Sun and Fun Senior Softball League

(Established December 11, 1991)

Constitution and By-Laws

(Revised April 07, 2017)


      I.        Article I Name - This organization shall be named The Sun and Fun Senior Softball League

    II.        Article II Objective - The goal of this organization is to provide an opportunity for players living in adult communities to participate in a competitive and fun softball league, with a focus on Safety which is also dedicated to Good Sportsmanship, Exercise and Camaraderie with fellow senior athletes.

   III.        Article III Membership - Membership will be open to all adult communities in the Tri-County area (Marion, Lake and Sumter). Special circumstances requiring an additional team(s) may arise and will need a two thirds (2/3) approval by the Executive Board. Teams playing under special circumstances are limited to (1) playing season. Entry under special circumstances must be reviewed and voted on each succeeding year by the Executive Board with a two thirds (2/3) approval vote.

a.    Current Membership

                                          i.    Clerbrook

                                        ii.    Recreation Plantation

                                       iii.    Continental Country Club

                                       iv.    Del Webb

                                        v.    Hawthorne

                                       vi.    Spruce Creek

                                      vii.    Holiday Travel Resort

                                    viii.    Stonecrest

                                       ix.    Lakes at Leesburg

                                        x.    Summerglen

                                       xi.    Legacy

                                      xii.    Sunlake

                                    xiii.    Pennbrooke Fairways

                                    xiv.    Water Oak

                                      xv.    Plantation

b.    New Member Communities require a two thirds (2/3) approval vote of the Executive Board.

c.    The Sun and Fun League strives to be a league of communities not teams.

Section IV.    Article IV Officers – President. Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer are elected to govern the league for a term of two years or until a successor has been declared


Section V.

       a.    President

i.            Preside overall  league meetings

ii.         Call special  meetings deemed
iii.        Appoint divisional representatives

                     iv.        Appoint members tofillvacant office(s)  

v.          Approve  reimbursement of moniesfor expenses incurred in league league operations

vi.         Prepare an agenda forall  league  meetings

Vii.        Maketemporary decisionsfortheleague until avote is takenat league meeting

viii.     Chair theoperations committee


b.   Vice President    

            i.          Shall be the next in line to succeed the president

            ii.         Handle all duties of the president in his absence

            iii.        Assist the president in the completion of their duties

            iv.        Chair the protest committee

            v.         Appoint community representatives to serve on the protest committee

            vi.        Serve as league director overseeing the divisional representatives


c.          Secretary/Treasurer


                        i.           Record theminutes of all  business conducted  bytheleague


ii.         Publish theminutes of theleague viaemail,  league web     

                       site,or at meetings

iii.        Collect and  deposit all  duesand other monies collected  

                                                   by  the league

iv.          Publish astatement of transactions when  required  bytheleague

v.         Remit all disbursements authorized  by thePresident or Executive    


  IV.          Article VI Fiscal Operating Year

a.    The fiscal operating year shall run from November 1st to October 31st

b.    Meetings – There will be 2 regular meetings held within five (5) weeks before the start of the fall season, one (1) within thirty (30) days preceding the end of the season and a final meeting within days following the conclusion of the season. The President may call special meetings as needed and determine meeting days, times and locations.

   V.        Article VII Division and Team Limitations - There will be a maximum of six (6) divisions and forty eight (48) Teams

  VI.        Article VIII Governing Body

a.    The governing body shall be called the Executive Board

b.    Each community shall name One Person to representative their community on this Board

c.    Each representative shall have one vote

d.    The President will not be a Community Representative and not vote except to break a tie

e.    The Executive Board is charged with the control and operation of league affairs

f.     All decisions of the Executive Board are deemed final

g.    No league business will be conducted without a Quorum which consists of Two Thirds (2/3) of the leagues total membership

 VII.        Article IX Dues

a.    Dues shall be $30.00 per team each fiscal year

b.    Dues must be paid prior to the start of the season

c.    The President may assign special assessments

d.    An entry fee of $30.00 is required from new communities or teams playing under special circumstances

VIII.        Article X Standing Committees - The executive Board must approve all standing committee recommendations except for Protest Committee rulings

a.    Operations Committee

                                          i.    The Operating Committee is made up of four(3) elected officers and six (6) division representatives

                                        ii.    They are responsible for the operation of the league’s affairs in between meetings and during the summer season if necessary

b.    Six Division Committees

                                          i.    The six (6) division committees will be coordinated by the Vice President

                                        ii.    Each division will be made of the Team Managers in that division

                                       iii.    The President will appoint a division representative from each division

                                       iv.    Each division representative is responsible for the contracts, waivers, rosters, addition to any roster as defined by league rule 2 and any other business pertaining to their respective division.

c.    Protest Committee

                                          i.    Will be made up of three (3) members:

1.    The Vice President who will act as Chairman

2.    The division representative of the game being protested

3.    One (1) Community representative appointed by the Vice President

                                        ii.    The Committee is responsible for ruling on the game being protested in the league

                                       iii.    Procedures for protests are covered in the Sun and Fun League rule 7

                                       iv.    Rules by the Committee will be final

  IX.        Article XI Amendments - These By-Laws may be amended by a majority of a Quorum at a regular or special meeting called by the President. A Quorum consists of two thirds (2/3) of the Executive Board except new membership which must be approved by two thirds (2/3) of the Executive Board.

a.    Chain of Command - Executive Board, President, Vice President, Divisional Representatives, Community Representatives, Managers, Players


4/07/17  changes approved by vote