick D.1 hit, Teo R. 1 hit, Chuck D.2hits(1 hitDouble scoring 2 RBI)   John F. 1Hit,  Chuck W. 1 Hit,  and Ken Q. 1hit

Plantation  18 Gary McKay 3/3,Jack Segura 2/3, Dale Moody 3/4, john clifford 3/4, Ray Jordan 3/4, Mike Devine 3/3  Umpires   Darrell Cook at the plate, Danny Smith on the bases Pat Emmons Announcer Thank You TO All



Clerbrook jumped out to a big lead 11 - 1 Sunlake tried to come back at the end but fell short when Clerbrook scores 4 in the top 

of the 8th. For Clerbrook J. C. Tremblay 3 hits with a double, S. Daigle 3 doubles, and J. Long inside the park home run. For

Sunlake D. Garver, D. Froelich, T. Hoyland 3 hits.


Another great day for softball, not too hot with a breeze.

Hawthorne had a great day with the final score:


Hawthorne Div. 6 oldest player Don Cutcliffe (86) hit a winning in the park HOME RUN to score a 3run RBI and finish the game in the 6th inning.

Home plate umpire Sonny Scott Base umpire Terry Rozier

Pennbrooke (6B) hosted Pennbrooke (6A) in a HOT early morning game won by Pennbrooke (6A) 23-8  Pennbrooke (6A)-23 / Pennbrooke (6B)-8

Pennbrooke (6B) was led by Woody Davis & Curt Johnson each with (4) hits apiece including a Double & Dick Smith with (2) hits.

Pennbrooke (6A) was led by Winning Pitcher Joe Spada had (4) hits including a Triple, Grand Slam & 7 RBI's. Primo DePetrillo with (4) hits including a Double, Brad Carpenter & Anthony Joseph with (3) hits apiece including Doubles, Zeke Zilka with (3) hits including a H.R., Don Ness & Mike Wantuck with (3) hits apiece & Brian Miller & Andy Bradford with (2) hits apiece including H.R.'s.

Home Plate-Galen Friend Bases-Jim Bragdon





Clerbrook D6B vs Holiday Travel D6A

Clerbrook D6B battled nose to nose with Holiday Travel D6A to a final score of 14 - 10 Clerbrook win. I don't have any stats at this time but fun was had by all. A few of us fell down while running bases. 

Final Score Plantation 30, Water Oak 12

Umpires Fred Ramos at Home plate and Randy Tidwell on the bases.

Plantation walked away after just 6 innings of play...

Their hitters include Glen Sharp, Dan Holyday,Tom Christie,Gerry Deveau, Jack Segura, Gary McKay Bill Earle and Keith Kimble with 4 hits each.

Water Oak best player was om St.Pierre with 4 hits followed by Jack Uriah and Rick Fender with 3 hits each.



CCC jumped out to a 5-0 lead and didn't look back and Sunlake came back but didn't make it. Sunlake had a bad day

on defense. For CCC R. McVay 4 hits, H. Andy 3hits a home run and 2 doubles  2 walks and 5 others with 3 hits.

For Sunlake 3 with 3 hits.

Today's game was one of the games that should always be played. Two Div. 6 teams that were equal in abilities and Division 6 equalities, NO super stars or higher division players, Just fair equil teams.


even though Hawthorne Won (with Wayne Hoffman of Hawthorne hitting an infield grand slam)

Hawthorne 12 - SummerGlen 11

Home plate umpire - Kieth Kittle and Base umpire - Butch Bergeron.


Final score Pennbrooke 6A (Charlie’s Plumbing) 17 vs Pennbrooke 6B (TCI Financial) 2

It was a close game for the first 4 innings, but then PB 6A came up with 5 runs in the 5th and 6th innings.

The leading hitters for PB 6B were Dick Smith 3/ 3, Curt Johnson 2/3 with a triple and Alan Chandler 2/3.

PB 6A was led by Jerry Gilkey who was 4/4 with a triple and 4 RBI’s.  Brian Miller, Brad Carpenter, Joe Spada and Don Ness all went 3/4.

The winning pitcher was Joe Spada.

Umpires were Galen Friend and Gary Lubert.


Jim Billings and Terry Widner umpired the February 28th D6 game between Continental and SummerGlen.

 Continental's bats were booming with Frank getting on base 4 times and scoring 4 runs, Brian getting on base 4 times and scoring 4 runs, Howie reached base 4 times , and multiple other players got on base 3 times.

 SummerGlen had nothing to write home to Mom about with Chuck Decker getting 2 hits and 6 others getting 1.

 This hard hitting by Continental and lack of hitting by SummerGlen led to a 17 to 1 victory for Continental.




Umpires;At home plate, Sandy Starner, and in the field Dave Blkevin

Final Score Clerbrook 22 water Oak 5, 

Our game ending in the 5th inning of play...

Clerbrrok superstars include;...JC Tremblay with 2 hits including a triple,Larry Cagle with 2 hits including a triple and 2RBI's, Joe Long had three hits including a single, a double and a triple with 3 RBI's, Brian Caroll had 2 hits with 2 RBI's, Steve Fitz had 3 hits with 2 RBI's, Tony Gray had 2 hits with 2 RBI's, Rejean Trepanier had 2 hits, with 3 RBI's, Phil D'Agostino had three hits, Rob Bashupe had 2 hits, and their star player was Dennis Wilson with 2 hits  including an out of the park home run.

Our field at its furthest point is 265 ft. He passed that mark by at least 30 ft.He also got 4 RBI's,

Our team 4 scouts are looking for players like Mr. Wilson for next year.

Water Oak's best include Jack Uriah with 2 hits and 3 RBI's,Al Volkmar also got 2 hits.

Good luck to Clerbrook in the tourney play...


Final Score -   Pennbrook A 19 / Hawthorne B 6.

A wonderful day at the Hawthorne Softball Field today Not to HOT with a nice Breeze.

Pennbrook A, lead the way all thru the game with one triple by Zeke Zilka and a lot of runs.

Final Score -   Pennbrook A 19 / Hawthorne B 6.

Home Plate umpire Romie Marble - Base Umpire Butch Bergeron

sunlake 8  3hits each by Steve Donald, Rich Maxwell, Dennis Garver,  M. McCall,  Allen Martin

Plantation 15  Tom Smith 4-4,  Glenn Sharp 3-4 Hr.,    Keith Kimble 3-4          great catches T. Smith & G.Sharp

Both teams played great making it a fun day.

Umpires were Dave Lanier at home plate Cheryl Cook on the bases

Announcer was Pat Emmons a Thank You to all for a great day





Clerbrook 20, Holiday RV Semper Fi 4. Umpires Ray Schmitt home plate, Pat Funch bases. 6minning game.  No stats received from Clerbrook, for Holiday RV, Bob Frank and John Engle had 2 hits each.

water oaks  forfeit    0         plantation 8

D6B Hawthorne 12  at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 14

Umpires:  Plate – Matt Palmer   Bases – John Smith

Pennbrooke jumped out to a 5 – 0 lead after the first inning and added 3 more in the next 2 innings. Hawthorne roared back to tie the game then Pennbrooke scored another 5 runs but in the 7th and 8th inning Hawthorne loaded the bases keeping the pressure on the Pennbrooke defense. This was a good close game by both teams.   

Hawthorne was led by Tom Durfee with 2 hits and 2 RBI’s, Mark Baierlipp with 2 hits and 3 RBI’s, Roddy Blackburn, Bill Jones, Gene Stewart and Curtis Shaffer with 2 hits and both Gene and Bill had 1 RBI each also Wayne Hoffman with a hit and 2 RBI’s in the loss.

For Pennbrooke – Woody Davis, Dick Smith, Darby Walbon and Margie Johnson were all 2 - 3, Jim Johnson was 2 – 3 with a double, both Allan Chandler and Curt Johnson were 3 – 3 and Scott Proctor hit a blast to left center field for a double in the win.

Final Score: Hawthorne 12  Pennbrooke 14.






D6B  -  West Financial Group (CCC) 11           D6A  -  Charlie's Plumbing (Pennbrooke) 15

:    Home PlateFrank Urso    Bases:  Rick Urso

Game Highlight

It was a warm, sunny, and windy day as Continental Country Club hosted their neighbors, D6A - Charlie's Plumbing (Pennbrooke) in an exciting and fun game. D6A - Charlie's Plumbing (Pennbrooke) was led by. Brad Carpenter with 3 hits, Zeke Zilka with 3 hits and a double and Anthony Joseph with 3 hours and 4 RBIs.  CCC was led by Leo Dorsey with 2 Dbls and 4 RBIs, Brian Grover with a dbl a sgl and 2 RBIs, and awesome hits to the fence by Howie Andy, Leo Dorsey and Joe Barney. 

D6B Clerbrook (Golf and RV Resort) 17 at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 4.

Umpires:  Plate – Matt Palmer   Bases – Gary Lubert

Clerbrook had a rock solid infield and outfield defense along with excellent hitting, No report from Clerbrook.   

For Pennbrooke – Woody Davis was 2 – 3 with a double, Curt Johnson 2 – 3 with a triple, Marjorie Johnson, Dick Smith and Jim Johnson were all 2 for 3 in the loss.

Final Score: Clerbrook 17 Pennbrooke  4




Holiday RV Semper Fi A 20, Pennbrooke D6B 6. (7 inning game) Umpires Debbie Wiener bases, Ray Schmitt home plate.  Pennbrooke Woody Davis 3/4, and Dick Smith 2/3. For Holiday RV Semper Fi Robin MMullen 4/4, Randy Isbell had a Homer, and a double and a single, Bob Brooks, BJ Sedletzeck, Karen Kelpin, and Dan Knight  all had 3 hits apiece. 4 others had 2 hits.

Umpire Jim Billings home  George Englert bases

Another great day at the Hawthorne Field, Sunny with a cool breeze.

Home Plate Umpire - Butch Bergeron

Base Umpire Romie Marble

Final Score ot the Game:       Plantation 14  - Hawthorne 6


Clerbrook 8 CC Forfeit 0





 Hawthorne 17 - Continetal 12

Home Plate Umpire Dan Fortunato Base Umpire George Lucia

It was a beautiful Day for Softball. Continental players: Frank Sayderhad 4 singles & 4 RBI's

Leo Dorsey a double & 2 RBI's

Hawthorne Played very well with all players hitting and fielding the ball nicely to take the win over Continental

 Hawthorne 17 - Continetal 12

Home umpire: Joan Jamas Base umpire:  Joe Bono


Clerbrook D6B team defeated Plantation D6B by a score of 22 - 15. 


Water Oak, Phillips Buick GMC.. 16 vs Pennbrooke 6B, TCI Financial Inc.  13

Umpires... Jack Watkins home plate, l Dave Blevin in the field..

Notables for Pennbrooke;  Curt Johnson 3 doubles, Allan Chandler 4 hits, Scott Proctor 2 hits, Marjorie Johnson 2 hits including a double.

Notables for Water Oak, Jack Uriah 4 hits with 3 RBI's, Harvey Mehes 4 hits, Jim Salisbury with 3 hits, Rick fender 3 hits including a double and 2 triples ,Bill Holt 3 hits with 3 RBI's, John Constable, Frank Zamfino,  and John Bowser each with 2 hits.





Plantation Div. 6B ( Phillips Toyata )15 - Sunlake Div. 6A 13

Umpires Gene Halcom Bases - Home plate Bob Dumas

A close game all the way with Plantation winning in extra innings (the 9th inning). Good game by both teams.

For Plantation Keith Kimble 5 hits, Mark Devine (Home run), and Dick Crulli with 4 hits.

For Sunlake R. Maxwell, D. Garver, and D. Froelich 3 hits. FUN AND SUN.

Plate Umpire - Joe Bono Field Umpire - Joan James

Clerbrook D6B competed against Hawthorne D6B in a long and well fought game.  Clerbrook came out on top with a final score of 21 - 14.  Leading the charge for Clerbrook was Dennis Wilson and JC Tremblay who were 4 for 4 with 4 singles.   Supporting Dennis and JC were Brian Carroll and Rejean Trepanier who both went 3 for 4 with Brian have an inside the park home run and 2 singles and Rej with 2 singles and a triple.  Leading Hawthorne's batting was Bill Jones who went 2 for 3 with a doble and single.  Both sides were struggling with their pitching due to the windy conditions at the field with many base on balls by both teams.

D6B  -  West Financial Group (CCC) 17                       D6B  -  TCI Financial (Pennbrooke) 8

Date:  Feb 10, 2023

Umpires:    Home Plate:  Don Sprout Bases:  Barry Smith

Game Highlights

It was a partly cloudy, breezy and warm day, as Continental Country Club hosted their neighbors D6B  -  TCI Financial (Pennbrooke) in an exciting and fun game. D6B  -  TCI Financial (Pennbrooke) was led by Woody Davis going 2 for 3 with a double, and Dick Smith and Jim Johnson going 2 for 3 each.  Continental was led by Peggy Voll, Leo Dorsey and Larry Gerdy each with a double and 2 RBIs, Bob Skidmore with a single and 2 RBIs and Howie Andy with a home run and 3 RBIs. 







Clerbrook D6B continues to have hot bats by winning against Summerglen Realty D6A in 5 innings by a score of 18 - 3.  Leading the Clerbrook team was JC Tremblay hitting 4/4 along with Brian Carroll and Dennis Wilson hitting 3/3 with Dennis getting 2 in the park homeruns with a single and Brian having a double, triple, and an in the park homerun also.  Summerglen was lead by Dennis Pieper, John Frank, Chuck Connors, Deb Talbott, and Nancy Perales all batting 2/1 in the game.

D6B Hawthorne 21 at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 8

Umpires:  Plate – Gary Lubert   Bases – Matt Palmer

Hawthorne was led by Tom Durfee with 4 hits and 5 RBI’s, Dave Paradise with 3 hits and 4 RBI’s, Roddy Blackburn and Gary Roberts both with 3 hits and 2 RBI’s and 3 hits for Mike French, Roger Davis and Bob Spear sealing the win.

For Pennbrooke – Woody Davis was 3 - 4, John Chaplin 3 – 3, Marjorie Johnson 2 – 3 with a double, Wayne Hyde and Allan Chandler both were 2 – 3, Curt Johnson was 2 – 3 with 2 doubles in the loss.

Final Score: Hawthorne 21  Pennbrooke 8.

West Financial Group (CCC) 11             D6B  -  Phillips Toyota (Plantation) 13

Date:  Feb 7, 2023

Umpires:    Home Plate:  Rick Cataldo Bases:  Steve Jones


Game Highlights

It was another warm sunny day for Continental Country Club to host D6B  -  Phillips Toyota (Plantation) in what became a close and exciting game. D6B  -  Phillips Toyota (Plantation) played a great game and kept their comfortable lead throughout the game.  CCC came together in an attempt to catch up in the bottom of the 8th but could not pull it off, leaving Plantation with their win.


West Financial Group (CCC) 18 D6B  -  Hawthorne 14

Date:  Feb 3, 2023

Umpires:    Home Plate:  Frank Urso Bases:  Carl Abr

Game Highlights

It was cloudy, and cool with the threat of rain as CCC hosted D6B  -  Hawthorne in an exciting and fun game. D6B  -  Hawthorne was led by Mike French with 2 hits/2 RBIs, Chuck D’Hondt with 1 hit/2 RBIs, and John Perez and Roddy Blackburn with 2 hits/1 RBI each.  For CCC, Peggy Voll was the star with an infield Home Run and 2 RBIs, Bob Carsten had a double with 1 RBI and Leo Dorsey had 1 double/1 RBI and 1 single/ 1 RBI.

Pennbrooke  8  Dick Smith 2/2    Darby  Walbon 3/3      Curt Johson2/2    Jim Johnson 2/3 with  2 doubles    Tom Mysliwiec  2/2    

Plantation   23     Jack Sequra 3/3   Mike Debvine 3/3  Ray Jordan 3/3   Gary McKay  3/3    John Mohler 3/3    Mac Chency 3/3 

Weather was very windy, damp and cold

Home plate  umpire Bill Magley Bases Jerry  Palazzola announcer  Pat Emmons

Special Thank You to everyone for braving the wind,rain and cold weather

Pennbrooke 6A was Rained Out in the 1st inning with Clerbrook 6B;

Pennbrooke 6A was Rained Out in the 1st inning with Clerbrook 6B;  There is no date available for make-up withthese two teams, all dates used.  They are not playing each other again, Game will not be made up unless both teams agree and find a suitable date.



D6B Clerbrook (Golf and RV Resort) 24 at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 3 in 5 innings.

Umpires:  Plate – Jim Bragdon   Bases – Jerry Hopcus

Clerbrook had a rock solid infield and outfield defense along with excellent hitting, No report from Clerbrook.   

For Pennbrooke – Woody Davis was 2 - 2, Marjorie Johnson 2 – 2, Darby Walbon  2 - 2 and John Chaplin 2 - 2 with a double in the loss.

Final Score: Clerbrook 24  Pennbrooke 3  in 5 innings.

Plantation 15 with improve playing from each player. Hawthrone 12 with Litchenberger 3/4  

French  2/3     Baierlipp  2/3   D'ttondt  2/3

Umpires Steve Licata at the plate  Joe Bono on bases announcer Pat Emmons


CCC 20-Holiday RV 9     1-31-23

Umpires Plate- Frank Urso       Field- Rick Urso

Both teams played well on this hot and sunny day.

CCC players had a great day in hitting, pitching and defense. CCC had 5 players who went 4 for 4. Howie Andy contributed a HR. 6 players had 9 doubles and all players contributing at least 1 hit. Larry Gerdy had a great day on the mound.

Holiday RV had 3 players who went 2 for 3. They were Robin McMullen, Randy Isbell and Dave knight.



Today was a very chilly day, and both teams played very well; However Hawthorne 4 Continental 20 was the final score.

Jim Herbert was the base umpire and Terry Rozier was the Home Plate umpire

Plate Umpires - Joan James Base Umpire - Romey Markle    


Clerbrook D6B paired off against Plantation D6B with Clerbrook winning by a score of 17-5. 

Clerbrook players lead the win with 19 hits all evenly spread.  Plantation was lead by Ray Jones with a 3 for 4 hit of the 9 hits earned.



D6B West Financial Group (CCC) 20    D6B TCI Financial (Pennbrooke) 5

Umpires:    Home Plate:  Frank Urso Bases:  Rick Cataldo

Game Highlights

It was a warm, sunny, and windy day as Continental Country Club hosted their neighbors, D6B TCI Financial (Pennbrooke) in a game that ended at the bottom of the 7th. TCI Financial (Pennbrooke) was led by Gil Volling and Curt Johnson, both going 2 for 2, and Gil hitting a HR. Continental’s defense by the infield was perfectly executed by Billy Schools, Leo Dorsey, Bob Skidmore, Frank Snyder, Bob Carsten, Peggy Voll and Larry Gerdy.  Leading hitters were Peggy Voll with 1 triple, 1 single and 4RBIs, Leo Dorsey with a triple and 1 RBI, Joe Barney with a triple, a single and 2RBIs, Howie Andy with a double, a single and 3RBIs, Mike Murphy with 2 singles and 2 RBIs and Bob Carsten with a triple.

Plantation  - 9 Clerbrooke 21

Clerbrook played like a div 1 team while plantation was trying to figure out if they were awake.

umpires Dave Lanier at the plate  Joan James on the bases

Announcer Pat Emmons


Jim Billings and Bob McClug umpired the D6A game on January 24th between SummerGlen and Pennbrooke.

A combination of SummerGlens bats continuing to be cold and the torrid hitting of Pennbrooke led to a 14-4 victory for the men from Pennbrooke. Hits were plentiful for Pennbrooke with Anthony Joseph with 3 hits including a triple, Brad Carpenter  with 3 hits including a triple, Zeke Zilka with 3 hits including a triple, Don Ness with 3 hits and Primo DePetrillo  with a double and a triple.

For SummerGlen, Ken Quinley was 2 for 3 with a run scored and an RBI and++ Dick Dean had a double with an RBI.


D6B Plantation (Phillips Toyota) 19 at Pennbrooke D6B (TCI Financial Inc.) 3

Umpires:  Plate – Jerry Holcup ;  Bases – Joe Walker

Plantation was led by Glenn Sharp who was 4 for 4 with a double and a homerun driving in 6 RBI’s, Tom Christie who was 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s, Bill Earle was 2 for 4 with a triple and 2 runs batted in. .

Pennbrooke was led by Dick Smith 3 for 3, Wayne Hyde 3 for 3 in the losing effort.

Final score:  Plantation 19   Pennbrooke 3 in 7 innings.

Clerbrook and Continental, for the second time in as many weeks, squared up again for another great and fun game.  Final score was Clerbrook 16 and Continental 11Clerbrook was led by Larry Cagle going 4 for 4 (all singles) followed by Joe Long and Rod Bashure going 3 for 4 (all singles) and 3 for 3 (2 doubles and a single) respectively.  Continental was led by Howie Andy who was 3 for 3 with an out of the park home run and 2 singles.  Other contributors for Continental were Frank Snyder (2 singles) and Joe Barney (double and single) both going 2 for 3.  Fielding by both teams was in mid-season form with several double plays!



Sunlake jumped out to a big lead Hawthrone tried to come  back but fell short.

For Hawthrone T. French, C. Shaffer, B. Jones 3 hits and 6 others with 2hits

For Sunlake M. McCall, T. Hoyland, A. Martin 4 hits, 4 others with 3 hits.



D6A Sunlake 4  at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 3

Umpires:  Plate – Jim Bragdon   Bases – John Smith

This was a close game with solid defense by both teams.

Sunlake was led by Richard Maxwell, Dennis Garver and Dave Froehlich all with 2 hits in the win.

For Pennbrooke – Tom Mysliwiec was 1 – 2 with a double and Curt Johnson was 2 – 3 in the loss.

Final Score: Sunlake 4  Pennbrooke 3.


It was a beautiful day at Hawthorne however Clebrook won 10 to 3 over the Hawthorne team

Base umpire was George Licia and home plate umpire Dan Fortunato

Plantation 22 strong hitting by Tom Christie,Mike DeVine,Ray Jordan,Keith Kimble,John Miller, and Glenn Sharpand

Continental10 was led by FraNK snyder,Leo Dorsey,Howie Andy, and Mike Murphy 

Umpires Dave Lanier, and Cheryl Cook

announcer Pat Emmons


Plantation 6B14 with every player at their maximum both hitting and fielding.

Pennbrooke^A 5 Hagerich,Wantuck,Spada,Bradford all with  2 hits and zilka with a double

Plantation is now has a 9 and 5 record weather could have been a lot better Cross over


The game for div, 6  at Hawthorne Continental has been cancelled due to the rain and field conditions.

Rescheduled to 1/27/2023 1:30 pm

Pennbrook Clerbrook rain rescheduled to 3/17/2023 10 am





Plantation 12  a team played game along Holiday Travel   11

led by Bob  Frank with strong hitting. Very good playing  team making it a great hams to watch.

Base Umpire - Joan Jenkins Plate Umpire - Joe Bono

A beautiful day for softballClerbrook D6B won against Continental Country Club D6B today with a final score of 18 - 7.  Leading Clerbrook hitting was Brian Carroll who went 4 for 4 with 2 singles, 1 triple and 1 inside the park home run and Redge Trecpan was 3 for 4 with three singles.  Continental hitting was lead by Bob Carsten who went 3 for 3 with three singles followed by Kim Vining, Brian Grover and Billy Schools who were each 2 for 3.


A great day for softball - Sunny, mild with a slight breeze.

Hawthorne took the lead for a change and never relented it.

Final score  -  Hawthorne 4 / Pennbrook 1

Home Umpire Jim Herbert Base Umpire Dan Fortunato




D6B – Wildwood Tire Co. (CCC)  19      D6B - TCI Financial Inc. (Pennbrooke)  14

Umpires: Home Plate:    Frank Urso        Bases:     Rick Urso

Game Highlights:

Another sunny, warm, Florida day at CCC Softball Field to host Division 6B - TCI Financial Inc. (Pennbrooke).  A close and exciting game with D6B - TCI Financial Inc. (Pennbrooke) led by Jim Johnson going 4 for 4, Curt Johnson 3 for 4 with 2 doubles, and John Baumbush & Allan Chandler going 3 for 4 each.  All Continental’s players hit well today with many singles, Brian Grover with 2 triples, John Rubel and Bob Carsten with 1 triple each, Kim Vining and Peggy Voll with 3 RBIs, and Bob Carsten with 2 RBIs to take the win.


plantation 17 hawthorne 8

errors were the highlight of the game


Clerbrook D6B  18 vs. Water Oaks 3

Plate Umpire - Joan Jenkins Base Umpire - Joe Bono

Clerbrook D6B vs. Water Oaks battled to a final score of 18 - 3 in a 6 inning ballgame.  Leading Clerbrook hitting was JC Tremblay and Jan Corliss both with 4 for 4 followed with Sabin Daible and Larry Cagle both hitting  3 for 3.  Leading Water Oaks was Harvey Mehes batting 3 hits followed by John Bowser with 2 hits and Rick Fender and Jack Uriah with 1 hit each.


always a great game with our guest

plantation  16  led by Tom Christie 4/5 with 5 Rbi

 pennbrooke 8 allan  chandler 3/3   Jim Johnson  3/4 with a double

was a very beautiful day at the Hawthorne Softball field today.

Everyone had a great game like Dennis Langlois & Brian Carloll who went 4 for 4 and Steve Fite  

3 for 4.

Clebrook wound up winning 17 to 11 but Hathorne never gave up and was about to perform a comeback and win the game, when a Hawthorne player fell at second base and ended the game

Home Plate Umpire was Dan Fortunato and Base Umpire was Sonny Scott.

Pennbrooke Plantation no report


Wildwood Tire Co. (CCC)  13      D6 – Sunlake Softball Club (Sunlake)   19

Umpires: Home Plate:    Marty Konantz        Bases:  Frank Urso

Game Highlights:

A beautiful day at CCC Softball Field to host Division 6A Sunlake Softball Club (Sunlake).  A great and challenging game with Sunlake Softball Club (Sunlake) led by Dennis Garver and Dave Froehlich with 4 hits each, and Richard Maxwell, Chuck Hazelbaker and Al Martin with 3 hits each to take the win.  Continental’s Bob Carsten had a single, a triple and an infield home run, Rich McVay with 3 hits and John Rubel, Jeff Johnson, Darleen Barney and Billy Schools with 2 hits apiece  still could not get ahead and bowed to the loss.


D6B Hawthorne 8 at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 9

Umpires:  Plate – John Smith   Bases – Jerry Hopcus

This was a close game and was decided in the bottom of the 8th inning with 2 out. Pennbrooke had a solid defense with Darby Walbon at shortstop making some key plays and Allan Chandler in left field making some great catches.

Hawthorne was led by Wayne Hoffmann and Mark Baierlipp both with 2 hits and 3 RBI’s, Bob Spear had 2 hits with 1 RBI in the loss.

For Pennbrooke – Rich Marshall was 3 - 3, Curt Johnson 3 – 3, Wayne Hyde 2 – 4 including the winning hit, Darby Walbon was 3 – 4 with a double in the win.

Final Score: Hawthorne 8  Pennbrooke 9.


We have cancelled the game today between Clerbrook D6B vs Plantation due to wet conditions. 

D6B West Financial Group (CCC) 21 ; D6A M. Powell Realty (Summerglen) 16

Umpires: Home Plate: Marty Konantz   Bases: Rick Urso

Another beautiful sunny day @ CCC ball park.  Continental may have won 21 – 16 but Summerglen didn’t make it easy for them.  Dick Dean and Teo Rivera both had triples and Chuck Whelan went 4/4.

CCC had great defensive teamwork and batting was led by Leo with 1 single, 2 doubles, 1 triple and 2 RBIs, Bob Carsten had 2 doubles, 1 single and 4 RBIs, Bob Skidmore and Larry Gerty with multiple singles, 1 double each and 2 RBIs each.

Pennbrooke (6A) hosted Sunlake (6A) in a back-and-forth game won by Sunlake.

Sunlake-20 / Pennbrooke-14

Pennbrooke was led by Andy Bradford with (4) hits including a double, Dave Stiles with (4) hits and Curt Johnson with (3) hits. 

Sunlake was led by Richard Maxwell (5) hits including a Double, David Dean, Dave Froehlick, Al Strump & Don Rusk (4) hits apiece and Steve McDonald, Terry Hoyland & Mark McCall with (3) hit apiece.

Home Plate-Galen Friend Bases-Jerry Hopcus



The Clerbrook D6b Team competed against Pennbrook D6B today with Clerbrook coming out on top with a score of 27 - 17Clerbrook was lead by JC Tremblay with 4 hits and 4 at bats, as well as Thom Heaney, Brian Carroll, and John Laskos.  Denis Langlois was 3 for 3 with a bases loaded, inside the park home run for Clerbrook. The Pennbrook D6B team was frontrunners were Curt Johnson which went 4 for 4 and Scott Proctor went 3 for 3 with 2 doubles.  Allan Chandler was 3 for 4 with a double, Jim Johnson was 2 for 4 with two doubles and John Chaplin was 2 for 3 with a double for Pennbrook. 

D6, West Financial Group (CCC) 13, Plantation (Phillips Toyota) 14

Plantation had great fielding, and hitting was led by Devine with 4 for 4, Christie 4 for 5 and Cirulli 3 for 5.

Continental’s Brian Grover, Bob Skidmore and Larry Gerty hit well  with 2 runs and 1 RBI each, but couldn’t take over Plantation in the last inning.  Great game today!!

Special thanks to Umpires:  Home Plate:  Don Sprout   Bases:  Marty Konantz


Pennbrooke (6A) hosted Hawthorne (6B) in a game in which Pennbrooke kept it close until the 6th inning when Hawthorne took the lead for good.

Hawthorne-23 / Pennbrooke-17

Pennbrooke was led by Lynn Hagerich, Jim Boston, Brian Miller & Anthony Joseph with (4) hits apiece and Jerry Gilkey & Chuck Crain with (3) hits apiece.

Hawthorne was led by Wayne Hoffman's (4) hits including a HR & Double, Butch Lichtenberger's (4) hits, Mark Baughan's (3) hits and Mike French also had (3) hits including a Double & Triple







D6B Clerbrook (Golf and RV Resort) 18 at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 3 in 6 innings.

Umpires:  Plate – John Smith   Bases – Gary Lubert

Clerbrook had a rock solid infield and outfield defense, Dennis Langlois was 3 for 4 with 4 RBI’s, Thom Heaney 2 for 4 with 4 RBI’s and Larry Cagle 2 for 4 with 3 RBI’s .   

For Pennbrooke – Woody Davis was 2 - 3, Marjorie Johnson 2 – 2, Wayne Hyde 2 - 3 and John Chaplin 2-3 in the loss.

Final Score: Clerbrook 18 Pennbrooke 3 in 6 innings.

Hawthorne vs Plantation

Nail biter of a game, great weather and both teams were shy players.

However Plantation prevailed  13 to 11 final score.

Home umpire Dan Fortunato and base umpire Rommey Marble





Game  Div 6A played At Russdell Field Water Oak Park. Phillips Buick GMC sponsor, VS Pennbrooke Park sponsor Charlie’s Plumbing… Across Division

Umpires Sandy Starner vat home plate and Frank Val Mol in the Field

Final Score Water Oak 16 Pennbrooke 5.

Notables for Pennbrooke include Jerry Gilkey,Lynn Hagerich and Joe Spada with 3 hits each.

For Water Oak include Jim Salisbury ,and John  Bowsder with 5 hits each, Ron St.Pierre had 4 hits, Jack Uriah had 3 hits w ith 7 RBi’s. Jose Colon was 2 for 4 at bats but one hit was an infield home run


plantation  13 with a team effort both fielding and hitting


Hawthrone 7 with hard playing making it a close game for first 5 innings

D6, West Financial Group (CCC) 14, Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort (Clerbrook) 17

Clerbrook had some excellent hitters and they knew just where to place them today.  Players Samie (?) with 2 singles, a triple and 1 RBI, Denis and Steve with 2 singles,1 double and 2 RBIs each, and an in field home run by Brian C, together with talented team members played well to capture the win.  Kudos to the pitcher for a great game!

For Continental – Jeff Johnson with 3 doubles and 2 RBIs, Joe Barney with 2 doubles and 3 RBIs, Leo Dorsey with an awesome home run and endless efforts of their team mates still couldn’t pull it out in the end, bowing gracefully to the loss.

Special thanks to the Umpires: Plate – Marty Konantz and Frank Urso (Bases).

Final Score: Clerbrook 17 ; CCC 14





D6A Water Oak (Phillips Buick - GMC) 21 at D6B Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 10

Cross over

Umpires:  Plate – Jim Bragdon   Bases – Jerry Hopcus

Water Oak was led by Ron St. Pierre with 4 hits, Harvey Mehes 4 hits including 2 doubles, Rick Fender had 3 hits including 2 doubles, Jose Colon, Jim Salisbury, John Bowser, Jack Uriah and Bill Holt with 3 hits each in the win.

For Pennbrooke – Jim Johnson had 2 hits including a homerun, Scott Proctor 2 – 3 including a double, Darby Walbon was 2-2 in the loss.

Final Score: Water Oak 21 Pennbrooke 10.

D6, West Financial Group (CCC) 15, Hawthorne 14

A windy but bright warm sunny day brought Hawthorne to CCC for an exciting game.

CCC was up 10-0 at one point, but Hawthorne was not having any of that.  They gave CCC a run for their money with Tom Durfee’s 3 hits and 2 RBIs, Chuck D’Hondt with 2 hits and 2 RBIs, Raddy Blackburn with 3 hits and 1 RBI and many other great hits, keeping CCC on their toes.

But CCC kept their lead until the end with Jeff Johnson hitting an in field home run as well as 3 RBIs, Bob Carsten with a Triple, a Double and 4 RBIs, and Brian Grover with a Triple and 4 RBIs.

Special Thanks to our Umpires Marty Konantz (Home) and Richard Cataldo (Field). 

D6 Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort 15 - Plantation Phillips Toyota 14

Clerbrook, Div-6, hosted Plantation on a sun-filled breezy Friday afternoon. The two teams traded the lead through 6 innings, with the visitors from Plantation up 8-7.  The final 2 innings were filled with excitement as the visitors racked up 5 runs in the top of the 7th, highlighted by Mike Devine’s over- the-fence grand slam. Not to be outdone, the home team added 6 to tie the game at 13-13, when it was their turn.

Plantation scored the go-ahead run in the top of the 8th, as Clerbrook faced their final at-bat. JC Tremblay led off with a line shot triple to deep left field. Irene Finch’s line drive to the left side scored JC with the tying run. Thom Heaney lined a single up the middle to advance the winning run into scoring position, and Joe Long went to the right side with a hit to chalk up the game-winning RBI.

The 15-14 win by the host team, was the result of some fine play from both sides.

Denis Langlois led Clerbrook with 3 hits (3B, 2B) and 4 RBI’s. Sabin Daigle (HR, 2B), winning pitcher Jan Corliss (2 RBIs), Larry Cagle (3B, 2B), Steve Fitzherbert, JC Tremblay (3B), and Joe Long each had 2 hits for the hosts.

Mike Devine led the Plantation hitting assault with the grand slam, a double, and 6 RBI’s. Dick Cirulli (2 RBIs), Tom Smith (RBI), and Bill Earle, each chipped in 2 hits for the visitors.

Home Plate Umpire: Joe Bono Plate Umpire: Joan James





13 Hawthorne  16 Clerbrook no report,  scored provided by Hawthorne


Holiday RV (Semper Fi) 6A 13, Plantation (Phillips Toyota)6B Crossover 10.

Umpires Sally Guerette Home Plate, Debbie Wiener bases.  For Plantation (Phillips Toyota) Glen Sharp inside the park home run, Ray Jordan 4/4, Gerry Deveau 3/3.  For Holiday RV ( Semper Fi) John Engle, Robin McMullen, and Steve Orchard each had 3 hits, 6 others had 2 hits each.

D6B Continental (West Financial Group) 24 at Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 17

Umpires:  Plate – Galen Friend ;  Bases – John Smith

On a beautiful day for a softball game, the battle on Hwy 44 took place. The game was back and forth until the 8th inning when Continental bats got hot and pulled away.

Continental was led by Jeff Johnson who had 5 hits with 5 RBI’s, Peggy Voll 4 hits with 3 RBI’s, John Rubel 4 hits with 6 RBI’S and Bob Skidmore registered 5 hits with 2 RBI’s.

The Continental team played great together.

Pennbrooke was led by Jim Johnson 4 for 4 with a double, John Baumbusch 4 for 4 with a triple, Curt Johnson 3 for 4 with a double and a homerun and John Chaplin 3 for 3 in the losing effort.

Final score:  Continental 24  Pennbrooke 17



Summerglens vaunted defense started out a little shaky againest a hard hitting Clerbrook team, after giving up 5 runs in the first innning, Summerglen setttled down, but Clerbrook kept finding holes. Thought Summerglen nibbled away, they came up short in a 14-12 loss to the team from Clerbrook.

Hits were found all over as Clerbrook was led by Tom Buchanon with 4 hits,Cindy Lowman with 3 hits and 2 RBIs,Joe Long with 3 hits and 2 RBIs,Tom Heaney added 3 more and Larry Cagle had 2 hits a double and a triple with 4 RBIs.

For Summerglen: Terry Bowden was 4-4 with 2 RBIs, Ken Quinley was 3-3 with 2 RBIs,Dick Dean and Chuck Conners added 3 hits a piece and Chuck Decker, Tio Rivera Ron Adams and Chuck Whelan added 2 more each

Jim Billings and Terry Widener umpired the !4-12 win for Clerbrook on Nov.18th

D6 CCC - West Financial (16) vs Plantation- Phillips Toyota (15)

Close game back and forth. Both teams played an excellent game. Continental pulled it out in the bottom of the last inning. Thanks to the home base umpire Marty Konantz, and field umpire Rick Urso.


Another beautiful day at the Hawthorne softball field.

However Pennbrooke won 7 to Hawthornes 3

with home umpire Rommie Marble and base umpire Dan Fortunato.

Hawthorne just didn't seem to be able to get it together and Pennbrooke Woody Davis went 3 for 4 Curt Johnson went 3 for 3 and Jim Johnson went 3 for 4 including 2 doubles the pitcher Dick Smith also pitched a really good game.

All in All it was a great day with a great softball game being played by both sides.



A long day with a triple header.


Div. 6 - Continental 19  vs Hawthorne 6


The team from Continental came to play today and Hawthorne just couldn't compete.


Joe Barney got 3 RBIs and a out of the park Home Run John Rubeu got 5 RBIs Bob Carster got 3 RBIs Pennbrooke (6A) hosted Clerbrook (6B) in a game in which Pennbrooke trailed most of the way then rallied to pull it out in the end.


Pennbrooke-14 / Clerbrook-11


Clerbrook was led by Joe Long with (4) hits, with a HR & 3 RBI's, Irene Finch & Redge Trepanich each had (3) hits, Larry Cagle had (2) hits with a HR & Vince Walsh had (2) doubles.

Pennbrooke was led by Dave Keddy & Dave Stiles each had (3) hits, Andy Bradford & Primo DePetrillo each had (2) hits with Double & Jim Boston, Brian Miller & Joe Walker each had (2) hits. Jim Boston was the winning pitcher.


Home Plate-Galen Friend Bases-John Smith


Pembrooke 5  Darby Walbon3for3, Curt Johnson3 for 3 with a double

Plantation3  Glen sharp2 for3, Keith Kimble 2 for 3, John Mohler 2 for 2 with  a double




CB6B-PE6B 09:30 Rescheduled to 12-9-2022

PL6B-HW6B 11:30 Rescheduled to 12-9-2022


Continental 11, Holiday RV (Semper Fi) 8. Cross Over

For Continental John Rubel, Billy /schools, Frank Snyder,and Leo Dorsey all went 3/4.  For Holiday RV (Semper Fi) Randy Isbell, Jim Montcalm, Tom Tennyson, Dan Knight and Merritt Palmer all had 2 hits each. Umpires Sally Guerette home plate, Debbie Wiener bases.




Hawthorne came out scoring 5 quick runs in the first inning.  Water Oak defense then held them scoreless the remainder of the game.  Water Oak was unable to put together any scoring rally, scattering their 4 runs over the course of the game.

HAWTHORNE:  Roddy Blackburn had 3 hits and an RBI. Multiple other players contributed other hits.  Winning pitcher was Chuck D'Houdt.

WATER OAK: Harvey Mehes was 2-2.  Batting 2-3 were Carl Cromwell and Jim Salisbury.  

UMPIRES: Home plate: Frank Van Mol. Bases: Randy Tidwell.  This was an 8 inning game.


Clerbrook 27 Plantation19 

Clerbrook 27

Joe Long 6 hits (1 HR 2 doubles) JCTremblay (5hits,2 Doubles) Tom Heaney4hits,  Larry Cagle4hits  Vince Walsh4Hits(Triple) Lisa Brass$n hits


Keith Kimble 2/4, Ray Jordan2/3,Steve Licata 3/5 John Miller 2/3  Mac Cheney2/3


D6B Continental (West Financial Group) 16 at Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 14

Umpires:  Plate – Jerry Holcup ;  Bases – Matt Palmer

Continental was led by Bob Carsten who had 6 RBI’s, Brian Grover had a triple with 2 RBI’s and Frank Snyder registered 6 RBI’s.

Pennbrooke was led by Jim Johnson 2 for 2, Curt Johnson 2 for 3 and Woody Davis 2 for 2 in the losing effort.

Final score:  Continental 16   Pennbrooke 14





D6B Plantation (Phillips Toyota) 18 at Pennbrooke (TCI Financial Inc.) 4


Umpires:  Plate – Galen Friend ;  Bases – Jerry Holcup

Plantation was led by Tom Smith who was 5 for 5 with a double, Gary McKay 4 for 5 with a double and a triple, Mac Cheney 4 for 5 with a double and Keith Kimble was 4 for 5.

Pennbrooke was led by Jim Johnson 3 for 3 including a double, Curt Johnson 3 for 3 and Woody Davis 3 for 3 in the losing effort.

Final score:  Plantation 18   Pennbrooke 4


6 Continental 23 - Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort 10

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort played their first home game of the season on Friday morning, hosting the team from Continental. The visitors jumped out to a 5-run lead to open the game, bolstered by an over-the-fence home run from Leo Dorsey. The home team answered with 5 runs in their half of the first, to tie the game early-on.


After 4 innings Continental had scored 6 more runs, while Clerbrook added 4, to trail 11-9. But that was as close as the hosts would get, as the visitors continued to pummel the ball, tacking on 12 more runs in the final 4 innings. Clerbrook could only manage 1 more run, losing 23-10.


Continental was paced by Leo Dorsey, who in his 5 for 5 performance, hit for the cycle (HR, 3B, 2-2B, 1B). Bob Carston was 4 for 5 with 2 doubles and 5 RBIs; Darlene Barney was 4 for 5, scoring 4 runs; John Rubel and Brian Glover (each 3/4 with 2B) and Bob Skidmore (3/5 with 2B) rounded out an explosive Continental offense.


JC Tremblay, Lisa Brass, and Vince Walsh (2 RBIs) paced Clerbrook, each with 3 hits. Thom Heaney and Jan Corliss each chipped in 2 hits.

Home Plate Umpire: Joe B Field Umpire: Joan James


Division 6A Sun Lake 13  -  Division 6B Hawthorne 8

Another great day at the softball field, very few minor casualties and fatigue..

Home Umpire Rommie Marble Base Umpire Terr Rozier



 Nick Cozzette and Jim Billings  were umpires for the D-6 game between Pennbroke and SummerGlen on 11-1-2022. In a hard fought exciting game, Pennbrooke came out swinging scoring 5 runs in the first inning. It then settled down into a defensive struggle until the bottom of the eighth inning when SummerGlen pushed across 5 runs to take a 9 - 8 win. 

 Hitting stars for Pennbrooke included scott Proctor who went 4 for 4, Woddy Davis going 3 for 3, John Chaplain going 3 for 3, and Jim Johnson who went 2 for 4 with a triple.

 SummerGlen was led by Dennis Piper who went 3 for 4 , and Teo Rivera who was 2 for 4 with a triple. John Frank drove in Ken Quinley with the winning run in the bottom of the eighth. Pitcher Chuck Connors recorded 2 strikeouts. 

It was a beautiful Day and the first game of the season (Way to HOT though 89*)

Final score Clerbrook (6B)  23    -   Hawthorne (6B)  11

Base umpire Kieth Kittle / home plate umpire Dan Fortunato until 6th inning then Jim Herbert base umpire / home plate umpire Kieth Kittle remainder of game. (Dan Fortunato had a heat related fall-out).

Hawthorne had an 11 to 9 lead going into the top of the 8th inning.


plantation 17     -- continental 11

For Plantation John Clifford 2/4 with a double

For continental  Ray Jordan 3/3  with 2 RBI 4 RBI by Bob Carlson  Gary McKay double 2   RBI by Bob Skidmore  John Miller 2/2 with 1 RBI 2 Doubles by Leo Dorsey Gerry Deveau 3/3 with 4RBI

It was a great game played by both teams in 90 temperature